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Pin-Up Art of Dan DeCarlo

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by Alex Chun & Dan DeCarlo
A handsome volume of rare pin-ups from the late cartoonist who defined the look for Betty and Veronica. From 1956 to 1963, DeCarlo also produced hundreds of pin-up cartoons for the Humorama line of girlie digests, where his line drawings and exquisite ink-wash paintings shared the pages with Jack Cole, Bill Ward, and Bill Wenzel, and photos featuring Bettie Page.

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly

For more than 40 years, DeCarlo, who died in 2001, was the principal artist at Archie Comics, not only working on the company's title character and his friends but also co-creating Josie and the Pussycats and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Within the innocent context of these comics for juveniles, DeCarlo's Betty, Veronica and other heroines had a surprising degree of sex appeal, and they influenced the work of younger cartoonists from the Batman cartoon's Bruce Timm to Jaime Hernandez of Love and Rockets fame. In the 1950s, though, DeCarlo drew gag cartoons for the Humorama line of men's magazines, and editor Chun and designer Covey have assembled nearly 200 of these pieces into this collection. DeCarlo's cheery caricatures seem out of place in the blatantly risqué world of dirty pictures, unable to match the erotic appeal of more illustrative pin-up artists. In his introduction, Bill Morrison (The Simpsons) claims these DeCarlo cartoons reveal the sexual underside of the repressed 1950s. Actually, they depict a dated, anti-feminist world where young, buxom women make themselves available to men who often look less attractive, much older and smug. Intended in their day to be adult and sophisticated, these cartoons now look pathetically adolescent. Moreover, the gags are consistently unfunny. This book produces not titillation so much as tedium. (Mar.)
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“Though best known for his signature visual influence on Archie Comics, pioneering artist Dan DeCarlo also drew bawdy pinup cartoons for 1950s magazines. The Pin-Up Art of Dan DeCarlo showcases his unique style in a far less innocent way, giving us a glimpse of what Betty and Veronica may have been up to after graduation.”
- Playboy

“The vavoom-figure drawings retain the doe-eyed innocence of Betty and Veronica, which makes gags about strippers and heavy petting sort of thrilling, in an illicit way.”
- The Onion A.V. Club

“The cover sums it up―a man who looks disturbingly like Riverdale’s Mr. Lodge gazes lasciviously at a lingerie-clad young woman who looks disturbingly like a (very) bosomy Veronica. That is just so wrong... Breasts swell and sag with the weight of flesh, not silicone; thighs press firmly and meatily together, hips and butts strain against fabric, threatening plentiful wardrobe malfunctions. And the wardrobes!... The overall effect is―well, I can’t describe the overall effect. Let’s just say that in trying to take it all in I may have stretched my eyes permanently out of shape.”
- Noah Berlatsky, The Hooded Utilitarian


Customer Review


And you thought Betty and Veronica were cute!

The Pin-Up Art of Dan DeCarlo is an absolutely gorgeous collection of work from 1956 through 1963, when the cartoonist was at the peak of his powers.For those who came late, Dan DeCarlo got his cartooning start working at Timely (later Marvel) Comics drawing such fare as Millie the Model and Sherry the Showgirl for Stan Lee. From the late 50s into the 90's, DeCarlo was the quintessential Archie artist, best known for his work on the daily Archie comic strip and his definitive depictions of the yin and yang of Riverdale sexuality, Betty and Veronica. Millions of adolescent boys felt peculiar stirrings while reading about the exploits of the wealthy brunette and the wholesome blonde (particularly while engaging in their titular Summer Fun... no pun intended).The discovery years later that DeCarlo was moonlighting as a girlie cartoonist for the Humorama line of men's magazines was, for some fanboys, the sociological equivalent of the discovery of the early nude photos of Madonna or Vanessa Williams. As sexy as Betty and Veronica were, they were chaste (to Archie's eternal frustration). The women DeCarlo drew for Zip, Joker and Laugh Riot were not innocent. And they were often naked.While DeCarlo's drawings of men came in all shapes and sizes, critics charge that all of his women looked exactly alike, with the same rounded face, turned-up nose and hourglass figure; That the only differing feature was the hairstyle. It's a valid point, but in the end it doesn't matter. It's like criticizing the Ramones for recording the same song over and over. Yeah, they did. And better than anyone else.DeCarlo's art was pure cartooning, clean and distinctive, with a masterful line and a sense of design that rivalled anyone's. He drew clothes better than almost any cartoonist this side of Hank Ketcham (not that there's a lot of sartorial evidence in this book) and his comedic timing was exemplary.The Pin-Up Art of Dan DeCarlo (compiled by Alex Chun and Jacob Lovey) is beautifully printed in a black and orange two toned scheme, mostly full page cartoons with some devoted to detail from the art. There are a few problems. An out of place pin-up drawn by DeCarlo in 2000 awkwardly stretches across two pages near the end of the book, none of the cartoons are dated or annotated and the text for the gags has been redone, but those are minor complaints (the absolutely hideous sliced lettering used for the title of the book is unforgiveable, however). This book is indispensible for anyone who loves pin-up art, beautiful cartooning.... or ever wanted to see Betty and Veronica naked.Not that I ever thought about that.

by Karl Heitmueller Jr., April 9, 2007


The book is great.

