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ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 - Multi Compatible All-in-One CPU AIO Water Cooler, Compatible with Intel & AMD, Efficient PWM Controlled Pump, Fan Speed: 200-1800 RPM, LGA1700 compatible - Black


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4.7 ratings
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Future-proof compatibility

At the end of 2022, AMD has released the AM5 socket, the successor to its popular AM4 platform. Because all mechanical dimensions remain identical, we are able to ensure the compatibility of ARCTIC coolers with AMD's new processors.

Additionally, all coolers shipped by ARCTIC are already compatible with Intel's Alder Lake and Raptor Lake LGA1700 processors.

Coolers purchased from resellers, however, may still have been shipped without the corresponding accessories. In this case, please contact our customer support.

Technical Specifications


Intel Socket: 1700 (please see the note above!), 1200, 115X, 2011-3*, 2066* *Square ILM; AMD Socket: AM5, AM4; RAM Clearance: unlimited; Promise: 6 Years; Operating Ambient Temperature: 0-40 °C

Pump/Cold Plate

VRM Fan: 40 mm, 1000–3000 RPM (PWM controlled); Pump: 800–2000 RPM (PWM controlled); Power Consumption: 0.5 W – 2.7 W (Pump + VRM Fan); Cold Plate: Copper, Micro-Skived-Fins; Thermal Paste: MX-4 (0.8 g)


Fan: 2x ARCTIC P12 – 120 mm Fan; Fan Speed: 200–1800 RPM; Fan Bearing: Fluid Dynamic Bearing; Noise Level: 0.3 Sone; Current: 0.08 A / 12 V DC; Airflow: 55.6 CFM; Static Pressure: 2.2 mm H2O; Connector: 4-pin-Connector

Size & Weight

Radiator: 277 x 120 x 38 mm; Pump (w/o tubes): 98 mm x 78 mm x 53 mm; Tube Diameter: Outer: 12.4 mm // Inner: 6.0 mm; Tube Length: 450 mm; Weight: 1191 g (Fan, Radiator, Pump, Tubes)

  • QUALITY CONTROL APPROVED: We have increased the quality assurance and quality control. The products have been subjected to additional tests and marked with a QC sticker
  • LGA1700 COMPATIBILITY: The Liquid Freezer II 240 is compatible with Intel's new Alder Lake processors - Socket LGA1700*
  • COOLER THAN OTHER AIO WATER COOLERS: The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II has a more efficient cool plate, pump and radiator that makes a difference among other AIO water pc fan coolers
  • 15°C LOWER VOLTAGE REGULATOR TEMPERATURE: An additional 40 mm VRM fan (PWM controlled) next to pump can provide extra cooling for the base and voltage transformer
  • INTEGRATED CABLE MANAGEMENT: The PWM-cable of the fans are integrated into the sleeved tubing. Thus there is only one short cable visible from the pump to motherboard replacing the usual cable mess
  • 80% LESS POWER CONSUMPTION: Unlike most pumps from our competitors, which run at full load even when idle, our pump clocks down consuming less power and producing less noise If no cooling is needed
  • MAINTENANCE-FREE WATER LOOP: The water loop is sealed and with high quality fiber-reinforce EPDM tubing you do not have to worry about refilling
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.7 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • A. C.

      Great product and customer service.

      I bought this cooler back in 2021 and had great success with it and a ryzen 5800x.I was made aware of a defect via Bolo as I had a certain production batch with the fault which has been fixed on all future production models.Arctic sent a service kit and they have a video on installing service kit and what the issue is.After installing the service kit, I noticed my pump wasn't working rendering the cooler broken. Contacting customer support via email they helped me solve the problem. Although it did take 9 days to first have my ticket opened, customer support was very helpful. After identifying the pump was not working via me sending a video of the unit in action, they sent me a new cooler free of charge. This included Simon, understanding that I had been unable to use my computer for two weeks at this point and I was concerned about sending the unit back for repairs / investigation (which would've taken at least another week).The replacement pump is currently running great and overall I have a very favourable opinion of both Arctic's' products and its customer support staff.

    • A. R.

      Great price for performance

      I am really pleased with this all in one liquid cooler.Ryzen 5800x cpu can run pretty hot . I had a hyper 212 cooler, however it was struggling to cool enough, my case was getting very warm and really loud. After looking into it I found that this Arctic liquid freezer 2 had pretty good performance reviews for it's price. I am really surprised how well is working in my rig, the cpu rarely hit 75degrees now and the noise is nothing compared to before. £85 gets you a great looking and well performing cooler

    • M. Y. P. P.

      6.5cm deep radiatior amazing cooling

      Deeper radiator than other coolers but the results are amazing. My brand new Acer Orion 5000 was running at 60 deg idle and up to 90 deg 40%CPU load. Temp have dropped to 30deg and 50 under 100% load. Incredible results and 6 year guarantee

    • A.

      Good value for money and thermal performance, but poor installation and no pump speed control.

      The good:1. good value for money2. great thermal performance (29 - 32 degrees on idle, and around 55 - 60 while gaming)3. low noise*The bad:1. installation a bit confusing (especially the double set of washers), plus the pump block is chunky and needs some tinkering before it fits properly in motherboards with beefy VRM heatsinks2. no way of controlling the pump speed with precision. After 40% fan duty, the pump goes to 100%. This is problematic for noise sensitive users. I separated the radiator fans from the built-in splitter in order to control fans and pump speed separately. Succeeded in controlling the fans through the CPU_fan header, but no option to control the pump alone, even if connected to the AIO_pump header. This is confirmed by Arctic support.* low noise means that even if the radiator fans are not spinning, VRM fan is disabled, the pump is still audible. Turns out all AIOs are afflicted by the issue of non-silent pump even on idle. If this is a concern to you (like it is to me), then air cooling is the way to go.

    • l.

      Insanely good!!!!

      Just got my hands on one of these and, after a long time away from building my own custom built liquid cooled machines, this is a game changer.If you not into all that LED RGB Rubbish, and want a quiet, efficient and economical AIO Cooler for your CPU, this is the one to get. The version I got was Rev4 (The Latest), which has a few updates from the original ones.Couple of tips here to take note of:1. If you are installing this into a case you have already got, the radiator on this one is thick (38mm), plus add on 25mm for the fan. So this will stick out a lot, but if you bought the iONZ Kuro W07 Pro Gamer Full ATX Gaming Case also from Bolo, for a mere £50, it will fit in there like a dream and no issues with RAM clearance at all.2. Also, if you installing into a case you already have, install the radiator first before the block. The instructions say to do the block first, but that's a real PITA. Personally I would install the radiator first even on a new build (after MB has gone in).3. Read the instructions thoroughly and take note of the pictures. There are some steps missing, but the pictures fill in the gaps. Do EXACTLY what the instructions tell you. And take your time to get it right. Took me a total of 30 minutes to do it all.4. I did not use the thermal paste that it came with as I already had some Kryonaut thermal grizzly to hand (which is my go to thermal paste for anything really).5. The supplied washers for screwing in the radiator to the top of my case made the screw heads stick out too much that prevented me putting the dust shield back on. The slots on the case were narrow enough to forgo the washers. Now sits all nice and flush.The VRM cooler fan on this is such a great idea. There is no noise from this at all, and definitely keeps them cooled. Overall it is VERY quiet, and having the added PWM functionality throttles the fans and pump when needed.Have gone from a wraith type cooler with copper pipes and big fins to this. I went from and idle temp on a Ryzen 5600X of about 40-45C to about 25-28C. And at full load I don't think I have seen it go much above 55-60C

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