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Gransfors Bruks American Felling Axe, 35 Curved Handle

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    • 4.9 stars
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  • 9-12 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 06-November to 09-November.
AED 1595.15

  • Length with handle: 90 cm with curved handle (35.5”)
  • Weight: 2,2 kg (4.8 lb)
  • Sheath in vegetable-tanned leather
  • Item no: 434-2

  • The Gransfors American Felling Axe is a professional axe for those who want to work in the forest in the traditional way. The axe is ideal for felling very large trees, thanks to its long, broad edge of 11.5 centimeters. The axe is forged to a curved bit, making it suitable for cutting into fresh, resinous wood such as spruce or pine. The heavy head and long handle also give considerable power to the cut. The axe is almost twice as heavy as the Scandinavian Forest Axe.


    Customer Review


    Very nice axe

    I bought this model of GB axe because of the handle length. All the others are dangerously short. Anything shorter than 35 in (90 cm) is likely to wind up in your foot or shin. I'm only 5 foot 6 (1.65 m), and I've been swinging axes with 36 in handles for over 50 years. I see videos of guys over six foot using short-handle axes, and I cringe. The craftsmanship of this axe is excellent, especially the wood to metal fit. The edge is sharp, but not sharp enough to shave with. The handle grain orientation is not perfect, but acceptable. I tried it out by doing some felling, limbing, and bucking. The edge did not chip or bend, and stayed as sharp as when I started. The head didn't come off, nor did it come loose. The handle didn't break. It cut adequately, but not as well as my 5 lb. Jersey. It seems a little light in the head, and a little heavy in the handle. The design could be improved by adding 100-200 grams of steel to the head, and by shaving a similar amount from the handle to make it a little more ''whippy". In summation, it's a very good axe. I'm glad I bought it, and I recommend it.

    by Doyle Scribner, July 30, 2020


    Good axe, handle needs oil and sanding

    Great axe. Each axe is initialed by the smith, and the book has the name corresponding to the initials. Mine was EE which is not in the book. If you go to their website it has the updated list of smiths.My only minor complaint is the handle being splintery. If i rub against the grain I'll likely have a splinter.Handle needs oil ane some light sanding.

    by Clayton, July 2, 2020



    Probably the nicest axe I have ever swung.Handle is a little slippery until it gets a little oil.

    by THe Wizard, October 26, 2019


    Paul Bunyans Axe

    Respect the man capable of swinging this axe all day. Top notch quality from top to bottom. It's a little big for the bushcraft cosplay nerds though.

    by J.K., February 24, 2021



    Love this axe

    by D. Platt, December 31, 2020


    great axe

    Cuts through trees like butter, even larger diameter(>1ft) trees aren't that bad to take down if you do swing the axe at an angle vs. straight into the tree when making the notches for the face and back cuts; if you swing at the angle you can easily sink the axe deep and take out large chunks at a time

    by Matt, July 30, 2014



    I feel it needs a steel wedge

    by Gregory J. Garcia, December 6, 2019



    A beautiful, well made axe. Worth every penny.

    by Josh Spencer, April 17, 2021

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