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How to Draw Manga: Basics and Beyond!

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You want to draw manga, and Manga University will show you how. You'll get VERY good at this. After all, we've been teaching people just like you for over 20 years.

"How to Draw Manga: Basics and Beyond!" is the latest in Manga University's lineup of best-selling instructional books. The book features more than 1,000 illustrations drawn by Japanese manga artists whose work has appeared in leading publications, including Shonen Sunday and Young Jump. You will learn how to draw like a professional because your teachers are professionals.

We've divided the book into four easy-to-follow chapters that will have you drawing original characters from head to toe in no time at all:

Heads First! We begin at the top, with a chapter on how to draw heads. After all, heads are the first thing most people notice, in both art and out in the real world. And in art, just like in the real world, you want to make sure your characters make a vivid first impression ... whether they're completely human, or totally out-of-this-world.

Let's Make Faces! The expression the eyes are the window to the soul is particularly true when it comes to manga. You can tell a lot about a character's personality by peering into their eyes. In this chapter, we explain the basics of drawing eyes. But we don't stop there. We also cover noses, mouths, ears, and hair.

All About Bodies! Once we've covered faces, we move on to teaching you how to draw bodies. We go over the differences between male and female body proportions, count heads to determine the heights of our characters, and learn how to draw hands, arms, feet, and legs.

Strike a Pose! Our book's final chapter is all about making a physical statement. We show characters standing tall, sitting down, throwing punches, giving hugs, and more. Because even beautifully drawn characters look boring if they're frozen stiff.

The book also includes a section on manga tools. Plus, you'll get to know the artists who contributed to the book through exclusive interviews in which they talk about their favorite manga and anime series, hobbies, how they work, and more!

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About the Author

MANGA UNIVERSITY, established in 1998, is one of the world's leading publishers of English-language instructional manga, including the acclaimed "How to Draw Manga" series, the award-winning "Manga Cookbook" collection, and the "Kanji de Manga" language-learning series.

RYO KATAGIRI is a manga artist, comic essayist, and illustrator whose work frequently appears in leading Japanese manga publications, including Shonen Sunday and Young Jump. She has worked on more than a dozen books, including Manga University's "The Manga Cookbook Vol. 3: Fusion Food with Character" in collaboration with Crunchyroll, and "Tutti," a slice-of-life manga first serialized in Shonen Sunday. She also has illustrated several instructional manga, including a popular guide to Japanese rice wine (sake) published by the Japan Travel Bureau.

YUKIO ONISHI is an illustrator, artist assistant, book layout designer, and occasional art editor. His first book for Manga University was "Kana de Manga Special Edition: Shortcuts," published in 2017, and he also worked on a forthcoming fully illustrated Japanese grammar book.

HIROYUKI SENGOKU made his professional manga debut in Shonen Sunday magazine, and is a full-time cartoonist, illustrator, and mangaka assistant. "How to Draw Manga: Basics and Beyond!" represents his English-language publishing debut.


Customer Review


One of the Best Resources for Drawing Manga Style Characters

There's one thing that needs to be addressed when it comes to this book, something which left me feeling a bit conflicted on how to rate it. This book is exclusively about Manga Characters. If you want any information on paneling, lettering, backgrounds, screen-tones or anything of that sort -- this book won't help. This book focuses solely on characters and when it comes to that it's one of the best in its field.How to Draw Manga: Basics and Beyond surprised me with its level of detail. Each page is filled to brim with a variety of illustrations covering each part of the body. With pages devoted to individual parts such as the ears, hands, and neck. It includes instructions on both smaller details & common mistakes. The illustrations encompass a variety of styles, all of which are noticeably modern. Compared to classics, such as Tadashi Ozawa's "How to Draw Anime & Game Characters" it really showcases how manga has evolved and grown in modern times. It book even goes along to show several body-types not commonly taught in "How to Manga" books, such as plump, muscular, and "skeletal" bodies.If there is one negative to be had, it is that I fear the book might be a bit overwhelming in its first few illustrations. Like most other books it starts with how to draw the head, but here so much information is presented at once that a beginner artist might become discouraged before seeing how its broken down in the following chapters.

by Glean, August 11, 2019


She has not put it down!

