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Green Bell G-1008 Nail Clipper (Takumi No Waza)

Green Bell

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4.7 ratings
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AED 109.60

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Without using a nail file, preeminent of sharpness to finish in beautiful nails. Small part of the nail also cut comfortably. Use the stainless steel cutlery that has been hardened to high hardness, skilled craftsmen has undergone a blade with one by one ding. Gently nails ideal earl shape to the nail, and finish to the smooth curve. Design is also a stylish gem. Please read the item description that comes to safe use.

  • Excellent sharpness! Hard nails effortlessly cut!
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Product size (130 × 38 × 22): L92mm
  • Mass: 61g
  • Material: Stainless steel cutlery
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.7 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • J. K.

      It's a toenail clipper!

      I bought this based on the Wirecutter recommendation. After waiting about a month for it to arrive from Japan, I was disappointed to find out that it's a large toenail clipper, not a fingernail clipper. I tried it on my fingernails and it's too big and thick to work.

    • S. F. 9.

      The best?

      These clippers have a wider gap between the blades, so it is easier to control the clippers and position them to clip just what you want. I've used sharper clippers, but they are sharp enough to get the job done. What makes this clippers really special is their ergonomics. The design makes the grip on these clippers steady and sure. You get a sense of positive control when you hold them. They are notably larger than most clippers, but this contributes to the steady, sure grip. There may be better clippers on the market (and I tried a number), but I don't know what they are. They are worth the price and I'd buy them again.

    • 8.


      I would recommend this clipper if you are an 800 pound gorilla with enormous meaty sausage fingers and you don't actually like trimming your nails very short. If you are normal-sized human creature I would look elsewhere.

    • C.

      Absolutely the BEST at any Price, worth waiting for!!

      I read about these clippers in New York Magazine, holiday gift ideas issue. (Getting into New York Magazine is a blessing and a curse, I can tell you from personal experience. Got into one of their "Best of New York" issues and nearly drove me crazy with work and into early retirement). If you want them as a gift it's too bad that they take a long time to ship, but let me just say that they are wildly wonderful and completely worth waiting for. Like nothing I've ever used, and I've been a massage therapist for many, many years and am obsessed with my fingernails. Have a bit of arthritis and would sometimes have a hard time clipping with other brands, even the "fancy" ones. These are extra long and fit into your whole hand and clip so easily it's truly surprising. I would recommend these to anyone as the absolute best clippers available anywhere at any price, and especially if your joints are a bit weathered!

    • C. J.

      I LOVE these! Well worth waiting for!

      Wow! I never thought I could get so excited about something so mundane as nail clippers! I just can't say enough good things about these. They came directly from Japan, and by that I mean they took a month to get here, but they were well worth the wait. These are the largest clippers I have ever seen, meaning they fit comfortably in your hand. They are also engineered so that your fingers do not slip (recessed holes for texture). Unlike the small, dull clippers that most of us have gotten used to, and which you have to wrench down on before they deign to chew off a piece of your nail, the amount of pressure you have to exert with these is so miniscule that it's practically effortless. Plus, they are so well-engineered, so sharp and accurate that it is nothing to take off just a tiny sliver of nail. And, when closed, the top piece "locks" into place, unlike the cheapies where the top piece slides all over, poking you in the hand as you fumble for them in your purse. Both unique-looking and attractive; I love the matte stainless steel. If you're into giving high-quality practical gifts, these would make an excellent choice.

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