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Tom Gates The Music Book

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Pass your level 1 music test with Tom Gates! From DogZombies to Dude3, music is a HUGE part of the Tom Gates world. Learn how to play all your favourite songs from the series with REAL notation for: Guitar Ukulele Piano Recorder And with notation for drums and tips and tricks for vocals!


Customer Review


Nice book if you can read music, but recorder fingering chart is wrong.

My Son (age 9) really likes this book, he plays a brass instrument and the recorder score is perfect for him.However as a mum I was disappointed that quite a thick book only has 6 songs in it (repeated several times for different instruments). The words to the songs are only in the 'vocals' section too.Finally on page 69 the notes for the recorder give the wrong note names for the fingering, and they aren't related to the musical score on the next page so it's no good unless you can already read music.

by Shazzababs, October 13, 2019


Good if you play an instrument

Good quality book just didn't realise it was an actual music notes book for instruments as I'm collecting all tom gates books

by Emma, December 9, 2019


You have to pay £2 per song on the APP

We were really disappointed to find out that the 'brilliant music app' that goes with the book leads you to pay £2 per song. With the book already being £12.99 we thought that was a bit of a con.

by A. Gravelle, January 2, 2020


Where to find the music app? Would be helpful to know where and how!

I thought for grandson learning drums and being a huge Tom Gates fan this would be an ideal Xmas present! However so disappointed not to be able to findI can't find the Tom Gates music app anywhere!! . However the links to Rock School are great- RockSchool is great for those new to music and learning an instrument.Rocking Gran

by celia, November 10, 2020



My grandson loves these books

by G. Costello, October 30, 2019

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