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China's Vision of Victory

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Someday we may say that we never saw it coming. After seventy-five years of peace in the Pacific, a new challenger to American power has emerged, on a scale not seen in generations. Working from a deep sense of national destiny, the Chinese Communist Party is guiding a country of 1.4 billion people towards what it calls "the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation," and, with it, the end of an American-led world. Will this generation witness the final act for America as a superpower? Can American ingenuity, confidence, and will power outcompete the long-term strategic thinking and planning of China's Communist Party? These are the challenges that will shape the next decade and more. China's Vision of Victory brings the reader to a new understanding of China's planning, strategy, and ambitions. From seabed to space, from Africa to the Arctic, from subsurface warfare to the rise of China's global corporations, this book will illuminate for the reader the new great game of our lifetimes, and how our adversary sees it all.

Editorial Reviews


"The extraordinary rise of China is unprecedented in world history and the biggest geopolitical development of the first two decades of the 21st Century; it is likely to continue to be so for decades to come. Jonathan Ward is very well qualified to document China's extraordinary growth, and he describes it superbly in China's Vision of Victory, a powerful work that is sure to provoke thought and serious reflection." 
General David Petraeus, US Army (Ret.), former commander of coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and US Central Command, and former Director of the CIA
"Jonathan Ward has provided an eye-opening analysis of China's strategic ambitions. He effectively demolishes the longstanding expectation in Washington that a prosperous rising China will be content to integrate itself into the Western international order - to the contrary, he demonstrates that Beijing's objectives include nothing less than renovating that order to serve China's own strategic interests. As the United States debates the future of its China policy, China's Vision of Victory deserves the widest reading." 
Ashley J. Tellis, Tata Chair for Strategic Affairs, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
"Dr. Ward tells an absorbing and well-researched story about China's grand strategy to achieve 'supremacy among all nations' by 2049 and the role of Western capital in fueling China's rise. China's Vision of Victory is a must-read for Western policy makers, intelligence agencies, chief executives, global investors, and globally-minded thinkers. It is a real-life page-turner, if ever there was one."
J. Kyle Bass, Founder & Chief Investment Officer of Hayman Capital Management
"Jonathan Ward is a young scholar with not only all the necessary linguistic and travel credentials, but with something even more important, a vision of history rooted in geography that allows him to espy the future." 
Robert D. Kaplan, author of Monsoon: The Indian Ocean and the Future of American Power
"I've long admired Jonathan's determination to get to the truth, on the ground. It is rare to find someone able to combine politics, philosophy, linguistic expertise and hard travel - and bring it to bear on some of the toughest issues of our generation - Jonathan is one of those remarkable people." 
Rory Stewart, author of The Places in Between and The Prince of Marshes
"This book is a very timely Master Class on China. Everyone with a keen interest in China's political, military and economic policy, past and present, should study this book carefully. Jonathan Ward's gimlet-eyed analysis and prescriptive recommendations should be taken to heart by all." 
Jack Devine, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (Ret.), author of Good Hunting: An American Spymaster's Story
"China's Vision of Victory is insightful, compelling, and long overdue. Whether your interest is business, economics, diplomacy, or politics, Jonathan Ward's assessments and analysis are on target. More importantly, his book will help you understand the complexity and interconnection of all facets of America's relations with China. Jonathan has given us a new take on the many challenges we face in addressing Chinese power and its relationship with the world."
Admiral Scott H. Swift, US Navy (Ret.), Commander of US Pacific Fleet, 2015-2018

"Stimulating." - The Financial Times
"It's sobering stuff. We're left to hope that there's a whole lot of people like you on the home team." - Brian Williams, The 11th Hour

About the Author

DR. JONATHAN D. T. WARD has been studying the rise of China for over a decade. From travels with truck caravans in Tibet and across the South China Sea by cargo ship in his early twenties, to accessing Communist Party archives that have now been closed to the world while a PhD candidate at Oxford, to consulting for the US Department of Defense and Fortune 500 organizations, he has brought experience of a traveler, the discipline of a scholar, and the insight of a strategy consultant to one of the toughest, biggest pictures of our time: what does China want, how will it try to get it, and what should America do? Dr. Ward is Founder of Atlas Organization, a consultancy focused on the rise of India and China, and on US-China global competition. He speaks Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic.


Customer Review


A meticulously researched window into China’s comprehensive national strategy

This ambitious work provides a detailed and accessible summary of the long-term aims of the Chinese Communist Party. The author's analysis rests on a wealth of source material from official documents and statements of Party leaders (much of which has not yet been translated into English), as well as from his own experience living in China and interacting with ordinary citizens. The sheer density of facts and direct quotations makes the book essential reading for anyone who wants to understand China -- even if they do not end up agreeing with the author's final assessment of the situation.The book is tightly organized and well-formatted. After a concise overview of modern Chinese history, the book marches through the military, economic/technological, diplomatic and cultural aspects of the Party's comprehensive vision. The author frames each section around one of the key slogans from internal Chinese propaganda, harnessing the Party's own pedagogical research to efficiently communicate the same content to his audience.The one weakness of the book has to do with the subtitle: "And why America must win." The book is primarily aimed at the typical American reader, who Western values of individual liberty and limited government as part of common sense. But on every page of the book, we are confronted with a whole civilization that does not see "these truths" as self-evident or even intelligible. The author's own presentation of China's historical context makes clear that this is not simply temporary anomaly or a product of totalitarian oppression. For this reason, a real argument for "why America must win" has to go much deeper, considering how we arrived at these values in the first place, and trying to reconstruct their rational foundation. But this is a monumental task, and falls well outside the scope of the present work. The facts masterfully laid out by the author will hopefully motivate some readers to seek out the great giants of the early 20th century -- such as Werner Jaeger, Etienne Gilson and Christopher Dawson -- who directly took on this challenge.

