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WINIX Air Purifier Zero S, H13 HEPA Filter, CADR 410 m³/h, (Up to 100m²) for Allergy Sufferers. PlasmaWave Technology. Reduce 99.999% Hay Fever, Pollen and Odours. for Large Rooms & Offices


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4.5 ratings
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  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: The WINIX ZERO S air purifier has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (410 CADR) m³/h and a maximum space capacity of 100 m². This powerful HEPA air purifier quickly and effectively filters your indoor air quality from allergies, pollen, dust, viruses, bacteria, particulate matter (PM2.5), pet hair, mold spores and VOCs. Ideal for use in any medium or large home bedroom, living room in your house, apartment or office
  • 4-STAGE FILTRATION SYSTEM: The air purifier ZERO S uses a washable fine mesh Pre-filter that detects and captures airborne particles, an Activated Carbon filter that absorbs VOCs and other household odours, a H13 HEPA filter captures 99.999% of the smallest allergens particles in the air (up to 0.1 microns) and the WINIX PlasmaWave technology that effectively helps to reduce viruses (H3N2) and bacteria in the air without producing any harmful ozone
  • MODERN TOUCH CONTROL PANEL: Touch Display control panel with an intuitive, user-friendly and Real-Time Air Quality Indicator. The smart sensor technology automatically measures your indoor air quality and adjust continuously the fan speed based on Your air quality in real-time. You can switch manually between 5 different fan speed settings and the sleep mode, so you can be safe while sleeping, studying, cooking or just enjoy your clean indoor air life
  • SLEEP MODE & AUTO MODE: Using the Sleep Mode, the WINIX air purifier ZERO S will continue to clean your indoor air silently while you sleep (27,0 dB) and all indicator lights will turn off. In Auto Mode and with the help of our smart proactive sensor technology, the WINIX Air Purifier ZERO S will adjusts the fan speed automatically to keep your indoor air quality Clean and Purified. Ideal any room or office
  • TESTED and CERTIFIED: WINIX has been producing air purifiers since 1973. All WINIX air purifiers are tested and certified by both ECARF, AHAM and Allergy UK. Ensuring you a real improvement of your indoor environment with the best air quality to keep you and your family healthy
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.5 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • M. S. P. A.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Worth buying

      I like the shape and style and the colour.It isn't to noisy even on the highest setting.The sleep mode is quiet enough to sleep with it running..Negatives is Bolo did sell the original filters for this but you now have to order through the air filter website.It is bit bulky to carry room to room.It needs a carry slot on both the sides to balance the weight when lifting as it's awkward with how it is.I have an air quality monitor as well and if it reads high I then turn on the air purifier and you then watch the readings drop down to zero. So yes the air purifier definitely does the job.Only thing I do notice is yes it cleans the air for definite but the air doesn't actually feel fresh. Doesn't feel much different.But if I have asthma or hayfever this machine does make massive difference.So well worth buying.

    • D. B.

      5.0 out of 5 stars There are multiple reasons why this machine is a good choice

      I did a lot of research before buying this and I'm glad I did, I have severe heyfever and this unit has helped tremendously.The reason I picked this particular purifier is:1. It has a very effective sensor which means you can leave it on all the time and it will spin up and down automatically to remove any pollutants present as and when required. This means it's quiet and energy efficient and just gets the job done without you even knowing it's there.2. When you turn your light out at night, it automatically goes into nighttime mode, turning off the majority of it's lights (and dimming the remaining two) whilst slowing the fan down to the point where it is virtually silent (I can't hear it anyway).3. It has a proper carbon filter not a impregnated sheet like many other machines.4. It's filters are in the correct sequence to get the most life out of them and it also has an easily removable, cleanable (like a tumble dryer) pre filter to protect the main HEPA and carbon filters. Many competitors omit this reducing filter life.5. Its just the right size. Big enough to be able to run very quietly during normal operation and clear a room quickly if you had to (for example burnt toast setting off the smoke alarm) and yet not too big to be crazy expensive. The consensus seems to be if you need a more powerfull unit than this you are probably better off buying two units than a bigger single one.6. It is properly certified and Winix have a good reputation for building solid high performance machines which are great value.The thing that stunned me the most was just how sensitive and quick reacting it is. My partner had been in the garden and walked in the room and it pretty much instantly detected the pollen coming off her clothes and ramped up for a few seconds to clear the air then span down again.If I had to say anything bad about it, it's that it doesn't have a way to run in auto mode without having nighttime detection on. Because it's so hot at the moment we are closing the curtains which is sometimes leading it to prematurely go into night mode.

    • H. W.

      5.0 out of 5 stars More silent I expect.

      Good for bedroom. Giving me a deep sleep

    • T.

      3.0 out of 5 stars Works really well, quiet nighttime operation

      Works great, very quiet in nighttime operation and I've had it on 24/7 since I bought it with zero issues.However, there are no filter replacements available for delivery to Ireland and this for me is a real pain and hence the removal of 2 stars, it would otherwise be a 5 star review but I'm essentially stuck with a dead and unusable product once the filters need to be replaced.

    • C.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Fellowes Aeramax dx95 filters fit this

      Great air purifier but for buyers in Ireland the filters are not available. Bolo dont have and Winix dont ship to Ireland. The Fellowes Aeramax D95 filters are the same size though and I've read elsewhere come from the same factory, along with Electrolux. The fellowes charcoal filter is not the active type but the Hepa is the same. They are also a lot cheaper.

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