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Standard Manuscript Paper ( Yellow Cover)

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AED 28.09

(Manuscript Paper). 64-page stitched book; 12 staves per page; 8 1/2 x 11 ; punched to fit all ring binders; Music Notation Guide.


Customer Review


Great for archival and organized composing

I’ve been a composer for four decades and still prefer to write lying down with a mechanical pencil and sturdy manuscript paper. Firstly it’s easiest for me but also there’s a personal touch to a handwritten autograph manuscript.This book has 64 pages of 12 staffs so that it’s easily useful for piano/vocal, SATB, SATB/piano, SAB, String Quartet, and reduced orchestration. The lines are perfectly sized for quick but neat notation though spacing must be considered to accomodate lyrics.I used to have my manuscript paper printed for me and only two years ago did I switch to this. The result is that it’s less likely for first copy compositions to be lost. When I accept a commission I want to give the patron a special experience so this includes the hand written score as well as the drafts, motifs, lyric sketches, and other notes. So all of these things are contained in a single notebook in addition to the lithograph copy, orchestrations, and library of congress data.A handwritten score can’t be replaced by Finale or Garage Band. So use both.

by David Seaman, August 22, 2018


Two orders, both imperfect!

Maybe it's the luck of the draw? My nephew is graduating from college and to go with a personalized folio, I wanted to give him this, stationery, pencils and pens. It arrived with a smudge/dirt on the cover. It's inexpensive so I bought another one so it would look good, and that one arrived folded/bent! I tried flattening it and there's no removing the bend. So, I asked for a return on that second one. Hoping third time's the charm because the other photos look fine from customer order/reviews! Would be five stars if it is, because the service was good once I contacted them.

by Aveline, June 14, 2021


As advertised, but lacking a significant detail.

The product is, in fact, a book of manuscript paper which is just fine. As advertised.It would have been really nice to know that the pages were NOT perforated, so they can not be torn from the book. Fitting all ring binders is basically useless as I have no need to binder an ENTIRE book of manuscript paper.

by Arianne, December 9, 2015


"Now I don't have to print off individual staff sheets with watermarks from the internet!"

Gifted this to my musically inclined friend that has expressed his interest in learning to compose. I paired it with a book of inspiration and ideas for musical pieces and he totally loved it. The paper seemed nice quality and I think the 64 pages will last him a while. Downside is that it's not spiral-bound so you can't rip out pages-- that would bother me, but I don't think it will bother him.

by Eric Derby, January 4, 2018


Needed Paper with the Ring Holes

Amazingly none of the guitar stores in my area sell the standard manuscript paper with holes with a cover for the 3 ring binders.

by Randall, November 6, 2018


Not as Described in the Product Description!

As a University student, this is what I needed for my classes, but IT DID NOT COME AS DESCRIBED IN THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION.First of all, it is NOT punched to fit all ringed binders - only 3 hole punched. It specifically said in the description and the pictures that it was punched to fit all binders.Second, the description says it is bound by stitching. It is NOT bound by stitching - it is bound by staples... So you can't tear out the pages.I like the paper, and it is ok for the price, but be aware. You will not get what you expect if you only look at the product description.

by Amazon Customer, November 21, 2016


Old-school reminder

Bought for my piano teacher on her retirement from active teaching. When I asked what she'd do to keep her hand in music, she said she'd go back to composing. She'd done some in college. While she was intending to purchase software that would "write" what she was playing, I chose this as a old-school reminder of her earlier composing days.

by Retireesmith, June 30, 2017


Great for projects and sketches

This year I'm getting more organized with my music. These are affordable enough I can have one for each project. I like these over the spiral bound type. Sometimes this is more inspiring than printing from the computer.

by Frank H, January 10, 2020


Not what it says but still great

So I bought this as I don't fancy spending 8.99 on a 50 page book. For the price it is really great. I know a few reviews have criticised this product for being a 3 ring binder only but you can clearly see that in the photo. The staves are quite large which is perfect for what I'm doing (teaching). The paper quality is good but if you do intend on putting your sheets in a binder then don't get this product. The pages are stapled as it is A3 sheets folded together with no perforations. But for my purpose, it is fantastic. I'm going to get these every time

by Anonymous, January 16, 2021


Paper's fine, but the three-ring binding is a bear

Can't complain about the quality of the paper at this price -- but why does it need a three-ring binder? Like most people, I have a huge stack of two-ring and four-ring binders, which are two-a-penny. But three-ring binders are expensive, and I don't see why a two-ring layout wouldn't have worked just as well.

by Kevin Boone, December 27, 2020


Good buy decent quality

Good quality paper plenty to be going on with

by david baker, June 18, 2020


Fast delivery

No printer at home? Need? manuscript paper quickly? This fit the purpose! 12 staff, 64 pages 8.5 x 11.Thanks

by Diana Sinclair-Wilson, December 31, 2020


Pages fold out flat

This is very convenient to put on the piano stand and write on.

by Richard Dale, August 6, 2020

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