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Kodak Pulse 7-Inch Wi-Fi Digital Frame with Custom e-Mail Address for Immediate Sharing

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    • 3.1 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 02-November to 06-November.
AED 497.29

  • 7 in. (17.8 cm) high-quality digital photo display
  • Receive pictures via e-mail, Facebook and Kodak Gallery sites. Quick comment feature for Facebook.
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • 512 MB of internal memory
  • USB port and 2 card slots to add pictures from other sources
  • Built-in activity sensor turns the frame on when you're nearby and conserves energy when you're not

  • Size:7 Inch

    From the Manufacturer

    Get pictures from anyone, anywhere. Automatically.
    The Kodak PULSE Digital Frame wirelessly receives an endless stream of pictures from the most popular online places. Your ultimate photo collection, right in your home and at your fingertips.

    New photos you took this weekend. A sweet shot your sister captured on her smartphone. Fresh pictures your friends just posted to Facebook. With the new Kodak PULSE Digital Frame, they’re automatically uploaded and ready for you to enjoy. It wirelessly receives an endless stream of pictures from all the people in your life, constantly refreshing your photo collection. And with a tap of its touchscreen you can send a comment and let everybody know just how much you enjoyed their photos. The PULSE Digital Frame gives you a two-way connection to family and friends.

    Makes a great gift!
    Staying connected with family and friends is always in season. Keep Mom up to date with everything you’ve been up to (well, maybe not everything!) or send pictures of the kids as they grow to the grandparents. No matter where your friendsa and family are, you can share your pictures directly to the Kodak PULSE digital frame. The activation code on the box easily lets you set up the frame for someone else—no need to unpack the frame. Then just wrap it up and give the gift of pictures!

    Sharing Features- Socially connected, endlessly refreshed\

    • Sharing Pictures
      • E-mail pictures from a computer or mobile phone to your PULSE Digital Frame using a custom e-mail address
      • Use the Share button 1 to share pictures on Facebook and Kodak Gallery Sites
    • Manage Pictures- Stay up to date and get the pictures you want when you want them
      • Choose pictures from your computer to add to the PULSE Digital Frame—easy to drag and drop or visit www.kodakpulse.com is your online control center to remotely manage your frame where you can 
      • Choose Facebook and Kodak Gallery users and albums to display
      • Create picture playlists to choose right from the touchscreen and set up transition times and slideshow styles
      • Easily manage frames for friends or family, or even a business
    • Comment on a picture—directly from the frame! The Quick Comment button allows you to communicate with picture senders directly—no need to log on to Facebook or send an email from your computer.
      • Choose from twelve (12) popular messages. The Quick Comment feature will send the message in the same manner in which it was delivered to the PULSE Digital Frame
      • The PULSE Digital Frame automatically alerts you as soon as you get new pictures from friends and family

    Frame Features
    • High-quality touchscreen- Control your pictures with a touch
      • Pause the slideshow, glide through pictures, set slideshow styles and more
    • Built-in Wi-Fi- Wirelessly add pictures from your collection or receive pictures from friends and family 
    • 512 MB internal memory- 
      • Stores up to 4000 pictures
      • As pictures arrive, they are automatically resized and stored on the frame
      • Easily manage the pictures at your www.kodakpulse.com account
    • Easy to set up- no subscription required
      • Hassle-free setup in just 3 steps. There’s no software to install—just follow the on-screen instructions:
        • Plug in and touch “start”
        • Choose your wireless network
        • Go to www.kodakpulse.com to enter your activation code 
      • No additional fees for emailing or receiving pictures
    • Energy minded- ENERGY STAR® qualified
      • Built-in activity sensor turns the frame on when you’re nearby and conserves energy when you’re not

    What’s in the box?
    KODAK PULSE Digital Frame
    Power adapter and plug
    Quick Start Guide

    1All KODAK Cameras manufactured in 2011 or later.


