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Southwire 2588SW0002 Outdoor Cord-12/3 SJTW Heavy Duty 3 Prong Extension Cord-for Commercial Use (50', Yellow), 50 Feet

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    • 4.8 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to United Arab Emirates by 24-October to 28-October.
AED 189.76

  • ALL PURPOSE EXTENSION CORD for Indoor and Outdoor use. Great for landscaping, gardening, and powering appliances
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE yellow jacket provides extra safety and will not mark floors or walls
  • WATER RESISTANT: Flexible vinyl jacket provides protection of the cord against moisture, abrasion, and sunlight
  • REINFORCED BLADES add durability that protects prongs from bending and/or breaking
  • LIGHTED END indicates power is on
  • UL Listed

  • Size:50 ft  |  Pattern Name:Extension Cord

    Southwire 2588 12/3 SJTW vinyl extension cord with lighted end, Yellow, 50-Foot. Outer jacket won't mark floors or walls. Reinforced blades help prevent accidental bending or breaking. Vinyl jacket resists moisture, abrasion and prolonged exposure to sunlight. Industry approvals: UL/cul/ETL listed/meets OSHA requirements for outdoor use. Molded plugs and heavy-duty strain relief protects electrical connections resulting in longer cord life. Dual sourced cord.

    From the Manufacturer

    Southwire Model 02588 is a 50 foot 12/3 vinyl jacketed extension cord. This cord features a lighted end to let you know you have power to the end of the cord when you need it. The Vinyl jacket is moisture and abrasion resistant and will resist prolonged exposure to sunlight. This cord is Rated for Outdoor Use and is UL listed.


    Customer Review


    Southwire 12-3 made in USA

    Just received Dec 6, 2018 Southwire 12-3 American made cord is in listing but.... Instead a Southwire 12-3 Pro-power which is marked made in China. It's a nice looking heavy cord. The packaging is different but the cord looks the same. I'm still returning it since I bought this one because of the USA MADE and ordered another Southwire 02548-USA1 50-Foot Contractor Grade 12/3 with Lighted End American Made Extension Cord. This one is to be red white and blue so it should be made in USA. Will see.

    by S. Franklin, December 7, 2018


    Not made in USA

    I bought this because it said it was American made. It is not. The product I received is not the product described or pictured. It is a generic cord sold by Southwire, made in Indonesia.I should have read reviews first. It makes me mad that Amazon knows they are advertising a different product than they are shipping, but continue to do so. Mine is getting returned!

    by Music Maestro, December 12, 2018


    Not U.S.A. made - BUT Southwire made good and sent the correct cable.

    Received a cord made in China. Not the same packaging or part number as displayed in the item description. As other have said, deceptive sending out something other than what is described. Contacted the manufacturer to try to remedy the issue since Amazon couldn't commit to sending the correct item; received no satisfaction or remedy, only an acknowledgement. I'll never buy another Southwire product.UPDATE: I contacted Southwire on Facebook and they sent a replacement, either from this review or the Facebook request.

    by ? with everything, January 23, 2019


    Beware generic extension cord not what is advertised

    I ordered a Southwire cord made in America and received this generic cord made in Indonesia instead. Buyer beware you likely won’t receive what you think you’re ordering. It does not match the picture or item description listed. Returning it.

    by Blue bells, November 27, 2018


    Made In China 🇨🇳 Cords. Pro-Power Brand Not Southwire!

    This is horrible. I received the two 50 foot extension cords today and they are Not Southwire branded cords. They're not Made in the USA 🇺🇸 either! They were made in China 🇨🇳. I am really upset about this. They will be promptly returned. I really was excited to have Made In America extension cords. I will have to look elsewhere instead.PLEASE STRAIGHTEN THIS OUT AMAZON!

    by Jeffrey M, December 24, 2018


    Not what is pictured

    This isn't what is pictured or described, this isn't a southwire cord, it's another brand that claims to be made by southwire. It is not made in the USA it is made in Indonesia.

    by The Admiral JT, January 3, 2019


    Product not as described, different brand not made in the USA

    I returned this product because it wasn't as described. Other recent reviews report the same issue. Buyer beware.

    by L, December 23, 2018


    Probably better for contractor use than for home "around the yard" use

    Update 8/6/18: I've only used this cord three or four times, and it's already starting to twist into figure-eights and knots when I coil it back up after use; I suspect this cord was meant primarily to be stretched out straight and never be moved while in use, as opposed to the constant moving, pulling, etc., associated with using it for yard work around the house.*****************This product is both thicker and heavier than expected, and is a heavier gauge than I needed for using just around the house and yard. In fact, the line is too thick to fit in the "hooks" or "locks" of my edger, hedger and trimmers, and so I have to kind of keep the plug in place by holding it there. That certainly isn't the line's fault, it's mine for not buying a lighter gauge line that is more appropriate for what I needed it for.

    by R., July 23, 2018


    Good heavy-duty cord, lighted and very faint

    The cord presents as described in the product description. It is a well-made heavy-duty chord. I'm using it to power my ice melting system on my roof. I ordered a 12/3 to minimize line drop between the electrical outlet near the ground and the system on the roof. It is working well. The only improvement I could suggest is to make the light in the female end of the cord much brighter. I depend on that light to assure me that current is getting through to the heating system but it is very difficult to see (even in the dark) because it is so faint. It would also be useful to have a light in the male end, as well. This would serve as a quick visual check to validate that the GFI outlet hasn't tripped.

    by Doug, November 16, 2019


    Good quality for a good price

    This extension cord is well made and sturdy. It is heavier than what I was used to (with the 14/3 guage-100 foot cord), but that will sere as part of my strength exercising!

    by Kiki, February 5, 2021


    Excellente qualité, robuste et calibre adéquat!

    Je voulais une rallonge électrique avec des fils de plus gros calibre afin d'éviter une chute de tension en voltage qui se traduit en perte de puissance. Je voulais aussi un produit facile à enrouler et solide. Cette extension a tout ca et le prix est très honnête à comparer des produits qu'on trouvent dans les grandes surfaces!

    by Alainb, August 3, 2021


    Long and sturdy...

    I'm not sure what the issue was with past reviewers not getting the right product but I definitely received the proper 'Murcia product. This is on the larger size thickness wise - check to make sure you need this size amps wise if being used by a mower or hedger (etc).

    by AmS, July 8, 2020



    This cord doesn’t flex, It’s made from stiff plastic and won’t even roll up nicely at 70*. If you live in a desert this might be the toughest cord you’ve ever owned, but for the rest of us it’s a heavy birds nest hanging on the wall.

    by #1 customer, December 18, 2020

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