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Mandalas for Meditation: Scratch-Off NightScapes

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Here’s a new way to enjoy a selection of the most beautiful mandalas from the bestselling Mandala Meditation Coloring Book! These exquisite meditative designs are now in scratch form, with multicolor backgrounds that spring to life when you scratch off the white lines. Use the included stylus to create these stunning one-of-a-kind pieces.


Customer Review


Great meditation & focus tool

I really like this scratch off, reverse coloring, book. It's fun and relaxing to sit with it and progressively remove the gray and reveal the color. I find that activities like this really help lessen my stress & anxiety. It's a challenge as well as being flexible and forgiving. There are tissue paper sheets in between each page but a few light scratches were on mine too as other reviewers have said. It doesn't bother me though. I feel it'll work itself out while I'm working on the few with random scratches. Plus I had very few pages that happened to get scratches.Like others have stated a metal tool is better. The wood tool included is not only uncomfortable to hold, it catches and doesn't make the line as smooth. I plan on buying as many scratch off books as I can so I'm going to buy a few different metal tools on Amazon and see which I like. Happy scratching!

by Aleshia, February 5, 2017


Once complete you have a framable workof art

You do not have to be an artist to create these stunning pieces. Very satisfying to start with a blank page and quickly see the vibrant colors come to life. Much easier than colored pencils, pens, markers because you do not have to think about shading, blending colors. BONUS: transports easily with just the book and stylus!The book construction is solid. Heavy cardstock is used for the art separating them with tissue. The cover page of the book folds in and under your current work, protecting the ones below. My advice go slowly. Enjoy the process. Purchase a kit for the scraper, double end pen extra and brush. Have fun!!

by Fallon, April 28, 2019


updated review--much better than i originally reviewed it

updated review: i LOVE the wooden scraper. i discovered this after i bought an etch book with an actual metal scraper. at least the tip on this can be sharpened when needed by using the poor man's pencil sharpener technique. the metal scaper? not so much.the one thing i do not like about it (which is why i still haven't given it 5 stars) is that some of the photos have so much detail and small spaces between them that the detail gets lost amidst the color. i found myself keeping some of the gray areas intact just to have definition and contrast to some of the pictures. aside from that, this was a great meditative experience. (and i still stick with my one pass line routing. life is made so much easier than actually trying to scrape. trust me)original review:let's set the record straight: i love this etch art book. for the money, it is perfect--tons of hours piddling away, scraping, distracting the mind. that being said, the tool they give you to scrape such a large book is actually kind of offensive. one would think that with so many pads to etch, they would include a metal scraper with it. instead, they give you a wooden long handled "toothpick."pro tips:1. buy a metal etcher. it will make your life easier.don't want to do that? then consider the following:a. learn to sharpen your wooden tool (please, for the love of god, DOT NOT use a pencil sharpener). simply scrub it against the cardboard surface in the back of the book while rolling it around. that will sharpen the point. FYI--you will have to do that about a third of the way thru the first etch.b. try the "tattoo" technique of using one pass lines to get the foil off. once i stopped "etching," i realized this was actually quite effective, especially on the etch boards with muted details.

by Shayla Norm, June 4, 2018


Very relaxing book with a few quality flaws

I found this book after watching TheProudOwl on Twitch etching, and I immediately got one for myself. As I had just tested positive for COVID and would be stuck at home for a week, this book was such a fantastic way to help ease some of my anxiety. The colors and designs are gorgeous, and it's so fun to see what colors will pop through next. That being said, I'm rating this 4 stars for two reasons.1) The tool that is included with the book is nowhere near sharp enough to accurately etch some of the more intricate designs. I had to order a separate set of tools to do some of those designs, as the blunt tool would've just etched right over a lot of them. With it being wood it's also not the most comfortable to hold for an extended period of time.2) The book advertises that the pages can be easily removed, but I did not find this to be the case. The picture attached is what happened to me when I tried to remove the page from the book. I had to be incredibly delicate with removing other pages, and even still there are little tears where the page is connected to the book.Even with those two flaws I would highly recommend the book as a relaxing activity to do! I found using a makeup brush was really helpful with clearing the black debris quickly without too much mess.

by Kat Sipe (Misstapkat), January 22, 2021


Beautiful patterns and hours of relaxation

Seriously, the one on the cover is one of the included scratch patterns (I think mine had a different color underneath) but they are all so pretty! I was worried there would be one good one and the rest would be subpar, but I have never been happier to be proven wrong. I'm so excited to sit down at my desk with these to wind down for the day. I am especially impressed with this book because the pages are coated in an almost clayboard-like finish and unlike the other two books I ordered the black layer doesn't begin to peel up in large chunks after a while. If you like adult coloring, I highly recommend giving this a try! One tip: use a pencil sharpener or some sandpaper to sharpen the wooden scratcher that comes with it. This will make the fine detail work much easier!

by S. Beatty, November 27, 2018


Love this! All the pictures are so detailed

Love this! All the pictures are so detailed, I know it will take me quite a while to get through them all. The only complaint I have with this is the provided wooden pencil they give you. It feels so cheap and flimsy, and it really hurts my hands when I use it for too long. This isn't too big of a deal, because you can buy better ones, but for someone that doesn't have other ones, this could quickly become a pain.

by Angela, July 20, 2017


Pros and cons

Beautifully intricate designs. It is a shame the scratching tool provided is not better quality as I found it is not fine enough to allow the precision required for the design. I ended up buying a better quality tool separately.

by Hannah, June 7, 2020


Mandalas for meditation

This book is superb cant wait till doing this artwork looks like alot of concentration & fun patterns look amazing very happy 😁👍

by Mrs. M. O'Connor, May 17, 2019


Difficult and expensive

Too difficult to use to a decent effect/finish, perhaps as different tool would work better than the wooden implement attached

by LM, June 28, 2020



This is a really good way to spend spare time, I've watched the kids do them for years. Very therapeutic and calming.

by Catherine tumalty, January 23, 2020


New Hobby

Arrived quickly and well packaged. The pictures look great although I haven't done any yet, and it's a nice size book with 14 pictures in. Would like to see more of these

by Valerie, January 21, 2020

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