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Tarot of the Divine: A Deck and Guidebook Inspired by Deities, Folklore, and Fairy Tales from Around the World: Tarot Cards

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Take a step forward on your spiritual journey with this gorgeously illustrated celebration of deities, folklore, and fairy tales from all over the world.
• Features rich, vibrant art and a keen understanding of traditional tarot archetypes infused with worldly insight and folkloric spirit.
• Illustrator Yoshi Yoshitani brings fables, ancient mythologies, and spiritual legends to life on the Major and Minor Arcana cards, inspired by the cultural traditions of China, Japan, Peru, Norway, Persia, England, Greece, Denmark, the Maori tribe of New Zealand, and more.
• The companion guidebook provides insight into how these fables from around the globe support traditional tarot imagery and themes.

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About the Author

Yoshi Yoshitani is a California-based artist whose vibrant illustrations draw on inspiration from across the globe, with a particular focus on multicultural identity. Past clients include Disney, DC Comics, Valiant, Image, DreamWorks, and Netflix. Yoshi spends time researching world mythologies, listening to audiobooks, creating fashion inspiration boards, and attending comic conventions and art expos across the country.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

This deck was created as an homage to the stories we have told one another across cultures and throughout history. While each story is unique to a specific time and place, every culture has stories of bright young adventurers, forbidden doors, or promised lands. In this way, the Tarot of the Divine fosters appreciation of our differences and of the truth in our similarities.

A number of these stories will be familiar to Western audiences, but many will be new. Some are short and sweet, while others are pieces of larger epics. This guidebook lists the name of each tale and its country of o rigin, offering a small window into other cultures. Be sure to check out the accompanying book, Beneath the Moon, for a full telling of each story.


Customer Review


Absolutely Gorgeous and Enchanting and an absolute steal for the price point

As always there are those customers who complain that the deck they paid less than MSRP for is not engraved by artisan craftsmen on slabs of imported European marble. I am unsure how one has the expectation that the deck they purchased for under $20 is not on the same card-stock as Pagan Otherworlds or the True Black tarot (which cost at least three times the price of this deck) but I digress. The card-stock is just fine and in fact better than many other mass market decks. This deck is a steal at $17 (what I paid) and easily worth the full $20 price tag.More importantly, the artwork is stunning, thematically consistent and both enchanting and inspired. The deck is accessible to anyone familiar with the RWS system and reads beautifully.The guidebook (basically a deluxe LWB) is full color and gives succinct explanations of each cards, with teases of the folk and fairy tales that inspired each card (for the minors and court. The majors are a bit more vague). However this is a hard cover companion book with expanded versions of each fable that I am most certainly ordering now that I have seen the deck. There are a couple of misprints in the LWB and the spreads are rather pedestrian but it is more than adequate.The cards span the world and represent diversity nicely. It's in no way the usual just pretty white people that many decks showcase.The book and deck come packaged in a handsome, quality box, that make the deck feel a bit more special and luxurious than the bargain price tag warrants.If you love tarot, are a fan of folklore or just love beautiful illustration, buy this deck. If you are that miserable and entitled that you give this gorgeous work of art a one or two star rating because the card-stock is not on par with what you may receive with a boutique, independently published deck go ahead and skip this deck and save your pennies to buy one of those. Or if you do please refrain from posting a pointless review that is not criticism but just complaining.I could not be happier with this deck and cannot wait for the companion book. Near perfection.

by Kipp, September 1, 2020


Beautiful Multi-Cultural Tarot Deck with Poor Plastic Texture, Some Errors, and Dark Undertones

