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Benno Thoma

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Customer Review


"A Very Exciting Experience"

Benno Thomas has got to be one of my favorite photographers. In this 3rd Edition Euros book you'll find a wonderful sampling of his most exciting images of young Mediterranean or Turkish men in black & white prints. These guys are young, and handsome. Benno really knows how to pose his models to bring out the sensuality in all of them. The lighting, shadows, & location of the shots are perfect. These models are relaxed and just being natural in their surroundings. It makes you feel like you're a voyeur and that's the sign of an excellent photographer when you feel that way.There are so many photo books out there it's hard to choose, much less collect them all. This is definitely one of my favorite's. A must have for your collection. I hope to see more future photo images by this photographer... .

by Joseph J. Hanssen, May 12, 2001


A very good book by a self-taught photographer!

I only own this one of Benno Thoma's books but (by viewing just these 47 duotone photos,16 of which depict frontal nudity)I can honestly say,I like his work.The youthful appearance of his models,combined with the various settings and the way he uses light,create a very pleasing effect;an overall atmosphere of sweet melancholy,informality and relaxation.All the guys in the book are very cute young men,appearing in natural poses of self-preoccupation.The camera's intrusion into these "private" moments is as subtle as a lover's tender and affectionate touch would be.So,what is captured on the photographic film is much more than the models' undeniable physical beauty.Thoma manages to give a distinct quality to each photo and create a tangible familiarity which makes someone feel he is in the same room with the models;close enough to "savour" their youth with all five of his senses!This feeling is enhanced by the softness and warmth of the light.A light natural and rich (even when not very strong),that makes body hair shine like gold and the skin appear softer than silk.Finally the whole mood (particularly the melancholy) is strengthened even more by the use of settings,such as old-fashioned bathrooms and hotel rooms,ill-lit attics and dilapidated walls.I really enjoyed this first acquaintance with Benno Thoma's style and I think you will too;especially if you like young men with boyish charm!

by Amazon Customer, January 3, 2001


Five Stars


by Keith Haberstroh, July 30, 2015


Incredible Photography

Benno Thoma captures the essence of men, while giving the readers a bit of wanting to be like them

by Alexis Rodriguez, May 24, 2000

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