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Death Note (All-in-One Edition)

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AED 412.32

All 12 volumes of Death Note in one monstrously large edition!

Light Yagami is an ace student with great prospects—and he's bored out of his mind. But all that changes when he finds the Death Note, a notebook dropped by a rogue Shinigami death god. Any human whose name is written in the notebook dies, and now Light has vowed to use the power of the Death Note to rid the world of evil. But when criminals begin dropping dead, the authorities send the legendary detective L to track down the killer. With L hot on his heels, will Light lose sight of his noble goal…or his life?

All 12 volumes of Death Note in one monstrously large edition!


Customer Review


Great deal!

This is a purchase I honestly don't regret. A lot of people were skeptical of this because of how many pages the book has, and the poor spine, but let me tell you this: if you honestly want to have a compact, all in one, "I just want to read the story" book, get this. There's many pros and little cons.PROS:1. All-in-one feature (Cost efficient)The main feature about this book is it has all the volumes in one. Compared to the boxset and the black book editions, you are paying for less. The boxset ranges from 50-70 dollars (depending if you buy it used or new), while the black book editions are 10-15 dollars per book (there's six in total.) These are just based on the prices on Amazon. If you wanted to, you could literally take this book on a flight and binge read Death Note.2. Page qualityBecause this is such a big book, there's going to be a difference in page quality. The pages are actually like a magazine, glossy and nice to touch. The 1st manga volume of Death Note I have has a rough and dry paper feel. These, however, allow your fingers to glide smoothly. I actually enjoy this paper a lot more, and the pages are thinner.3. Box coverThe book comes with a box cover to hold your book. It is a great display piece, but also, it gives protection to this big book. The art on the front and the back is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. The grey, black, white, and red color scheme is fantastic.4. Includes Near epilogueTowards the end of the book, you are able to read a Near epilogue which takes place 3 years after the story. This has been translated from Japanese to English. From my understanding, this the first time it was officially published in English.5. Collector's pieceCome on, this is so cool to have. Sure, it's a bit on the top, but you got to admit, it's real conversation piece.CONS:1. Uncomfortable reading positionsYou definitely have to be creative when reading this. I find the best way to read this is to read it at a desk. I wouldn't advise to read it laying down... because if it falls.... well....2. Being carefulThe spine is definitely strong, but if you're a perfectionist, you should do all you can to prevent creasing the spine. So far, my spine is in tip top shape, but it's because I don't crack force it beyond its capacity nor force it to be wide open. This is how I've always preferred to hold books anyways, but this can be a con for some.3. It can get heavyIf you're holding this for a while, your arms might hurt. Again, it really depends on how you hold it.Overall, I am extremely happy with this purchase! The cons itself do not bother me nor have I ran into them. These are just what I have considered for those who might want to purchase the book. This is a fun gift for a friend, for a first time reader, or for a longtime fan who just love the story. All in all, I am content with the packaging, feel, and book. The story is truly a masterpiece!

by Charlene, September 22, 2017


Great price and good quality for what we're given

Be careful when buying this, if I were to purchase again I'd try to ask to get this bubble wrapped because it was packaged in a box with nothing to stop it from flopping around in there but thankfully I was one of the few people that didn't get it with the corners bent in so I'm happy about that. Since there's about 2400 pages, they pages have to be very thin so ne carefully when turning pages but its not cheap paper like most standard manga have so it wont tear as easily as regular paper that's that thin, but its still extremely thin so be careful. The spine is really strong for a paper back thats this thick. It doesn't seem like its going to rip when opening it up all the way but I just stardted reading it so i cant be for certain.

by Tyler v., September 8, 2017


Insane value and perfect for newcomers.

As a complete newcomer to Death Note, i've wanted to jump into the series for so long and this was perfect.My only complaint is that the massive size of the book makes it extremely prone to damage, so be ready for at least some damage if you want to order it online. I received mine with tearing and dents on the outer box, and minor dents on the book spine. (See Pictures) So collectors beware.Other than that, there is a ridiculous amount of value for what you are getting here. I bought this All in One edition for 24 bucks, and the cheapest alternative box set costs 68 Dollars as of this review. (The Black Edition will cost roughly the same) What surprised me was how functional the actual book was.Yes, this is a MASSIVE book, but its surprisingly manageable. I recommend reading this flat on a table surface, or on your bed while resting it on the spine to prevent hand sprain or damage to the spine. (See pictures)All in all, i'm really enjoying Death Note, and the size of the book hasn't detracted from what has been an incredibly engrossing, and comfortable read. Highly recommended for newcomers who want to jump into the series, since you get the entire story for less than half the price.

by Leon Lau, September 28, 2017


Another edition to an absolute Masterpiece.

I absolutely love Death Note, both the anime and manga. I already own the original manga box set but this edition was way too aesthetically pleasing (and cheap) not to get. I don't know that I'll actually ever reread the manga using this edition because of the size, however, I did read and thoroughly enjoy the bonus epilogue chapter. Overall I'm very pleased to add this to my collection. I'd also highly recommend reading/purchasing the spin-off novels, "Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases" and "L: Change the WorLd."

by Trever, September 6, 2017


ALL IN ONE EDITION has it alllll

First of all, the seller R-our books spolied it for me. This epic manga was ruined because of their poor packaging. It had considerable dents on all corners. If available with "u-read" order from them. They have least damage count.As for the manga, this right here is an absolute beauty without a doubt. All 12 volumes plus a bonus chapter binded into one thick fat spine ( a special and more durable spine developed for this edition as claimed by the publishers). The pages, unlike ordinary manga papers, is a semi glossy finished premium papers. Its definitely the best choice to read it in one go, also at a very attractive price.Have completed reading and i have to say, the spine of the book does stand the test of holding 2400 pages. Moreover, if you have not read this before or want to read it in paper form for the first time, this definitely is the one for you. The paper quality is also better than single volumes.Update: it has been read 3 times [UPDATE: 4 times] now. The spine is as good as new. They really did do a wonderful job with the spine.

by Spider, October 24, 2017


impressive book but why the price on cardboard protector ?

I bought this book for my brother for his birthday and it looks impressive, it was in the clingfilm as brand new but I saw there was what looked like a price sticker on the back of the book as indicated in the image.I removed the cling film thinking I could carefully remove the price sticker only to find it's actually printed on !!!Whose stupid idea was this. This is a gift and the price is there in three currencies, it's really annoying.Otherwise it's a great book but the manufacturers clearly weren't thinking when doing this printing.Elizabeth Hair

by Elizabeth Hair, January 17, 2020


Five Stars

Excellent book a solid brick of death

by C. Conroy, December 25, 2017


Heavy man

The book is a bit on the heavy side. The spine is cleverly designed so all pages are easily opened. The print does bleed through from page to page a bit (that is you can just make out the print on the other side of the page through the page you are reading) but the cost saving by buying this single book outweighs the weight and print issues.

by enna, May 21, 2019


Really good!

Came in good quality, one of the boxes corners was a little damaged but the manga itself is perfectly fine. There was also a hole in the side of the card box it came in. The manga is really entertaining. Take care when reading the manga as the pages are thin so it could rip, not as thin as a Bible's pages. Would recommend putting down the book while dreading as the large size can hurt your hands. Overall, I'm happy I got this!

by Aaron, January 19, 2019

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