    Customer Review



    This product should not be sold any longer! My parents have this frame and it has been working well for years. Kodak stopped producing these in 2012. It is necessary to use the website kodakpulse.com to create an account in order to activate the a new frame. It is not possible to create an account. We tried everything because we desperately wanted this frame for a gift for a grandmother. If you try "contact us" on the website for help, it essentially says you're screwed. There is no way to get assistance because this product is out of production. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! We returned the frame, and should have realized the problem when there are more "used" frames available for sale than new.

    by Amazon Customer, December 19, 2016


    Do Not Purchase This!

    Purchased this as a Christmas gift for my parents. Upon opening the product, we discovered that it would not turn on. Upon researching this product online, we discovered that this frame was discontinued in 2012. Because we purchased this product and saved it for Christmas, we were no longer able to return it. What a disappointment. My parents now have a $90 paper weight. 😒

    by Megan, February 16, 2019


    A heart-breaking experience with Kodak and this frame

    I purchased this frame for my grandmother who lives out of state. My entire family has been sending the frame photos for a little under a year. She passed away 3 days ago. While taking care of her belongings, I came across the frame. It was packed in a box under her bed. Her nurse informed me it stopped working over 6 months ago (only one photo was being displayed, and the touchscreen was no longer responding). Apparently, my grandmother didn't want to bother me with this, so she left it, broken, on her shelf for several months. No new photos appeared, and no indication of a frame error appeared on the Kodak Pulse website.Yesterday, I decided to turn the frame into a memorial of sorts. I would only use it for photos of my grandmother, and display it in my office. However, I was unable to restore functionality to the device. I called Kodak this morning, and was informed that it was 2 DAYS out of warrantee, and they would not repair the device without charging me. Considering the intended purpose of this device, and the fact that it hasn't device hasn't worked for 6 months, I believe any company that cared about its customers would repair the frame without question.Yes, the frame was past its warrantee (by 2 days). Yes, my grandmother could have said something about it being broken. And yes, I could pay the repair costs. I understand the situation well enough. But, it seems to me, some circumstances deserve special consideration. I can't imagine a circumstance more special than this. I'm profoundly saddened to learn that all the photos my entire family has been sending were never seen by my grandmother before she passed away.

    by Taz Goldstein, October 30, 2012



    This is the 1st of 4 Kodak Pulse frames I have purchased (8/11). It has recently been resetting itself. I contacted CS only to be told that I must send it in for repair, at my expense, and they will let me know if it is covered. This is a $160 item. The other 3 were gifts - I hope they do not fail, that would be very embarrassing. This is a HUGE disappointment because it is a really cool frame with email capability - family and friends send pics directly to the frame, what a treat to find a new photo. Kodak Pulse 10-Inch Wi-Fi Digital Frame with Custom e-Mail Address for Immediate Sharing UPDATE: United Camera called at 7:00 a.m. asking if I wanted the frame recycled or returned to me, now considering that I had not been contacted since mailing the unit, this was quite surprising. After asking, I was told that the frame could not be repaired because parts are not available - I had not been notified about the inability to repair it prior to the call. I emailed Kodak to ask when they would be replacing the frame - they said that they would be happy to give me a choice from other Kodak frames, but that they would not be replacing it with the same item. What?UPDATE #2: Perhaps the reason that Kodak does not want to replace my unit is because the pricing has tripled!! It is now $449 for the 10" and $197 for the 7" - which is more than what I paid for the 10". Still surprised and very disappointed.**I don't recall having ever written a review before - I must be really annoyed.