by Robert M., April 7, 2019


Illuminating study of Chinese strategy and vision

China's Vision of Victory is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand Beijing's global ambitions. Written in the lucid, accessible voice of a travel writer but with the historical depth of a scholar, the book does what so many other books on this subject fail to do: take China at its word. Jonathan Ward decodes reams of Chinese strategy documents as well as archival material that has since been closed to the world. Whether or not you agree with his grim assessment of what it all means for the United States, Ward has done us a service with this prescient call to arms.

by Brooklyn Reader, April 10, 2019


a worthy update and supplement to the Hundred Year Marathon

This book could be regarded as a supplement and update on The Hundred Year Marathon by Michael Pillsbury. But it is an important update incorporating the latest strategies laid out by Xi on rejuvenation of the nation, the Belt and Road Initiative and the 2025 and 2049 plans. Yet I agree with one reviewer that whilst Pillsbury at least at attempt to lay out some tactics to counter China’s aggression, this book is relatively weak on “Why America Must Win”. To address China’s ambition, a nuanced strategy is called for. Merely trying to isolate China and confront it in any international arena is a very blunt instrument. A nuanced strategy must first differentiate the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from the Chinese people. Though many Chinese people are brainwashed to believe in CCP propaganda, few really harbor the ambition to take over the world and put America (and the Western world) under subjugation or have any sympathy over Xi’s domestic oppression. The Chinese people are generally hard working and peace loving. The US and the West could use their financial and economic tools to target at serious abusers of human rights, be they individual officials, their families or corporations. But they should not bar, and instead should welcome Chinese student to enter their countries and learn Western culture and values. We should continue to lambast and denounce the CCP’s abuse of human rights and support anyone oppressed by the CCP for being brave enough to say No to it in or out of China.

by Seeker, June 10, 2019


Can Anyone See What China Is Really Doing? Only If You Look.

An incredibly well researched and documented explanation of what China is really up to by someone with a long, personal relationship with the country. A must read for everyone concerned about the future of personal freedom across the globe.

by Parker Hudson, June 7, 2019


Most Important Book to Read Now

I will not use a lot of words. This is a must read.

by RWA V., April 10, 2019


Orwell’s Big Brother on steroids!

A paradigm shattering expose by someone who has extensively studied China first hand both in China for years and in Chinese effected countries. The PRC is a becoming a very frightening big brother whose aim is to master the people of the Earth. Imagine a government that rewrites its laws whenever it wants while ignoring international norms while spending a great amount of its income on a massive military and a greater amount on control of its people.

by John Kramar, July 8, 2019


This is a must read

The Chinese Communist Party's goals are actually quite scary if achieved. They wish to control the world in technology, space, militarily, production and culturally. Their use of the global media is brilliant and their espionage is also first rate especially technologically. All done under the reassuring guise of returning China to what it was centuries ago. However what it was then was number one but without a navy. Today with a culture that permits no individual rights as one can only serve the Party being a global number one has a completely different connotation.This is a book the entire world should read regardless of one's personal views. The Chinese, Indians, Europeans and North Americans. Particularily perhaps those countries accepting "gifts" in the Belt and Road program.

by G B, June 11, 2020


Interesting but....

Interesting but hard work

by PAB, October 25, 2020


A must read for people care about the future of our world.

I think those reviews that claim "nothing in this book is something America didn't do, China is just doing the same". Simply didn't read this book, or very short-sighted and stupid or are just China's 50 cents army. People tend to forget the difference between an imperfect democracy and a totalitarian regime. It's an amazing book that will make you understand China's great plan to become the world's number 1 superpower, and the dystopian world order that comes after it. It's a book that will make you say "oh, I know exactly why China is doing this and their rationale behind it" next time when you see a news piece about China. Just understanding the true evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party. This book should be a mandatory read to western policymakers, western high tech companies CEO, CFO. Because American business and policymakers are handing away the world to a totalitarian regime that builds concentration camps and exporting their dystopian way of controlling society to the world, therefore legitimizing such a way of controlling society. It's an excellent book to understand what, why, how, when and everything about CCP.

by Jake, October 6, 2019


Objective; insightful analysis

This is a book which should be getting read and discussed in learning institutions and in general within the western world. It is not fearmongering, or alarmist - it simply provides detail and insight into Chinese political ambition and mindset. When the state controls much of your information, these thoughts permeate the culture. Excellent book.

by Allan, January 2, 2020


If you want to know whats going on, you have to read this book.

I knew some stuff about China. And I also knew that this country is by far the most serious threat for the free nations in the world. But now that I finished the book I learned, that the case is way more dangerous than I assumed. In my opinion every politician in the western world and Africa should read this work to understand the chinese ambitions and to be prepared for what is coming.

by Maxter, November 28, 2019


An Eye-Opener

It gets a bit repetitive, but the subject matter is crucial. The scariest book I have read in a long time.

by Wilrens Hornstra, January 19, 2021

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