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The Unschooling Journey: A Field Guide

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Product Description

You are the HERO of your story. What story do you want to tell about being a parent? Do you want something different for your family? Are you ready to answer the call to unschooling? When Pam’s three children left school back in 2002, she had no idea that one decision would lead her to question so much of the conventional wisdom around learning and parenting. Nor that she would find new answers that made so much more sense! Her children are now all adults, and she can confidently say the journey has been incredible and life-changing—but by no means easy. Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey framework, The Unschooling Journey is a weave of myths, contemporary stories, and tales from Pam’s journey. It's not a "how to" book—no two paths through the world unschooling have the same twists and turns—yet having a general sense of where you are on your journey can bring valuable insight as you navigate the challenges that will inevitably appear. She shares this book as a field guide to the stages and characters you are likely to encounter in some form on your unschooling journey. Characters such as the heralds and guides who call us forward and help us choose our next step. The tricksters and monsters who are determined to confuse and scare us at every turn. And the gods and goddesses who shake us to the core and inspire our inner journey until, at last, we capture the holy grail of our quest: unschooling with confidence and grace. In The Unschooling Journey, you’ll discover: - The value of approaching your journey with insatiable curiosity—beginner’s mind - How living and learning weave together to create a meaningful tapestry of lifelong learning and joy - The hidden depths of self-awareness—for ourselves and our children—that come when we move away from control as a parenting tool - The profound impact of judgement and shame, and how to find your way to kindness and compassion with your children - That unschooling, like life, is a practice, and there is real magic in its messiness Together, let’s explore your unschooling journey. THIS EDITION IS ALSO A JOURNAL. You’ll find plenty of room to document your journey along the way. There are coloring pages for contemplation, journal pages for writing down your thoughts, and even blank pages for doodling and sketching.


"In The Unschooling Journey: A Field Guide, Pam Laricchia extends an invitation to frame our deschooling process as a hero's journey. This deep and beautiful storying of the transition into unschooling pulls from literary hero monomyths to inspire new meaning for our own journeys off the mainstream path and into connection, trust, and adventure with our children."

~ Rachel Rainbolt, M.A., Sage Parenting Coach and author of Sage Homeschooling

"Every journey deserves a journal. This one is a treasure.

This is the book I wished I'd had years ago when we began unschooling our two children. Beautifully illustrated and full of wisdom and encouragement, Pam's latest book accompanies us through the stages of our own journey guided by examples rooted in storytelling, legends, and mythology, as well as her many years of experience unschooling her own children. Its meaning crosses the threshold of learning with freedom and unfolds in ways that ask us to seriously question and playfully explore the lives we live with our children."

~ Ellen Rowland, author of Everything I thought I Knew: An Exploration of Life and Learning

About the Author

Pam Laricchia is a long-time unschooling mom from Ontario, Canada whose three children left school mid-year back in 2002. She loves exploring unschooling and sharing the fascinating things she's discovered along the way about learning and parenting.

Pam's articles have been published in  Toronto LifeThe Natural Parent Magazine,  Life Learning MagazineThe Homeschooler, and the peer-reviewed  Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning.

She's also written five books about unschooling:  What is Unschooling?, Free to LearnFree to LiveLife through the Lens of Unschooling, and  The Unschooling Journey.

She also hosts the weekly podcast, Exploring Unschooling, with more than 200 episodes in the archive.

Join Pam to explore unschooling at livingjoyfully.ca.


Customer Review


Beautiful book!

This book is a really beautiful guide to the unschooling life. I LOVE the parallels that Pam has drawn between unschooling and Joseph Campbells's hero's journey! I find myself underlining on nearly every page. I am grateful for the blank spaces to add my notes. I am also...

by Chrish574, March 11, 2018


Not really a field guide

This book is well written (apart from a few spelling and grammar issues that don't really affect the message going through) and easy to read. She uses the work of Joseph Campbell to draw a parallel between unschooling and a hero's journey. I have to say, though,...

by Migdalia, September 9, 2019


This is THE most important book for unschoolers, both new and experienced

I have read all of Pam's books on unschooling and I believe each one of them to be inspiring and supportive but if I had to choose one book to recommend to a family at the beginning of their unschooling journey above all others (including both Pam's writing and the writing...

by Tara McGovern, March 25, 2018


love and care that went into writing this beautiful story ...

When you are finished reading this, or even after just reading a few pages, you will be able to feel all of the the thought, love and care that went into writing this beautiful story about Pam’s journey through unschooling with her own family. I feel like this is an...

by mamamountin, March 25, 2018


Neat twist on unschooling

Even if it’s entertaining in its new hero-journey-based format, it’s still illuminating: in the essence, it’s a neat different perspective of what it means to walk the unschooling path, it’s a different way to look at the chain of developments that the unschooling parent...

by Vlad GURDIGA, April 11, 2020


A great resource for anyone’s unschooling journey!

I love all things Pam Laricchia! And this book is no exception! This is such a helpful resource for your unschooling journey and the pictures are so beautiful. Thank you Pam for everything you’ve done for the unschooling community and for the things you’ve done for my...

by lewis hughes, August 3, 2018


Great journey!

I'm grateful for this book! I've read several of Pam's other books and knew I needed to read this as well.,and it did not disappoint! I enjoyed how Pam took me through the different stages, all so true, so I could see my journey from a new perspective.

by Gina, March 13, 2018


The Unschooling Path Demystified

An insightful and personal look at unschooling through great story summaries and relating to the heroes journey among other connections.An easy read minus bells and whistles that helps the reader unpack unschooling in a refreshing light.

by wills4, December 29, 2019

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