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Transcendence: (American Landscape Painting, Painter Richard Mayhew Art Book)

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Transcendence is the long-awaited, career-spanning monograph of American landscape painter Richard Mayhew. For over half a century, Richard Mayhew has been reinventing the genre of landscape painting. His luminous work evokes not only physical vistas but also emotions, sounds, and the pure experience of color.

He's known for his masterful use of color and for his unique creative process, inspired by improvisational jazz, which involves pouring paint directly onto the canvas and shaping it into lush, emotional "moodscapes."

• This monograph features 70+ of his most striking works.
• Includes an exclusive interview with the artist, an introduction by his gallerist Mikaela Sardo Lamarche, and an essay by Andrew Walker, director of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art
• Through engaging with his work, readers are invited into deep explorations of their own inner landscapes.

Transcendence is a richly rewarding celebration of an iconic artist that will make you rethink everything you know about landscape painting.

Mayhew's distinctive style emerges from his roots as a jazz musician, his immersion in the Abstract Expressionist movement, his African American, Cherokee, and Shinnecock heritage, and his unique affinity for the landscapes of the American West—but his paintings transcend boundaries of location and identity.

• Great for lovers of fine art, landscape painting, Abstract Expressionism, as well as those who are interested in the intersection of art, music, and emotion
• A lush celebration of Richard Mayhew's work, and an ideal introductory book for new fans
• Add it to the collection of books like Abstract Expressionism by Carter Ratcliff, Jeremy Lewison, Susan Davidson, and David Anfam; California Landscapes: Richard Diebenkorn / Wayne Thiebaud by John Yau; and The Art of Richard Mayhew: A Critical Analysis with Interviews by Janet Berry Hess.


Customer Review


GORGEOUS! Most beautiful book of paintings we have bought in years.

Richard Mayhew is a national treasure. And my husband and I agreed, after purchasing this book (based on a few paintings we have the privilege to visit in San Francisco) that since we can't afford his paintings, we should see how we can get reproductions, we so dearly want to put one in our home. We wouldn't say this if these paintings weren't absolutely wonderful even at a smaller scale, and on paper! Would definitely recommend this book.

by Amazon Customer, March 22, 2020


beautiful book!

The colors in this book are so vivid--I'm impressed by how much they captured of the paintings.

by BGray, August 7, 2020


Beautiful landscapes in a unique style

I was unaware of Richard Mayhew until I came across an online article about him as his book of landscape paintings was being released. A few of his works were included in the piece, which enticed me to buy the book, and I’m so glad I did. His use of color somehow manages to be visceral and relaxing at the same time and all of the works have a soft focus style which is impressionistic. But his color choices are something else. It’s definitely landscape painting with a singular style.I hope to see some of these on exhibit somewhere!

by Amazon Customer, October 26, 2020


Beautiful Book about AN Artist New to Me

Mayhew paints in my area, yet I am unfamiliar with him. Lovely prints and information.

by TJ in CA, March 6, 2021


Breathtakingly beautiful paintings.

Mayhew has combined a keen knowledge of color and value with a great eye for composition. Printed on high quality paper.

by Liz, May 18, 2020


Mayhew - astonishing beauty

Love this book of Mayhew's work. His colors!!!! Reproductions aren't bad. Transcendence is a good title.

by BL, September 8, 2020



Am thrilled with this book. So glad I bought the hardcover. Very good shape. Will be treasured for a long time.

by EVD, August 13, 2021


Wonderful book but seller packaged it poorly

I love the book and the reproductions are excellent. However, the seller did not box it properly and it came with a crush in the cover and several pages badly created. This is a real problem in an art book. I would buy again but not from this seller.

by MMK, November 23, 2020


Organic and beautiful

Richard Mayhew’s book Transcendence is filled with gorgeous plates showing Mayhew’s unique way of seeing the natural world. It is almost as though he sees the world through Polaroid filters.

by Lexi’s Mama, February 21, 2021

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