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Understanding Nazi Ideology: The Genesis and Impact of a Political Faith

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"A unique account of Nazism from the perspective of the Nazis themselves―a monstrous project through the monster's eyes" Croatian Literary Translators' Association
"A masterpiece" Dag Einar Thorsen, Associate Professor of Political Science
"Completely innovative" Tvrtko Jakovina, Professor of History
An objective approach to an ideology shrouded in taboo - and a dramatic journey through grand visions, fanatical passion and transgressive violence.
Nazism was deeply rooted in German culture. From the fertile soil of German Romanticism sprang ideas of great significance for the genesis of the Third Reich ideology--notions of the individual as a mere part of the national collective, and of life as a ceaseless struggle between opposing forces. This book traces the origins of the "political religion" of Nazism. Ultranationalism and totalitarianism, racial theory and antisemitism, nature mysticism and occultism, eugenics and social Darwinism, adoration of the Fuhrer and glorification of violence--all are explored. The book also depicts the dramatic development of the Nazi movement--and the explosive impact of its political faith, racing from its bloody birth in the trenches of World War I to its cataclysmic climax in the Holocaust and World War II.


Customer Review


The leuchter reports debunk a lot of “history” in this book.

Seems a bit biased. But excellent information.

by Booflunky, April 5, 2021


Biased propaganda

I won't buy this book because the author calls the world view Nazism which blantaly shows bias in respect to the actual name of the world view proclaimed to be known as National Socialism. 2 stars for effort.

by Lizard People, May 11, 2021


How could a developed country enthusiastically and fatally want to enable Hitler ?

Addresses a central question of National Socialism: how could one of the most civilized countries with a proud culture descend into Total War, the Holocaust and self-immolation ? This book moves the discussion beyond what happened to why ... see the extensive academic reviews above which are borne out in the reading of this fantastic exploration. Mr. "Brancato" review above relies on a "report" by an expert witness for a Holocaust denier in Canada, Mr. Leuchter who is as reliable as a deranged wet-brain and part of a cottage industry which gaslights anyone who seriously investigates the Third Reich.

by M. Bagge, April 19, 2021

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