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Pajama Hero Mask Costumes and Dress Up for Kids - Cartoon Hero Birthday Party Halloween Gift Mask and Cloak 3PCS



Pajama hero costumes to enjoy fun and creative games! Your cute kids will climb buildings, pretend to fly, or show super power because they use Pajama hero costumes to save the day: super Catboy, super Owlette, super gecko costumes and masks. Suitable for boys and Girls from 3 to 12 years old.
It's time to be a hero! After the exciting nights of three young friends, they became their energetic Pajama hero, changing themselves, Catboy, Owlette and geckos. Now kids can imagine that they are the favorite Pajama hero in this very cool costume.
The perfect Pajama hero costume can be used for birthday gifts and super parties! If you are looking for Halloween costumes, Christmas gifts or party props, then you will love our pajamas heroes. It comes with three different hero cloaks and masks: Pajama hero Catboy, Owlette, Gekko.
Encourage children's imagination and creativity -! One of the most important parts of childhood is being able to dress up as a Pajama hero. Using our pajamas hero's cloak, he can pretend to have the wisdom, strength, endurance, speed, and courage of a Pajama hero To save the planet. You can encourage him to spend more time with his friends to have fun outdoors.
Take care of your PJ! - Take care of your comfortable pajamas hero's cloak to prevent fading and creases. It is recommended to wash the polyester material by hand and lay it flat or dry. If ironing is required, it is recommended to iron only at low temperatures.


Great for birthday gifts and party costumes
Funny and whimsical design will make your kids excited.
Whether you are looking for Halloween costumes, a small cosplay team member's cloak, or a Christmas present, the pajamas hero's cloak will be your ideal gift!
High quality adjustable Pajama hero costume cloak
The cute and eye-catching pajamas hero's cloak is equipped with three different pajamas hero masks and cloaks.
Different cloaks help your child's multiple hero role plays, keeping your child's thinking energetic.
The Velcro seal makes it easy to tie the cloak around your neck. This makes it easy for children to put on and take off the cloak no matter which side they are on.
They will enjoy more fun and create the imagination of their/his favorite character.

Comfortable - soft and interesting special fusion
These materials are soft to the touch and keep your child warm during the cold winter months.
Pajama Hero's Cloak is made of double-sided fabric, and the cloak is smooth and colorful, and will not fade.
High quality felt with adjustable elastic band for comfortable wear!
The loose cloak fit gives them flexibility. Easily cover existing clothes or jackets, making them ideal for winter or summer.

Super Catboy Owlette Gekko
3 x Pajama hero Costume Cloak (about 27 inches high, 27 inches wide)
3 x Pajama hero mask (about 3.5 high, about 3.5 wide)

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