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Yes I Have Anxiety: Deal. With. It.

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AED 100.97

A 78 page book full of prompts to help calm you down and get your mind off things!You can interact with the author @nicoleeandevan on TikTok! Share your creations and join the #YesIHaveAnxiety movement!


Customer Review


Not worth $18, low quality and boring.

Arrived creases all over the cover and looks like it was a return. This book feels like it’s directed to children. Prompts aren’t enough to “distract” from anxious moments and are quite boring. For example, one page says “Fix her toenails” and you’re supposed to color the nails of one foot. Also the drawings/graphics are pixelated and look like they were low quality and enlarged. They’re also like cheap clip art. First prompt asks to paint the boxes with nail polish - I’m not wasting my polish for all those squares lol. Not worth $18. Returning.

by /T, February 12, 2021


Good for people with bad anxiety

Saw this book on tiktok and it has helped my anxiety so much! This book has different prompts and lets you be creative and have fun. I definitely recommend this to anyone that suffers from anxiety.

by Savannah h., January 29, 2021


Came damaged

I was really excited to try this book honestly I saw it all over tiktok I even met my ups guy outside that’s how excited I was!However my excitement soon turned to disappointment when I opened the package to see that my book has a large cut through the front cover and several of the pages.I am still going to try out the book however I am upset it came cut.

by Adrian, January 27, 2021


Unique, fun, and simple

I try everything and anything for my anxiety. I understand that some reviews are saying this book is not worth the money, and that's their prerogative.That said, this book arrived on a day when I was having a serious anxiety attack and couldn't even get out of bed. Once I finally pulled myself out of bed, I saw the book had arrived. I opened it up, and admittedly wasn't impressed with the graphics.For some reason, the prompts really intrigued me... graphics aside. It actually got me to move. I grabbed my tub of nail polish and sat down to work on it. Before I knew it, I was so invested in finishing up the pages, I literally forgot I was having an anxiety attack. Coloring books don't do this for me...I like that they are really unique prompts that ask for simple supplies to complete them (not required). It is simple, but simple doesn't mean bad. It means the person who put it together was focused on the end "product" rather than making sure it was 100% perfect.So, yeah. I think the book could be improved. Sure. Some peeps could probably do a "better" job of making this book, but they didn't. This author did. Because of that, I was saved from a horrible anxiety attack.THAT is worth the money to me.Thanks for providing a simple resource that helped me when I was having a horrible day, and hopefully saves me from many more.

by Mel, March 17, 2021


Fun book, sometimes helps take your mind off of the anxiety but not quite what I expected.

Fun little book that might help some cope with anxiety by distractions.

by Justin A. Diehl, January 12, 2021



Arrived damaged and late

by Katie, January 27, 2021


Waist of $, time & effort...gives me more anxiety

This is full of cheesy, free bad old clip art stretched out to weird dimensions & poorly copy & pasted images from free bulk images online. Nothing is in color. The fact that this book was almost $20 and my dog could have printed out something nicer and more useful causes me anxiety. This book will do nothing to help my anxiety

by Heather C., February 13, 2021


Love love love it

Best book I’ve ever bought!

by Amazon Customer, January 18, 2021



This is an absolute rip off. I was expecting tips, strategies and some narrative about anxiety for kids. I could have created this myself and done a better job . . . It is dreadful quality and not even worth £3.00. I am appalled at how they have the cheek to sell this at the price they do. DO NOT BUY . . . I want my money back.

by Amy M., February 16, 2021


Waste of money!!

Do not waste your money!I do not usually write negative reviews but i think this needs to be done to save other people from wasting their money.Absolutely rubbish quality, literally a book full of plain paper with a few words on and colouring pages. I want to send back but too much hassle for me! A massive waste of £15! I bought this as were still stuck in lockdown amd thought it would give me something to do. My 10 year old daughter could have made something better than this. It's not even a hardback book for that price and the printing looks terrible. I could give this to my child but even she did not want it! Wish I'd have listened to the negative views. Total rip off!

by Vicki, February 18, 2021


Do not buy, total rip off

Absolute con, thin rubbish paper, hardly any pages, I have no words for how much of a massive rip off this is.

by Mr E., February 21, 2021



Wish i could give it more stars. It’s so amazing for distracting yourself from anxiety momentarily. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

by Lucy, February 16, 2021


Love it

Brilliant book!

by Amazon Customer, January 13, 2021

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