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Coralife Digital Power Center 24/7 Digital Timer, Up to 1875 amps

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    • 4.3 stars
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  • 15-21 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 12-November to 18-November.
AED 126.39

  • Sliding outlet safety covers protect outlets not in use
  • 24 hour mechanical timer with 15 minute interval settings
  • Up to seven time cycles per day, seven days per week
  • Grounded 3 prong plug with 3 foot power cord
  • UL listed

  • Size:1 Count (Pack of 1)

    Replace the tangle of wires and timers behind the aquarium with a single, safe power strip featuring built-in timer control. The Digital Coralife® Power Center features 8 outlets to centralize the control of lights, filters and heaters. Coralife is a trusted brand of marine aquarium parts and supplies. We offer aquarium lighting, filtration products, marine salt mix and more. When aquarium systems require more than just the basics - Coralife steps in. From the all-inclusive BioCube aquariums to a complete range of lighting and equipment, the Coralife brand is designed to meet the needs of the more advanced aquatic hobbyist.


    Customer Review


    Timer completely shut off and killed my whole reef aquarium!!

    The first day this timer reprogrammed itself and didn't turn on. I reprogrammed it thinking it was user error. Unfortunately, the next night the timer completely shut off and my biocube was without heat, lights and a powerhead for about 9 hours! I lost hundreds of dollars worth of coral and fish and I am devastated!! This product apparently has other reviews that say it reprograms itself and it should NOT be sold anymore to prevent further aquarium losses! A stupid $22 timer ended up costing me about $600 in dead corals and fish!

    by Kmh88, February 3, 2016


    Only the yellow outlets are programmable - and not independently of one another!

    There is a lot of confusion regarding the operation of this power strip. I bought this because I have 3 lights that came with my nano; dawn/daylight/moonlight; all requiring separate power. I wanted these to cycle throughout the day (dawn/daylight/moonlight/off). This is not possible. Please be aware of the following, which has been confirmed by Coralife:- Only the yellow outlets are programmable and,- They are not programmable independently of one another. Meaning, when in "ON" status, both outlets go on. When in "OFF" status, they both go off.- The blue outlets are no programmable at all. They turn on automatically when the yellow outlets are in "OFF" status.- There are 7 cycles that you can program each day. These 7 cycles DO NOT correlate with the day of the week. This was a major misconception with several user instructional videos.How Coralife can make this a more valuable product:- Make more outlets programmable and make them programmable independently of one another! Why would anyone need/want their lights to go on and off 7 times a day?

    by Jennifer Lauriat, April 2, 2018


    Save your time and money, keep scrolling

    Had high hopes for this but it continually loses the programs I have set up. Thankfully it is not the end of the world and my heater and filters keep running on the "always on" plugs, but the lights are off when they should be on because it keeps resetting itself. Sending this piece of junk back for a refund.

    by Jthiemeyer, October 10, 2017


    Not reliable, program loss in case of power off

    the power plug is good with some flawFirst the programming of the plug didn't changed over the years.My old one was back from 2014 and I was surprised that in 2020 the technology no change it continue with same flawsFirst of all this is very attractive and essential product for aquarium hobbits as it have day and night timer. So you are supposed to program once and let it do its jobHowever I am surprised they are yet to add mini cell in the power system to remember the program and not erase all data in case of power lossInitial programming is easy , its just lengthy, it doesn't allow you to do in one go but need to set time for each day of week.Some easy option should be there where you set time for one day and it copy to all other days of weekOverall still useful product for me but manufacture should look into upgrading the 5+ years old setup and make it more user friendly and reliable

    by Amit Hore, July 29, 2020


    Small cramped power strip

    I’m super disappointed that this power strip doesn’t fit all my plugs. I have 2 small freshwater aquariums I wanted to use this for and this is just as cramped and useless to me as a regular power strip from the hardware store. How can a product specifically designed to plug aquarium equipment into not take into account the plugs are sometimes bigger than your average plug??? I guess I’m back at square on for a timer solution for my tanks :(

    by A C, June 20, 2020


    Great Design Idea, But Flawed

    I bought this in March of 2018. It is now January of 2019.It worked great and did what it was supposed to do when it worked.For the past few months (around October) it started switching sooner than it should (had them switching at 8 am and 8 pm. They started switching at 7).Then yesterday I switched around my reptile room and when I plugged it back in, the screen was no longer working. My night lights immediately came on. I couldn't get the screen to work again so I couldn't reprogram it. For now I'm using it as a basic power strip with the "constant" outlets until I can find something else.Unfortunately there aren't many outlets with the timers that switch day and night lights. I love the idea of the design, I just wish it worked a little bit better.

    by Kittenhola, January 6, 2019


    Brand Loyalty Not Always The Move

    I've used this company's timers for 12+ years in 4+ different aquarium set-ups. My most recent timer was probably purchased 5-6 years ago and it had served its purpose. I replaced it with this newer model and noticed immediately that the craftsmanship is incredibly cheap. I've held papier-mâché with more solid construction. You can press firmly on the power strip and quite literally feel the plastic flex under your fingers. The plugs are not cut cleanly, so when I unplugged my tank air pump, the entire control panel reset itself. And continued to do it each and every time I unplugged the pump. I decided to cut my losses and run the pump through another power strip so I don't have to reprogram the schedule every time I unplug the air pump. I won't return it, because it serves its purpose, but it's a poorly executed design with middle-school quality craftsmanship. I won't be purchasing another when this one's dead.

    by R&T, December 17, 2020


    I would suggest looking at another product.

    Should have made 4 day outlets and 4 night outlets, and set separate night timer in my opinion. However, it doesn't even seem to keep the time or programming anyway, so it's pretty much just an overpriced power strip, that apparently can cause fires (according to other reviews) -I would suggest looking elsewhere. I regret buying it.

    by B, August 17, 2017


    It works perfectly

    Estaba dudoso después de leer tantos comentarios negativos, sin embargo no encontraba otra opción así que me arriesgue y quede muy satisfecho porque funciona muy bien, las instrucciones pueden ser un poco complejas pero realmente es fácil de programar y funciona como lo quieres, incluso puedes limitarte a usar un solo espacio de programación aunque tiene 7.

    by Alex, August 27, 2021


    Timer doesn't work

    This is the second one of these I've used. First one worked flawlessly, this one the timer doesn't turn the plugs on so completely useless for what I bought it for. Unfortunately I already threw out the box so I'm stuck with it.

    by Logan anderberg, June 26, 2018


    Horrible product. Lost $200 worth of corals.

    Terrible product. Timer does not work. List $200,00 worth of corals

    by Joan McDermott, January 26, 2020


    Two Stars

    The timer stopped working out of the box, so it's just a power bar now.

    by Jason Horne, June 4, 2018


    Good product for light controls

    Little difficult to setup but works well once it is set up

    by Grant, June 23, 2019

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