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Liberty Garden Products 703-1 Multi-Purpose Steel Garden Wall/Floor Mount Hose Reel, Tan

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    • 4.1 stars
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  • 9-12 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 06-November to 09-November.
AED 1017.84

  • Holds up to 200-feet of 5/8-inch garden hose (hose not included)
  • Industrial grade, heavy duty, solid wall mounted reel that anchors to lawn or turf, rubber boots are ideal for a non-skid floor mount
  • Made of tough 13 gauge steel with industrial strength powder coated finish that is weather resistant
  • 5-feet of leader hose
  • Mounting hardware not included

  • Style:Hose Reel

    Liberty Garden Products 703-1 Steel Multi-Purpose Wall and Floor Mounted Hose Reel is simple and functional. This Industrial grade reel easily secures to walls, lawn or turf. The included rubber boots are ideal for a non-skid floor mount. This reel holds up to 200-feet of 5/8- garden hose and has 5-feet of leader hose. Simply pull out the hose for use, rewind when done. Made of steel with a durable powder coat finish that resists rust. Comes fully assembled. Mounting hardware not included. Color: tan.

    From the Manufacturer

    Hose pulls out for use-reels in for storage. The versatile 703 Hose Reel is a heavy-duty, solid wall mounted reel that also anchors to the lawn or turf or add the rubber boots for a nonskid floor mount. Made of tough 13 Gauge steel with industrial strength Powder Coated Finish, this is one unit that will suit a variety of your hose reel needs.


    Customer Review


    Well made, Poor design. ,

    This seems to be a sturdy product, however the location for your hose to attachment to it is not good. You are suppose to attach the hose then run it over the guide wheel to get it between the guide wheels to roll it up. Not only is this a poor design but it can kink your hose.You can solved this problem by removing the hose fitting from the "T" and inserting a 3" nipple and 2 - 90 degree elbows with a close nipple between. Then reattached the hose fitting to the elbow that is now located inside of the guide wheels. I had purchased a brass hose elbow, that you can see in the pictures, but it was not long enough to fix this problem. After reading some of the other reviews I decided to lubricate the o-rings inside of the rotating brass fitting, to help solve the problem with leaks that have occurred with others.I mounted the reel to a wall so I have none of the problems associated with the reel moving around when unrolling the hose or rolling back up. Use a plastic wire tie to secure the feeder hose to the side of the reel mount so it won't spin around.The attached pictures will give you some idea of what to do to fix the hose attachment problem with the reel.Only time will tell how well this unit will hold up, so far so good.

    by Rick George, April 3, 2016


    At no point in the chain of responsibility did anyone care if this was usable!

    This is so poorly made I hardly know where to start. I attached four photos to this review, all taken during the process of assembling this reel. The first shows every plumbing joint leaking — not the internal O-rings which were mentioned as a possible source of leaks in the user manual, but all of the brass to galvanized joints. It is blowing water out of every joint to the tune of gallons per hour. The flat washer next to the hose was folded, but the joint was crushed together anyway, leaving a 16th of an inch open. I remade that joint, trying to get the wrecked flat washer straight enough to seal, and used blue Teflon tape when I put it back together. I remade a second joint which had shreds of Teflon tape shoved down at the exposed edge of a fitting, but not one bit of tape on the engaged threads. The second photo shows the rotating elbow resting directly on the cradle, rubbing and dragging with each motion, and immediately scraping the paint off to bare steel. In contrast, the third photo shows a completely useless tension spring and thrust washer, flopping around in a space fully 5/8” wider than the maximum extension of the spring. To fix these two problems would mean breaking the product down to its component pieces, bending the 13-gauge steel cradle together approximately, and remaking every plumbing joint again. The last photo shows one of two folded kinks in a leader hose that had been packed with zero care for its condition or usability. So who did NOT care about this thing? The manufacturing engineer didn’t care enough to specify dimensional tolerances for the sheet metal. The assembler didn’t care if the joints were put together properly. The manufacturing sub’s Q.C. person… no Quality, so I assume that nobody looked at the thing after the assembler was done. The parent company’s receiving Q.C. person didn’t care that they were receiving unusable product from their manufacturing subcontractor, and accepted badly made junk. The only person who seems to have cared is the marketing photographer, who took pictures of a unit which had no flat washers at all, nor any Teflon tape, I assume so that nobody would wonder if this thing leaks. It does leak. It does not serve its purpose. I returned it immediately.

    by Paul Weiss, May 30, 2020


    Five-star potential, but falls a bit short (pun intended)

