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Battle Hymn: Revelations of the Sinister Plan for a New World Order

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“A book that I highly recommend. A well-written book with lots of important information.” –John B. Wells, Coast to Coast AM

This book presents frightening facts that will shake many of your deepest beliefs to the core.

A dark plan put into place centuries ago has come to fruition. Consider Battle Hymn your wake-up call. Painstakingly researched through hundreds of sources and interviews, Battle Hymn rips the cover off the invisible government that controls our leaders and soon, our very lives. Composed of just a few hundred powerful but unelected people, an elite cadre seeks to create a one-world government to complete its already advanced globalist plans to end the sovereignty of all nations–including the United States. Its ultimate goal is complete control through a New World Order where a socialist dictatorship ensures that every citizen is tagged, mollified, and productive.

Order your copy of Battle Hymn today, a book that is still current, still timely, and still terrifying.


Customer Review


Hard facts, hard truths, necessary reading

This book is not only a wake up call but a true diagram of how twisted and intertwined the tentacles are of the shadowy figures we never see or hear about controlling our destiny.By chapter 3 it is apparent that we as citizens have not or ever were truly free from their subversion and invisible guidance. Since the inception of our country selfish and greedy, hateful and vindictive individuals have been controlling both regional and global events through their vast wealth to gain control over all. It is not hyperbolic in the least to word It in such a way.We’ve been given the illusion of choice through voting and our political system but never has it been painted so clear that those in power are collectively working on the same “team” with the same goals. Left or Right, the agenda is the same, the packaging is just different.People who I once believed to be heroes are not. People whom we were taught were helpful philanthropists are the polar opposite. People who we were convinced didn’t exist in the shadows indeed live there and keep it very very dark on purpose.I had to set this book down a few times to absorb what I was reading and compartmentalize my emotions. I found myself marking pages, looking up references, and after finding confirmation of almost everything detailed, I had no other choice but to accept the truth, which is a very bitter pill, and order other copies to send to friends and family. This “history” must be taught and exposed along with each and every hand that had a part in building this grand illusion.From the references offered throughout this book I ordered a total of 12 other books that go into further detail in regards to specific areas of corruption and infiltration, the CIA and other Letter Agencies, the heads of state, and the military top echelon to be more precise. The facts are beyond description. Beyond describing!I highly recommend this book if you are just waking up because it is very detailed and makes a great stand alone introduction, but if you are determined to remove the blinders completely, this book will certainly invoke a quest for more.

by Miss Hollis, January 21, 2021


The Plan to take over the world

Excellent book about a lot of things you’ve always been wondering about but could never confirm. This book describes the inception of the elite banking empire in Europe and the U.S. It tells how they have held the U.S. hostage from day one of the founding of this country and how they have injected themselves into politics, science, medicine, education.....all at the expense of the people. They have directed presidents and also had a hand in the law making process. It tells of all their secret groups and societies. I really liked how this book explained how the banking system worked. It was an enigma to me. This book offered some rare insight into the inner workings of how these bankers literally steal from the people in the form of income tax. Some of their ideas of a new world order and how they plan to achieve this goal are described. Eugenics, enabling acts, the super highway, the North American Union, the Real ID, RFID chips, facial recognition, GPS Tracking, how they use the corporate media to promote their propaganda to the unsuspecting masses, how they cause depressions and recessions and why they do it.The main thing I enjoyed about this book was that the authors did not go into over detail. It’s just enough information for you to get the idea of the concept and then they move on to the next topic. It really made it a quick read, but packed full of some very insightful historic events I was not aware of. Highly recommend.

by ~KJM~, February 2, 2021


Perhaps Fun Reading; But Investigate More Before Believing.

<Battle Hymn> kept me interested through circa 3/4 of it but I wouldn't buy it again. Perhaps it is OK for bathroom reading. However if you the prospective reader choose it just to find out what is in it; and if you become interested in the subject of dark conspiracies, I suggest that you consider the book as a jumping-off source for MUCH deeper inquiries.Conspiracies exist it is safe to say. There is this old saw floating around that goes something like: 'Just because I am paranoid doesn't mean that there can't be someone who is out to get me.' Yet the sensible part of mankind pooh-poohs the existence of dark, world conspiracies; meaning that if a person, after reading some book, intends to tell one and all that the XYZ group is working to overthrow half the governments in the world, that person had better find hard facts and impeccable sources as backup for what he is saying. Otherwise he will be thought of as being a kook -- nothing more than a 'conspiracy theorist.'Personally, I wouldn't cite this book as a source in a research paper I might be writing.

by Ronald E. Parsons, February 15, 2021


A play by play map of the global agenda by the global elites.

Forget your political science, social science, and any history books you've read. The winners write those books and they aren't on your side. This book IS the missing puzzle piece you need for the "Big Picture". I've been searching for the truth for over two decades, reading dozens of books and searching the internet from beginning to end, and I haven't found anything to tie it all together until now. This is a play by play map of who, what, when and where the global elite have taken us. Know the past and the present, and you WILL know the future. Stop being misled by the propagandists. This book is the only one that will show you the way, I promise. John Scura has written a masterpiece and risked it all to do it. I will never read another political science book again.

by Kevin Woolum, March 23, 2016


I always knew the bankers, CFR and the rest ...

I always knew the bankers, CFR and the rest of them pulled a lot of strings but never researched it.This really opened my eyes to the New World Order agenda. I wonder what position all the corrupt politicians thinkthey are going to be in when it falls on their heads? Ask all your elected representatives how their insider trading account are doing.Most governments are committing crimes against humanity. Sorry about that Humanity!

by Stephen Peet, October 20, 2016


Five Stars

Read It!

by TMV, September 29, 2015


The Truth, and not general media propaganda

For confirmation of the N.W.O. Agenda

by david john osborn, May 16, 2021


Awakening of America and the American people.

This is an excellent book that every American should read to find out the truth and who the people are behind all the wars and the planned control and fall of America through power and greed.

by Lorea B. Lyonns, October 8, 2020


More frightening than Steven King's last novel.

A must read at a reasonable price. This book should be required reading for high school students.

by Kat M., March 28, 2016


Five Stars

Well worth every penny, the information found within is priceless.

by Jason, June 5, 2013

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