    by Me, November 8, 2012


    Buggy and no reasonable way to backup your photos

    For those with elderly relatives who aren't into technology, but really feel like they are missing out on seeing photos on facebook, via MMS, etc, this frame is a nice solution. It's a shame that it has a couple of bugs that make it impossible to live with for the long term.Took it out of the box, configured the unit, andit worked great for a couple of months. It was receiving pics from selected relatives facebook albums, lots of pictures sent to it via email as well as those loaded locally and via the website. It can be managed from remote and basically sits on a shelf and flips through pics it has received. Perfect, my elderly mom loves it.The problem comes whenever it loses connection to wifi. Once this happens, it refuses to see ANY wifi network no matter what you do. Now, it will sometimes eventually come back to life after some period of days or weeks. We learned to live with this as a fact of life.But now, it has been brain dead in terms of the network for 3 months, mom is missing out on Christmas photos and getting annoyed. So I contact Kodak to see if they have a solution.Their solution is factory reset.Factory reset loses your activation and all of your pictures are gone even from the website. This is silly, but ok, can I get a backup? The answer is not easily. The frame has a USB connection, but it is for loading only, not backups. You cannot copy FROM the frame.Now, we're sitting with 1600+ pictures, received from a myriad of sources such as email so we do not have the originals, and no way to back them up. The only solution offered by Kodak is use the website and right click/save each picture.....1600 of these, that's not acceptable.Given the state of Kodak as a company, I'm sure there's no new development coming on the frames or the website, so I cannot recommend this product.

    by Ricky L., January 27, 2014


    Fun with the Kodak frame

    I gave this as a gift because a friend's daughter is going to India and I thought it would be a great way for her to communicate via pictures. Really, I wanted a larger frame but it was too much money for the extra three inches. At 7 inches diagonally, it is small so you have to sit closer to see details. After reading reviews, this was rated third of all digital WIFI frames but it was the only available frame. In retrospect, I am glad I didn't get the highest rated as it required a yearly paid subscription in order to upload pictures to the frame.It was easy to set it up online and since I was doing it as a gift, it was done in the person's name for which I used their email address. BIG MISTAKE! It sent an email to them congratulating them on their purchase... so no surprise Christmas day!We had a of fun that day though, as relatives sent in action pics from wherever they were and a little mail icon showed in the top right corner of the frame letting us know new pics had arrived.Online, we were able to set up groups of pics and organize them in the order we preferred. I noticed someone said this wasn't possible so maybe they had old software? We could also rotate, change the time the pics were on the frame and set the transition. I wish there were a few other speeds as it only gives you a choice of 3, 10 or 30 seconds and also smart (whatever that is).It seems that these frames are less and less available as a fellow in one store said, "These were popular a few years ago." Maybe they were faddy but I often look at mine(which is sadly not WIFI)and I notice visitors paying a lot of attention as well. I would like to get one for my older parents as they would love to receive pics of the children, grandkids and great grandkids!One suggestion for Kodak is to add the ability to crop pics online so that the important part of the pic is more visible on the frame.All in all a successful present that will be used for many a year to come.

    by Karen BN, December 28, 2012


    Still needs more work!

    At first glance, the Kodak Pulse 7" is fairly easy to use as Facebook pictures link by wireless directly onto the frame. Plus one can add pics directly from the PC as well as via data cards.But the exact download is not defined since new pictures coming into "different group" settings are sometimes new pics, sometimes old. Plus with 2681 pics that is currently downloaded into my personal frame, (60% full), I am surprised to see within any given day, a repeat of the same pics! In other words, I do not see the 2681 pics one after the other but several repeats of the same pics are seen during the day. Another thing is that the pics are downloaded in order but there is no way to see them in the same order, (like all the pics for a trip down south are not all together), nor is there any way to request this before or during the download. All the pics are randomly shown.

    by Wallace Lee, June 6, 2010


    Great product!

    Love this frame! I have given one to my dad so that I can email him pictures of his new grandchild. Now he doesn't have to clutter his computer with endless photo emails. Instead I just send them to the frame, which is set to come on automatically everyday. He loves it! Just make sure your recipient has wireless internet.

    by newmommy, January 4, 2011


    This photo frame works brilliant until the point that the wifi fails, just over a year from purchase.

    This photo frame works brilliant until the point that the wifi fails, just over a year from purchase.This has happened on two photo frames that I own. a bit flawed for something that just sits on a book shelf or side board.

    by S J Lee, January 28, 2014



    I purchased this frame as a gift and it is amazing. Setup was easy and you can manage your settings from online. Kodak really got it right with this product

    by Pen Name, June 4, 2012

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