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TayMac MM510C Single-Gang Horizontal/Vertical Weatherproof Receptacle Cover, 3.75 Inches Deep, Clear


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4.6 ratings
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Product type is 1-Gang Weatherproof In-Use Cover, Horizontal/Vertical, 16-in-1, 3-1/4 in. Deep, Gray. This product is manufactured in United States. It is manufactured by TAYMAC.

From the Manufacturer

The TayMac weatherproof plastic in-use cover (16 in 1 ) deep horizontal/vertical configuration in clear MM510C safely covers any electrical outlet in seconds. The patented Multi-Mac features our Universal Fit system which enables you to use the same product for all types of receptacles. One Multi-Mac does it all. The cover fits horizontally and vertically. It is made up of a durable high-impact polycarbonate construction that resists breakage and corrosion. The quick fit patented key hole mount allows easy installation, along with the base configuration with it's patented knock out technology allows for a custom fit. Simply snap out the knock-outs to fit your electrical outlet. One Multi-Mac gives you many configurations both vertically and horizontally. Included with this cover is an attached gasket and mounting hardware. The Multi-Mac meets or exceeds OSHA and NEC (article 406.8[b][1] wet location requirements with the cord plugged into the receptacle. The item package is labelled as 3.25” deep, however the OAL (overall length (or depth in this case)) is 3.5” which includes the depth of the base and cover.

  • Multi configuration weatherproof cover fits 16 different applications
  • Mounts horizontal or vertical for patented quick fit feature
  • Fully paintable for custom look, blending to match your home or building
  • Durable UV protected polycarbonate material is resistant to breakage and corrosion
  • Attached gasket and mounting hardware
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.6 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • L. M.

      Exact Replacement for existing cover installed in 1998?

      Again, nice thing, without me checking, was it replaced the badly damage one by sunlight that was already on the house. This is the base-cover only, below it is a GFI plug and box already mounted to the house. The same two screws that install a standard faceplate hold it in place, it was a snap to replace it. Clever design allows it to be mounted horizontal or vertical with cover opening upwards. I do agree with an other reviewer that installing the cover on the base is a bit tricky. Have to install the black base first to guard against interference issues with house siding and easy access to install screws. Trying to install clear cover was tricky getting everything to align without breaking any tabs-stops...be patient, use brains not strength and it will snap into place. My only second thought was I replaced because the clear part really discolored and turned yellow. Maybe buying the grey cover one in the first place, if the look does not offend you, it would solve this problem and it would last forever.

    • m.

      Good product

      I liked that you could mount either horizontally or vertically

    • S. B.

      Easy to install, looks good. really good quality design/build.

      This review is on product and InstallProduct : Taymac MM510C Weatherproof Single Outlet Cover Outdoor Receptacle Protector, 3-1/2 Inches Deep, ClearPurchased : May 19, 2017.1. AppearanceInstalled, this looks a lot better than my old solution. Don’t ask :) being fickle on the appearance. This was selected because it looks good. And it does.2. Build quality a product that’s professionally designed, and has a good seal against the wall or base of your box there’s no awkward lines, or flat surfaces on the top to collect moisture.3. Install ease of usePunching out the cable exit hole at the bottom was simple: I suggest using a good flat pliers to remove it carefully. Mine didnt crack. But I would worry it would with the wrong tooling. . But if not using one the shell is thick hopefully UV resistant acrylic or plastic. Not sure of construction. While the base is black plastic. This comes with adaptor plates that snap in with 2 little tabs on the top and bottom on the inside. It works with several types of outlets, gfi, circular phase ect.. Just pop it in and then install.If you have an existing to be removed outdoor weatherproof that have screws, be sure to try those incase the the Taymac MM510C needs the length of screw to fit. The included screws may work also.Once you line up the holes, there is a slotted screw head on top and bottom and other additional holes to mount this with. If you use the longer screws and you can slide the top or bottom one and tighten it slightly, you can line up your other screw and torque it slightly to create the seal with the foam base. (when I mean torque. Don’t go plumber water proofing. Just make sure it’s not warped and just sitting flat and effective.You have 2 options to install the Piano type hinge. Either top or side (not both) so don’t get confused here. To install you line them up and slide the hinge pin into it’s hole for each hinge finger. (simple)Overall, this install was pretty easy, flat tip screwdriver to remove the faceplate cover, Phillips tip screwdriver for the MM510C.Tools needed overviewPhillips tipFlat TipPliers4. (expected life span)Based on the build quality, I would assume this will last a long time.5. TLDR synopsisThe MM510C comes in different(dfifernt model numbers) colors to match your exterior, check your siding or brick color, and see if you can make this look great when it’s installed. Cause it will. It’s easy to install, is built really well. And has a few plates for GFI type outlets/phase (round) and regular, you don’t have to change anything. Just take the existing cover plate off and put this on. Once installed it looks great. I like the installed cord depth, altho you can’t put one in on the bottom if it’s a straight plug type. But the top plug works fine. For the bottom I would assume a flat 90 type plug would work fine. The door will open for temp use on any plug type you are using.This passed the wife test. We use this for a pool pump connection and I’ll be getting another for our lighting in the front yard.

    • M. S.

      Almost perfect.

      At first glance, essentially the ad and accompanying description in the ad, it not apparent how this thing attached. From the the picture it would appear that there is a slot in the clear plastic cover. That is not the case, the cover is sealed to the box that is comes with on all sides. Now I had asked the obvious question prior to purchase "how does does it attach" and the bulk of the answers were "it attaches with two screws" Yes, it does but no other details beyond that.This object is essentially a box that attached to the front of your existing electrical box, utilizing the two screws that hold the outlet in place to your existing box.Step 1: Remove the screw holding the existing cover to the outlet and remove the cover plate.Step 2. Insert the plastic outlet filler into the rectangular hole in the black cover.Step 3. Loosen the screws that hold the receptacle plug to the existing box, back them out about 5/8". DO NOT REMOVE THEMStep 4. Use pliers to break out the tabs in the black box to accommodate how you will plug into the outeltsStep 5. The black box that is to be attached to your existing box has two slotted "Keyhole" openings that will fit over the screws you just loosened. Push the box in over the screw heads then slide the box to the side to lock the screws in place and tighten.Step 6. Attach the clear plastic cover. Now I noticed on allot of reviews that the cover is not that easy to attach. If you spray WD-40 on the hinges it snaps in easily.Why only 4 stars? Mainly because the opening in the bottom of the box will only allow 1 single cord to fit easily, so on a two gang receptacle makes the box redundant. Also the clearance from the back of the make end of the cord plugged into the respectable doesn't quite clear the cover. So the cord has to be pulled down pretty sharply to get the cover closed. The concept is good and its perfect for my application, which is providing power to weather proof trickle charger to a whole house gas generator, the execution could have been better on the part of the manufacturer. In 30 degree weather, electrical cords are as stiff as a board.

    • Y. h. n. r.


      Looks decent supports both designer outlets and older style. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally and hinging can be set up for either or which is great as it was hard to find one that mounts horizontally and also opens horizontally. Has a hole to.put a small lock on it when closed. All and all seems good and just what I was looking for.

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