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Hero's Journey (2) (Heroes by Design)

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Sela, Emily, and Zach are growing up and their lives and friendships are changing. 

Sela goes to Camp Disciple by herself for the first time and finds out that being called by God can be difficult. She does her best but has to suffer the consequences for a bad decision. 

Emily struggles with her father moving on after her mother's death and leans on Zach but misses Sela's sage advice.

Zach tries to find balance with his best friends and finds new talents that he can use to further the purpose of the group.

The friends discover with the help of Angels that God has a greater purpose for them and they form a group called, Teens for a New Tomorrow, aka; TNT. They work hard to get the school to allow the group and learn about friendship, growing-up, commitment and fighting for what they believe in.

"In Hero's Journey Author D.A. Irsik strives to provide a tale that inspires teens to honor their faith in God, and in doing so, to listen to their inner judgment, regardless of outside peer pressure that tries to lead them astray. The story teaches young adults that if they follow their faith, they will find their way, eventually uncovering the mission God wants them to accomplish."

"Irsik has created a story that inspires teens to follow their hearts, hold fast to their friends, and embrace their faith in God. This coming-of-age journey is one of joyful discovery and personal triumph."

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Deb Irsik has worked in the beauty industry for over twenty-five years and is the owner of Makin' Waves Salon. She is a Kansas girl and shares her life with her husband, Mike, and children John and Emily. Deb is a member of The Kansas Authors Club and Emporia Writing Group. Poetry and Lyrics have always been a part of her life but she felt a call to write Middle- Grade fiction after her daughter found it difficult to be that God girl' in eighth grade.


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