Our daughter has been begging for this book over the last few months. She has recently gotten into art and was to learn as much as possible about anime and manga styles. This book allows her to fine tune her skills and learn even more. She has not put the book down since it came in the mail via Bolo prime.To the authors and illustrators, thank you for providing this guide to keep artistic minds fresh and active. To Bolo, thank you for offering this book and others on your website ❤️!I just tried to take a photo of the book for this review and I had to ask her for it. She didn’t want to let me have it and she is standing next to me so that I can give it right back... Kids 😩😂.

by Evans Family, November 5, 2019


This book is AMAZING

This Book is awesome,compare with the other how to draw manga books this one beats them by far it goes into every little building block of creating unique cool,wacky, and amazing characters for your next Manga/comics in each different art styles drawn by three professional Mangakas(manga artists)which each teach you in there way on drawing characters by anatomy,posses,expressions, and it even teaches you how to exaggerate all of those.But as much as i love this book it is close to perfect like if it had a chapter on how to draw backgrounds,clothes,capes,cool effects you see when reading manga,etc. I would highly recommend this book for any those who would want to be a famous manga artist or anime director that would someday create the next Naruto,One Piece,HunterXHunter,ONE PUNCH MAN,Fairy Tail, and Sailor Moon. If words aren't enough to convince you buy the book and read it for yourself and then you will see what iam talking about

by Adriel, August 17, 2019


Authentic "manga" drawing

Buy this and "Draw Manga Faces". These books are from japanese artist who give you clean linework and corrent stylization for "modern" manga/ anime drawing.the problem with the american how to draw books is literally the style is from the 80s/90s period and the linework is too thick which makes it more like american cartoons. dude, they're just after a quick buck using a buzzline like manga.

by Kevin K., June 29, 2019


Amongst hundreds of books to choose from... THIS IS THE ONE YOU NEED.

I've taken art courses throghout my life both in public schools and at university. I've always found how to draw manga books to be very lacking in teaching actual tools for skill building and instead defaulting to "this is how to draw this pose and only this pose" sort of concepts.This book contains some very important core concepts that people try to skip over but you honestly need those concepts to really take your skills to the next level. There was several concepts I learned at university in this book as well as additional tools I did not already possess, making this book useful for both total beginners and more experienced artists.I liked this book so much I bought a copy for my best friend who wants to learn to draw.This contains excellent lessons, tools, references, and concepts that I highly reccommend for just about anyone interested in drawing manga.Something I also appreciated seeing was elaboration on characters with different body types and how to draw fat or being emaciated. This also gives you tips on how to draw characters of various different ages which I also dont see much in manga books (apart from chibis, babies, teens and young adults but not many expand to ages beyond that).Having owned and read what feels like hundreds of manga books, this one is made by artists who are actually in the industry and know what they are talking about. If you are to get yourself or anyone else a how to draw manga book, this will have pretty much everything you need for the art skills.To clarify, this book does NOT contain how to use the physical tools such as pens, inks, panneling on mangaka layout papers and screentones.Trust me, out of all the books this is one of the best out there.

by Alyssa, June 8, 2021


Worth the purchase

Very informative! It explains proportions, angles, etc. I’ve reviewed the first couple of pages and was able to produce somewhat accurate sketches. Good for beginners and artists in general. Worth the purchase

by M.B., July 21, 2020


Get ready to become a better artist

Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I felt pretty confident buying this and I’m glad I did because it came in perfect condition and from what I can see this seems like it’s actually going to help me get better at art. Nice pricing for a great product.

by Smiley, February 20, 2020


Great book!

I love it, great guide to start into manga drawing. Very happy with it indeed!!

by Gia, May 11, 2020


Excellent book for all abilities

This is the best Manga style art book I've found. It's full of helpful tips including poses and advice on more difficult work.This book is suitable for beginner to advanced level, I think all aspiring Manga-ka can learn something from it.

by Buiadh, February 9, 2020


If you want to learn the basics...

... this is your book

by Katalin Varga, December 12, 2020


Easy to follow

It's easy and fun to follow the techniques. It works every time.

by Inta Meacham, June 14, 2021


Excelente libro para principiantes e intermedios

El libro esta excelente para un nivel basico-intermedio ayuda mucho para empezar a dibuajr tus personajesse enfoca principalmente en dibujar cada parte del cuerpo y ejemplos paso a pasotambien diferencias entre diferentes tipos de cuerpo por edad por sexo complexion etcincluye las bases para crear expresiones y algunas poses basicasun libro muy recomendado para todos los que desean iniciar o pulir sus dibujos en este estiloel libro llego muy rapido en buenas condiciones

by Fidence Clearwinter, August 12, 2020

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