05 Sept 2020 Edit: Found some errors and added them to the design section below, as well as photos.__The Basics__Tarot of the Divine is an RWS (Rider-Waite-Smith) clone, meaning the imagery is based on the system established by Arthur Waite of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, illustrated by the legendary Pamela Colman Smith, and published by the Rider Company in 1909.The suits in both the deck and LWB ("little white book," lingo for the booklets that come with Tarot decks) are ordered as Swords, Cups, Coins, and Wands instead of the traditional Wands (fire), Cups (water), Swords (air), and Coins (earth).The deck also features the traditional, gendered Court cards of King, Queen, Knight, and Paige.I wouldn't recommend this deck for beginners because of the high amount of initial research necessary to understand the multi-cultural stories depicted in the deck and how they connect with RWS meanings.Intermediate and advanced readers who're already familiar with RWS meanings and intuitive reading will have the added challenge and appreciation of reading about the cultures represented in this deck.__The Cards__The art of Yoshi Yoshitani is faithfully reproduced on the cards based on my side-by-side comparison of the actual companion book, Beneath the Moon: Fairy Tales, Myths, and Divine Stories from Around the World, which is sold separately.The biggest problem with this deck, however, is the poor card quality -- it's the same texture, thinness, and glossiness of standard Bicycle playing cards!THEY. ARE. SO. HARD. TO. SHUFFLE. They keep getting stuck on each other because of the rough plastic texture. I've already slightly bent my entire deck of cards from trying to shuffle them!The other problem with the texture and gloss of these cards is it makes them hard to see in any sort of overhead or direct light, which is such a shame for such a beautiful deck (see my Magician card photo).I also wish the card borders included the name(s) of the figure(s) on them, which I'll discuss more in the next section.__The Design__The box is stylish and sturdy with gold foil accents and a ribbon to easily pull out the deck, but does not have a magnetic clasp to keep it shut and is too big compared to most other keepsake Tarot boxes.For some reason, the LWB is nearly twice the size as the cards, so the box was made to accommodate it instead of the deck itself. People looking for a more compact transport will probably want to get a deck bag and leave the large LWB in the original box.A full-color LWB is rare and a nice touch, but the contents are lacking if the main appeal for you is to learn about all the different cultures represented in this deck. The description of each card will only have the name of the figure(s) represented and where they're from, while the rest of the description goes into the standard upright and reversed RWS meanings.Paying extra for Beneath the Moon was worth it, imo, for the full-size, full-color images and to know more about the stories depicted in the deck.But don't expect the full story -- only one page is dedicated to each folktale or mythology with the intent to introduce and prompt you to look for more info. It is, however, enough to connect the artist's intent with the imagery and cards they're on.I'm not sure that the stories are organized in any particular order, but I wish it was in the order of the cards for quick reference. The stories used in both the Major and Minor Arcana are all mixed up, making the table of contents useless and the index essential.Since the figure(s) in each card aren't identified on the border and the book isn't in the same order as the cards or LWB, you'll either have to flip through the book and hope you find it quickly, or find the card in the LWB then look up the story in the index. It would've been great to be able to just use the deck and book, especially if you already know all the RWS meanings by heart and don't need the LWB, so I feel like these were design oversights.EDIT: I've added photos of two inconsistencies I found so far.The first is The Beauty and the Beast, which the LWB says "China, Danish Fairy Tale" but the book says "China, Chinese Fairy Tale." As far as I can tell, the creator used the Chinese folktale “The Fairy Serpent” in the book, but kept the Western, Disney-inspired Beast imagery rather than a serpent for some reason.The other strange error is The Nightingale, which the LWB says "Denmark, Danish Folk Tale" but the book says "China, Danish Fairy Tale." The imagery is Chinese and the story takes place in China, so it appears the book is correct but the LWB is wrong.__The Vibe__I've been a Tarot reader both personally and professionally for 16 years and am very picky about my decks. The main thing that drew me to this one is the multi-cultural theme because, let's face it -- the vast majority of decks are Euro-centric.In Beneath the Moon, Yoshi (who does not use pronouns) talks about the influence Yoshi's mixed heritage had on the stories Yoshi's parents told growing up, and how Yoshi could find the common threads that wove different societies together. As a fellow mixed person, I connect with those experiences and value the variety of stories in this deck. I think it will appeal to the growing number of mixed readers, as well as people who want more varied representation of cultures and skin-tone. I don't think there are any LGBTQIA+ representations though except perhaps Mohini (Vishnu's female form) and Aravan's marriage on the 4 of Wands.The deck uses stories as metaphors for behaviors and situations that might be in your life, but I felt like some of the stories didn't match the cards they were on since it's meant to be RWS-based. Furthermore, the deck doesn't read positively (gentle, encouraging guidance) or negatively (getting smacked with the cold, dark truth of the universe) at first glance, but some of the stories could be disturbing for some, such as the 10 of Swords showing Sedna's father throwing her overboard and cutting off her fingers when she tries to live.I personally found dark undertones in even celebratory images like the 3 of Coins, which shows a child performing joyfully near Banjhakri and Banjhakrini having successfully completed their shaman training. Further reading revealed that they kidnap children and put them under physical and other rigorous testing, and kill the ones who don't succeed. I don't personally believe this matches the cooperation traditionally implied by that card considering the story itself has children under duress.This deck might be good for ancestral work since chances are your background(s) are represented here.

by G, September 2, 2020


Absolutely BEAUTIFUL--but some issues with the meanings.

