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Cooler Master High Performance Thermal Paste - (HTK-002-U1)

Cooler Master

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4.6 ratings
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Cooler Master thermal compound.

From the Manufacturer

From the Manufacturer



  • Suitable for CPU, chipsets on Mainboard, VGA card, etc
  • Easy to use
  • Zif Socket Templates ensure correct applying area with various CPU socket types
  • Produces an even layer when using applicator
  • Wide range of application temperature
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.6 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • J. K.

      Good paste but spreads horribly

      With some of the highest thermal conductivity for a thermal paste I wanted to give this a try on my air cooled 13700k. Do yourself a favor and heat this stuff up first because it’s even worse to spread than Kryonaught Extreme and that’s saying something. The temps are great. I’m noticing temps 2-4c below Kryonaught and it’s a much better value so it’s definitely a win in my book. Just be sure to heat it up a little and make it easier to work with. It’s my new go to thermal paste.

    • A.

      Excellent thermal conductivity at a great price!!!

      I built a new system a couple months ago in which I installed an i7 12700k being cooled by a Cooler Master Hyper X Black tower air cooler. I originally used Noctua’s NT-H1 hybrid thermal compound which gave decent results with my overclock. Upon surfing online, I saw an ad for Cooler Master CryoFuze with a Thermal Conductivity of 14 (W/m.K), not to be confused with Cooler Master CryoFuze Violet with a Thermal Conductivity of 12.6 (W/m.K) which still isn't bad. It also has a versatile range of temperature performance, maintaining stability from -50°C up to 250°C. With this thermal paste, my idle temps dropped 6°C and 5°C while stress testing on Cinebench. This thermal grease is thick, so make sure it's not in a cold environment while trying to spread it or it won't spread correctly. If you don't know what you are doing, watch the tutorial on their website. This is excellent thermal-grease and I highly recommend it due to its performance and cost.

    • J.

      Competitive paste

      This stuff is pretty good, in my unscientific experiments the last few months, it performed about 2°c cooler than kryonaut, gelid extreme and tf7 on a 3700x with a 120 aio at 65°f/18°c ambient after cinebench r23 for 30 min and gaming. Now that's basically within margin of error but I got it on sale and it's fun to try new things, max temp cinebench was 57.3°c the others were between 58.9°c and 60.1°c, will update after a month or 2 if I remember to test longevity.Update 1,used this to repaste a year old EVGA 3060 xc, it dropped temps 7-9°c in heaven benchmark and mw2 benchmark, same fan curve same game settings.Will update in a few months if the temps stay awesome on GPU and CPU.

    • F.

      Fantastic temps on a 12700kf I7

      This grease was a bit tough to apply evenly, I wiped off twice due to frustration but the third try (and the last of the tube) worked out. My method was a pea in the middle, then spread out in one direction, then the other. and repeat this method. I error to have less on the sides of the chip and more of a thick middle as it squeezes out to the sides and pushes the air bubbles out with it. I managed completely even temps across all cores and along with a cooler master 280mm AIO my I7 12700kf doesn't break 48c after 4hrs of pubg set to ultra.Ultimately performance is top notch, and this 2 gram tube is cheap enough you can give it a couple goes if need to, but I could probably use it again on the first try knowing what I know now.Biggest tip from me is to clean the new CPU with alcohol before attempting application, I believe this is what allowed it to stick better and get a good adhesion. I did not clean the new cpu face and had problems with adhesion/spreading until I did that. I will be using this in all of my new builds for sure. Way cheaper than thermal grizzly, longer lasting and better preforming (on paper as I have not run them side by side due to the cost difference)

    • D. C. W.

      I guess it's working on my Ryzen 9 5950X

      So, after 10 years on an i7-860 based system, in mid 2019, I purchased a new computer with the new at that time, Ryzen 9 3900X. When ordering this machine from a boutique, I chose a thermal compound upgrade for the thermal compound between the 3900X and the Cooler Master ML120L AIO cooler that the boutique used. The upgraded compound turned out to be this Cooler Master MasterGel Maker product.Fast forward to 2021, and for no good reason other than "Fear of Missing Out", I was able to get a 5950X and replaced my 3900X. So I purchased the same Cooler Master MasterGel Maker product from Bolo when doing my CPU upgrade.So Cooler Master has a video on Youtube showing how to use the applicator to apply thin "stripes" of compound across the surface of the CPU heat spreader as opposed to the pea size glob that you hope gets spread out evenly as you ratchet your HSF or pump onto your CPU. This looked like a better way to cover the heat spreader evenly and it looked stupid simple.Well, when I applied the compound as shown in the Cooler Master video, my experience was not quite as precise or graceful. I chalk this up to being naturally inept and I did not pull the motherboard out of the system since I had enough clearance to do the application of compound in the PC chassis. All said and done though, I did not get any compound on components and even though it took me 2 attempts to reseat my ML120L block, this product appears to work.So my only real benchmark to see if this stuff is "working" is that before removing my 3900X, I used the CPU-Z utility's bult in bench tab and ran a cpu stress test on all 24 threads of the 3900X for about 15 minutes. I had the Asus Armory Crate app up and just watched CPU temps. It sat around 60 C.Note that 3900X and 5950X are TDP rated 105W CPU's even though 5950X has 4 more cores and 8 more threads. So after swapping in the 5950X, I performed the same Stress test with CPU-Z's bench tab albeit upping the thread count to 32 from 24. Again, after 15 minutes I sat around the same 60 C temperature range.Now granted, I do not know how CPU-Z 's Stress utility compares to Aida64 or Cinebench or even real multithread workloads, however, after about a week and a half now on the 5950X, the machine is stable, and as far as "fan noise" and temps and overall just listening to how hard the AIO cooler is working throughout the day while using the PC, it seems just like it did with the 3900X.I am typically working remotely 5 days a week and use my PC to remote desktop into other machines. So it is typically on 8 hours a day doing low stress tasks. After hours, I play games on it and it doesn't "sound" like it is working harder when on the 3900X.So in the end, is it the MasterGel Maker that made the difference? Or am I just not working the system hard enough to stress my AIO cooler. My take away is that I am on par with what the 3900X was when I initially got the system in 2019.Lastly, the aforementioned AIO cooler is only a 120mm cooler and I perform no overclocking and I also have PBO disabled. I do have DDR4-3000 memory with the XMP profile enabled but honestly, I am not stressing this machine enough to justify the 5950X nor the 3900X I upgraded from.I do plan to use more of this compound as I intend to put the 3900X into my son's B350 based motherboard upgrading from his Ryzen 5 2600. Maybe I will post an update when I perform that upgrade.For now though, I do recommend this product.

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    About the Cooler Master High Performance Thermal Paste - (HTK-002-U1)

    The Cooler Master High Performance Thermal Paste - (HTK-002-U1) is now available at binge.ae, the leading provider of products from sellers in the US, UK and India, straight to your doorstep in United Arab Emirates, with all prices inclusive of customs and duty. Buy the Cooler Master High Performance Thermal Paste - (HTK-002-U1)" and +20 million others from across the globe and straight to your door. We beat our competitors’ prices as well as self-shipping rates from the United Arab Emirates.

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