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Greenstone Fairchild Arbor

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    • 4.5 stars
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  • 9-12 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 28-October to 31-October.
AED 14341.59

  • The most popular arbor design, our flat top Fairchild arbor features square side lattice pattern
  • No old growth lumber used to make our wooden garden arbors
  • Protected Planter Guard stain improving weatherability and beauty of the wood
  • Preassembled side panels and easy-to-follow instructions make installation a breeze
  • Exterior dimensions are 84 By 64 By 26-Inch, interior width is 46-Inch

  • A great arbor for the pathway, pool, or garden entrance, the subtly classic design of the bestselling Fairchild Garden Arbor fits perfectly amidst landscape themes both classic and modern. Adding grace and prominence to any outdoor venue, the arbor features squared lattice side panels framed with substantial two-by-two material for optimal stability and elegance. A straight horizontal top is supported by rafters mitered with curves that soften the overall effect. Sturdy construction and pre-stained components ensure years of weather resistance and stability. Pre-assembled side panels and easy-to-follow instructions make setup a breeze. Protected with Planter Guard stain for optimal weather resistance, the unit's pre-assembled side panels and easy-to-follow instructions make installation a breeze. The wood used for the arbor comes from sustainably managed forests.


    Customer Review


    Wife loves it

    The other reviews here are accurate- this is a quality arbor that looks great & isn't difficult to assemble (took me an hour by myself- the instructions are easy). It's big enough but not too big & has a slight redwood color. If you assemble it by yourself, do it right where you're going to site it because it's too big for one person to carry around after assembly. It comes with 4 small 12" green metal stakes for anchoring purposes, so I'm putting them into small plastic buckets with concrete (see pic) which I'll sink into the ground & attach to the arbor later- for now, I'm using some large green metal U-posts that I hammered into the ground & attached to the arbor with wood screws. With a little TLC this arbor will last a long time in our garden- we're very pleased!Edit (8-29-18): Just ordered a second arbor for the back yard.

    by Pete, August 14, 2018


    Easy to put together, good quality wood, looks beautiful.

    My husband and I put it together with our 8 year old daughter, and let her work the power drill because construction was all so easy. She felt very successful having helped build our new arbor. The whole thing was up in a couple hours, from opening the box to digging holes to clean up. I have no complaints or even suggestions for improvement. This was quick and easy.The most difficult part was probably mixing the cement, and that wasn't even that hard or time consuming. There is a groove on the inside of each leg where an L shaped piece of metal fits. You screw one side to the wood, the other side goes into the groove. It fits nicely. We used those braces to mount the arbor in concrete. We braced the arbor with old wood and bricks so it would stand securely while the concrete sets, then we mixed up the concrete in an old cat litter bucket and poured it in the shallow hole on each side of our walkway. In a few days, we will remove the old pieces of wood that are helping support it. It all looks very nice.The kids got to put their handprints in the concrete. I can't wait until the grapes grow enough they can start climbing the trellis. It makes our front yard look nicer.

    by Naughty Chicken, May 4, 2015


    this is my second arbor of this one brand and ...

    this is my second arbor of this one brand and type. the first one has finally reached it's end after many yearsthis is the second arbor of this brand and design. the first one is on it's last legs after many years of Chicago weather. hard to find in stock so got it now though won't be putting it up for a while. hope it is ok when we get to putting it together as it will be past it's return date.

    by Amazon Customer, February 25, 2018


    mostly good

    a decent product and a reasonable price. The only quibble I have is with the metal braces which anchor the legs into the ground/cement. The directions say to keep them about 3/4" above the cement I suppose so as not to rot the wood... but that allows for some wobble since the metal anchors are narrow. They could be a bit more substantial. Instead of a skinny "L" which slides into a precut groove with screw holes very close to the edge of the groove, they should be a wider "T" flange and anchor on BOTH sides of the groove. Fortunately I can tie one side into a fence and make it much sturdier.. but free standing ? It might require extra bracing.

    by E. paull, December 10, 2011


    Very good quality

    as advertised--good quality materials and relatively easy to assemble. The only assembly problem was one of the holes was misalighned so the threaded bolt did not line up with the hole. We adjusted it ourselves

    by Allan S, January 2, 2021


    Broken brace

    This Arbor is gorgeous and we love it except for the packaging was damaged any brace was broken. My husband was able to fix it but it would be nice to have it hole. I would however recommend buying it

    by Kindle Customer, August 23, 2019


    looks very nice in my yard

    looks very nice in my yard. it was pretty easy to assemble, just wish they stated up front that you had to secure it with cement.

    by Tarelo, June 6, 2016


    Decent arbor

    The arbor was easy to assemble and was done in about 30 minutes . The arbor was well packed . While it is sturdy and looks decent I was not thrilled with the quality of the wood . I purchased this to keep two old boxwoods back from a porch entrance.

    by Elliott West, June 9, 2017

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