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Wide Staff Manuscript Paper (Red Cover)

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AED 20.41

(Manuscript Paper). 32-page stitched book; large 6 staves per page; 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 ; Music Notation Guide.


Customer Review


Pretty good

Works great for its purpose, however, I wish I had got a notebook type manuscript paper. This book does not have many papers in it around 20 pgs, but the staffs are large with lots of space around them to write in so that is also a nice feature. I also enjoyed the extra information on the front and back parts of the book :)

by Hana, February 8, 2019


Homework notebooks for my students

I keep these on hand and give one to every private student I teach. I can hand-write little exercises instead of pointing to an etude book, especially if it's one or two bars. Easier than publishing my own method book, and I can tailor them to the student.Paper is good quality, smooth to write on, easy to erase. I use them myself for sketching melodies that I later work out on my computer in Finale or Logic. The size is awkward to carry in a bag, but comfortable to use. The soft cover is not durable, but just enough protection that for the price, I have absolutely no complaints and will continue to buy these for years to come.

by Traveler 6415, July 11, 2019


Quality paper book

Perfect size for a novice keyboard player to write or copy music. The lines are bigger and make it easier to read and write. Durable book too. Thick enough paper to use a light marker on without bleeding through. If you use a dark marker or very wet pen, it's possible the ink could bleed through. Just be mindful and it will work out great.

by Jenny, January 30, 2018


Very nice!

So sick of the spiral-bound books! the pages fall out and the cover comes off. This book can fit nicely inside kids' music binder (unlike the spiral bound) or a folder so that it doesn't get lost or damaged. Nice price makes it even better. No more perforated pages to rip out!Wish they made it with a harder cover. I'd love to find a non-spiral bound book like this with a harder back, but this is a huge improvement to the spiral bound. I'll definitely be ordering more of these.

by OC Girl, July 16, 2016


The Price Is Right

Blank Music Paper, in a size that's easy to carry, at a price that's easy to swallow. I teach private music lessons for most of my living and I buy these by the dozen and give them away, free, to all my students.

by Steve Freides, December 8, 2018


Great Stuff, Good Price

(I Like the shape of this one over the yellow cover one, but thats me lol.)Bought as a gift for a Music Student in my life, and it ways exactly what it says it was- Manuscript paper. Good price, comparable to local places around me that sell it, but I do wish it had a tad bit more pages. Will be buying again when he needs more.

by Angel Lynn, January 15, 2017


Great book for lessons

These are perfect... I’m a piano teacher and needed something for my students as an assignment book, where I can write out examples if needed. The cover and pages are thick, so they won’t tear easily. Great price... Will be ordering more.

by renaissance, May 16, 2020


she feels grown up and she writes daily thank you for making an affordable with good quality product

hard to find in stores at a reasonable price for the up and coming music writer . My niece is 5 and loves to write music, (she thinks) so she wanted authentic blank sheets. I am not spending a fortune for her to scribble on. when this cam it was the answer, she feels grown up and she writes daily thank you for making an affordable with good quality product.

by kathy tannahill, July 6, 2017


Great item.

Exactly what I wanted. My students were so excited to have their own manuscript books for their piano composition exercises.I'd suggest that you double check the size to make sure it's what you want, as it's not regular 8½×11".The paper is of good quality, it's easy to erase pencil, and most pens don't bleed through the pages.

by AE, March 4, 2018


Totally fine

It's great. Although I didn't read it properly. I thought it was 8 1?2 by 11 paper. It's a small notebook.

by Amazon Customer, February 8, 2020


Bought these for my music students

Cheap and great for students.

by Jessica, November 28, 2018


Ok for kids

This is for students so the staffs are large. Not a thick book.

by Susan S., August 2, 2018


Very wide staffs

It is of good quality. I bought it to see how wide is "wide staff". Well, it is very wide, good for kids maybe.

by Jelly Legs, May 3, 2021

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