    To be fair, this may be one the best free-standing hose stands available. Having a faucet directly on the stand (vs. having to go to the main faucet, which is often difficult to access, to open the water is a big plus). It appears pretty resistant, and mine has no leaks.But as others have mentioned, it's VERY short, so it can't be buried into the ground (not if you want your hose above ground level). You'll have to mount it to a block, insert it onto a 1-inch tube, etc. None of those solutions resulted too practical for my use...Also: There's a huge impossible-to-remove sticker on it.Eliminate the sticker and add two feet to the stand, and you've got a 5-star product.Worth mentioning: The water connection in the back of the stand can take a hose with either a male or female connector.

    by Elle M., April 29, 2017



    As many reviewers have pointed out, there’s a design flaw that crimps the hose, thus restricting the water flow. It’s not that big of a deal—you can use a heavy-duty hose which will still allow sufficient water to get through or you can modify it, as several reviewers have suggested. The good: pretty well made, sturdy and unbeatable IF you plan to attach it to a brick wall. I don’t see it working well on the ground. I have a 100 foot heavy-duty (Goodyear), black hose and it rolls up fine. I had to attach a zip tie to the leader hose and the unit since it became all twisted every time I unrolled the hose. No big deal.Unless you want to spend all day drilling 8 holes into the brick, take my advice and purchase the screws in the photo, a 6” extender (otherwise you don’t have the room and/or angle), a hammer drill and those attachments that hold the screws (bolts) in place. Don’t even try it with a screwdriver or pliers.Finally, I had to use some silicone to cover some gaps that were not completely welded together so water would not get into the drum. See picture.If you’re wondering if all this was worth it? Yes, the price is good, the quality is good and it definitely beats the alternative—plastic hose reels that break after 3 months, those plastic carts that are worthless or just leaving it on the ground. I’m a neat freak and if you want a long hose off the ground and easily rolled up, this is the way to go. This is the second one I purchased and the first one is still doing great after a year with no rust. However, keep a lubricant and rust inhibitor handy and cover it in the winter if you live in a colder climate. Here, in Texas it’s not needed.

    by Alexxx, September 16, 2018


    Good product

    Good quality product strong and well made arrived quickly packaged poorly 2 parts missing but easy to replace

    by Douglas Dryden, July 4, 2021


    The quality is not very good

    I've got another garden hose reel from this company, very well build, quality components. I needed another reel and decided to try another model.However, this particular model was extremely disappointing. Some components were high quality but some were quite bad, cheap plastic handle which was not even sized properly for example. Mix of brass and aluminum couplings.On top of that, both the frame as well as the wheels were bent. Doe not look like transportation damage, just pool quality control.Also, because of quality issues with the couplings, the rubber seals could not be seated properly, which resulted in 2 leaks.Two shockingly different products from the same company.I've returned the item and bought the same model as my old reel. The quality was great.

    by Andriy Tsybulsky, August 12, 2021


    Très mauvais design

    Tous les composants de ce devidoir sont assemblés de manière à rouiller et à frotter. Il manque un angle de 90° pour connecter le boyau d'arrosage, il est donc perpendiculaire à la bobine. La vis de fixation du levier de rembobinage accroche au cadre, un autre endroit où elle rouillera prématurément. J'ai dû le plier pour corriger le problème. Ce même levier est trop court et rend difficile le rembobinage du boyau d'arrosage.Sinon, les points positifs, c'est solide, la peinture est de bonne épaisseur.Dans l'ensemble, je risque de l'envoyer à la ferraille le mois prochain. J'achète généralement de bonne qualité pour que le produit ait une longue vie utile. Je me suis trompé sur celui-ci.Le nombre d'étoile minimum autorisé par Bolo est 1, j'aurais préféré en donner aucune.

    by amazonitrof, August 6, 2020


    Poor quality fittings and assembly

    It looks heavy duty but I’ve had problems that may mean I just have I replace it now that the warrant is up. The brass threaded fittings are a bit small and stripped the treads on 2 of my hoses. Also some of the rubber gaskets had been put in not flat so I had to replace them.Not sure what to do with this since I can’t thread a hose onto it. Otherwise it would be a nice simple hose system.

    by Benjamin Gadd, July 15, 2018


    Works great

    Took as a warehouse deal. As described. Assembly was only attaching the handle. Not a single leak anywhere after a week or 2 of heavy use - including multiple nights where the water was left on. As others have said, if you use it without attaching to a wall, it can tip over when pulling the hose out but for me this has happened only occasionally.

    by Thomas, August 28, 2021

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