The book is great but the small size makes it hard to get good looks at the details of the Art. Manga sized.

by Ken, July 7, 2019


A very entertaining piece of comic book history

I had heard of Dan DeCarlo from the older Archie Comics and was surprised to see that he had done more provocative works in other magazines. His art style was the basis for the female characters in Archie's gang, and has been imitated many times since. There are a LOT of his older single-panel gags from several adult magazines. If you like nice artwork and nicely-drawn woman, it's a must have!

by David W. Lutz, March 27, 2007


Five Stars

Amazing art with high quality reproductions of old newsprint and paper stock. Another high quality work by Fantagraphics Press!!

by Amazon Customer, September 2, 2016


A glimpse into the past...

The heyday of these cartoons were the 1950s and 1960s before the sex explosion of the later decade forever altered public sensibilities. This is a great selection of cartoons by the wonderful Dan DeCarlo, more famous as the Archie artist.The book is a trade paperback measuring 5-3/4" x 7-3/4" of 216 pages. In it are dozens and dozens of one panel gag cartoons all involving well endowed young ladies in various states of undress. While the realism of the anatomy might be suspect the perception of the tastes of the target audience were no doubt spot on. The humor varies from very clever to rather lame but that wasn't the main point.Besides the cartoons proper there are some introductory pages placing these cartoons in their proper cultural contexts. The cartoons universally depict women as sex objects but as depicted they are using this to their advantage as often as not. The lecherous old men and bosses are clearly not having everything their own way. Despite this one can't help but to think that depictions such as these did their share to launch the women's lib movement of the late 1960s.The only complaint I have are the numerous pages which are blown up segments of cartoons. They don't seem to serve any useful purpose - surely the pages could have been put to better use?Highly recommended - on its own terms or strictly as a cultural curiosity.

by Jim Davis, March 13, 2011


Knockout babes from the quintessential Betty and Veronica artist

Dan DeCarlo is considered by many comics fans to be the quintessential Archie artist -- and considered by all comics fans to be the best delineator of Archie's rival girlfriends, Betty and Veronica. DeCarlo, who died in 2001, also had a prolific career as a pin-up artist for humor magazines, and this little tome collects some of his best work from the late 50s and early 60s. DeCarlo had a knack for making his women appear funny and sexy at the same time. While most of the gags aren't much, the girls are simply TOO much. There's some (relatively tasteful) nudity here, but most gags involve skimpy clothing and lingerie, so I'd rate this between a PG-13 and a "soft" R.

by Christopher Barat, July 22, 2007


Humor of olden still golden

I just love this stuff. For every time our parents claim how properly they were brought up, there is a cartoon in this book that reminds me that they were every bit as bawdy as we are today. They just had better taste about it. This book starts with a history that isn't all that much to read and then single panel cartoons each page. The art is what it is and the jokes are the ones we've been retelling for years so it must be good stuff.

by Scott A. Misko, December 16, 2005


Sexy Betty And Veronica!

Having always been a fan of Betty and Veronica (I'm more of a Veronica type myself), I was happily surprised to see the release of this book. Mr. DeCarlo's art is a great romp through thrugh the golden age of comic pin ups. It's a treasure for anyone who appreciates erotica with a sense of fun and for those of us who in our younger days wished that the Archie Comics girls were just a little more scandalous!

by Dade W. Bell, December 12, 2007


Five Stars

Just what I expected

by Greenjob, February 16, 2015


Pin Up - Klasse Werk mit tollen Zeitungsskizzen

Das Buch ist leider nur ein Taschenbuch.Offensichtlich handelt es sich um Zeitungswitze der 40`er und 50`er, die aber alle sehr liebeswürdig sind.Das ganze Buch ist in schwarz - weiß und ein wenig rot. ( Eben wie das Buch von Bill Wenzel in sw - mit etwas grün )Die Mädchen sind alle klasse im Aussehen, wie man es nur mit einem Korsett schaffen kann, immer mit einem klasse Dekolletè.Wer auf Gil Elvgren steht, ist mit den Büchern gut beraten. Wer aber eher Alberto Vargas mag, wird keine Freude daran haben

by puenktchen_rennmaus, July 3, 2008

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