The deck looks and feels absolutely perfect. It feels rich. Luxurious. It has texture and weight to it.The colors are bold and saturated. I love the aesthetics of it. There are mainly 3 cards that didn't really do it for me. The first and most obvious one is Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, standing in for the Empress. The Empress is one of my favorite cards. It's a card about bountiful passion. Femininity. Expression. Creativity. It's a card about overflowing with feminine energy. Having a Catholic saint (and the mother of Jesus Christ) stand in for the Empress is a bit odd. Not sure why she was chosen, other than to include a representation of a Mexican saint. (I would've suggested La Llorona from Mexican folklore, probably for the 3 of Swords, which I also wasn't happy about.) The 3 of Swords doesn't hit right. It doesn't feel like the 3 of Swords. It's supposed to be utter devastation; rock bottom. Her ethereal rendition doesn't feel pained enough. And lastly, that 4 of cups also misses the mark. It's the ultimate card of ennui, of *meh* energy. This rendition is too "alive" to feel like the 4 of cups.People who love fairy tales (like I do) will love this deck.Am I going to still use the deck for client readings? Absofreakinlutely. It's a gorgeous deck, and really the only person who needs to know the meanings is the reader. This isn't a deck for beginners because the depictions don't connect sometimes. But that's totally fine. This deck is a true masterpiece. I love it. She had me at "The Fairy Godmother."

by Denisse, September 1, 2020


Highly Recommend This Beauty!

Wow, I'm just blown away...1. Card stock is amazing - thick, textured, matte linen (I've never seen such pretty cardstock for a tarot deck). Feels great, regular tarot card size, and shuffles beautifully.2. Images are bright, diverse, and resemble the classic RWS format (see pic #1)3. I don't usually find the box to be useful or just cumbersome, so I use bags to store my decks. This deck comes with such a beautiful, sturdy box. I'm happy the box quality didn't take away from the card quality, as usually happens with tarot decks.4. The small LWB is cute, colorful and concise. The LWB it comes with is enough to understand what the card represents in a reading. However, for full character stories, buy the "Beneath the Moon" book (sold separately - see pic #2).5. AFFORDABLE! For $21 CAD this deck, LWB and storage box compare to the quality of my Shadowlands deck, which costs $48 CAD in a massive box (useless for card storage). Very different decks, but just comparing quality here.I have not used this deck yet, but I bought it intuitively when I was aiming to buy another deck on my wishlist... so far I am quite impressed, and I don't expect it to disappoint when read!Sorry this is long, hope this review helps... :)

by Shaz, September 5, 2020


The most aesthetically pleasing cards I've seen

Not only are these cards the cheapest I've seen for the quality (you'd be lucky to get cards anywhere near this quality for less than £20 anywhere else) they are also the most inspired. While I must admit, I'm not familiar with most of the myths and deities featured in this pack, the artwork is incredible, featuring a graphic novel-esque design and vibrant colours that really stand out from anything else I've seen. They are made of plastic but have more of a watercolour card feel, so they don't slide around or bend easily. I think they would be a bit troublesome to shuffle if you have smaller hands, but I seem to manage just fine. There aren't many pictures of the cards so I thought I would add some :)enjoy!!

by Poppy, October 12, 2020


Great but disappointed with the looting

Loved it..was everything i hoped for but kinda disappointed they hiked up the price so soonI bought it on 12 March for 1339 (plus shipping) when I saw someone else buy it for 930 + shipping on 2 March (or something)...but i was still fine with it now its 2300 + like? how fast are they gonna keep rising it? its a mass produced deck but priced so high..i hope they keep it reasonable so many ppl can buy and enjoy this deckBeing budget friendly was its many "yes" factor along with the art. Please dont make the price sky highedit : its 7000+ now ..IS THIS FOR REAL?edit : 12k + ..holy😂😂 might as well buy few indie decks lmaoo

by Brishnita, May 4, 2021


Quite literally a "Divine" Deck

These have to be one of the best quality Tarot Decks I've so far had the pleasure of owning. The cards themselves are on a thick Linen card stock and have a fabric texture to them. Images are clear and bright and quite literally "divine" ..... i got shivers up my spine on first peeking ;) The booklet that comes with is fairly small with just a brief description etc but still adequate ..... i have however seen a book of the folklore etc sold separately so that is now a must too ;) extremely good value for money, I've had decks double or even triple the cost of this one that don't have the quality this one does.

by crazycatlady, September 29, 2020


Best deck I own!

I was in two minds about buying this deck and I never leave reviews on delivery day. Aside from a small nick on the box this deck is the best deck and I’m glad I took the leap. They shuffle beautifully and are easy to read, even for a novice. The price was a lovely surprise, making it affordable to many people.You won’t regret getting this if you also take the leap.

by Sarah, October 1, 2020

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