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The Broken Token Organizer for Gloomhaven

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Newer Version available! Please see: "The Broken Token Organizer for Gloomhaven with Forgotten Circles" Compatible with 1st and 2nd Editions 17 removable trays 30 full-color, exclusive Monster tuck-boxes Officially licensed compatible with ASIN B01LZXVN4P

Customers Reviews

A Necessary Product with Significant Drawbacks

3.0 out of 5.0 by Tyler Meyer on June 26, 2018
Gloomhaven is a game in desperate need of an organization system. The Broken Token set is the officially licensed organizer that does a lot of things right but ultimately has a fair amount of drawbacks that make this 100% necessary product difficult to wholeheartedly recommend.Pros:- The Broken Token organizer will undoubtedly make your setup times faster and easier. I can get a scenario up and running in about 10 minutes.- I like that the trays can be placed on the table to make tokens more accessible during play.- The enemy tuck boxes make finding and setting up the bad guys quick and easy. This is the only Gloomhaven organizer that uses this system.- I really enjoy the way it looks aesthetically. It is organized in an appealing way that makes sense.Neutral:-Requires assembly. If you're a person who enjoys hobbies like model building, you'll find putting this together to be a fun activity. If not, you may find the entire process a long, drawn out hassle.- The assembly of the organizer took me about six hours. Add this to the four-ish hours it took me to organize the contents of the game and this could easily become a multi-day project for customers without sufficient free time. You'll need to set aside a good chunk of time to complete this.- Assembly requires a firm but careful hand. There were times I was bracing myself to accidentally snap a piece like a twig. The longer, thinner pieces had me on edge more than once.Cons:- VERY PRICEY. It was $90 for me at the time of purchase which is nearly 75% of the price of the game. There are other, cheaper organizers on the market. Definitely compare this to similar products from Meeple Reality, Daedalus and GO7Gaming and decide for yourself which organization method you prefer. If you can somehow find this for around $50, grab it.- If you tip the game box on its side, the contents of the organizer will spill everywhere. Other organizers have lids for each tray to prevent this from happening.- Aside from the status effects and gold token trays, nothing is labeled.- There is significant wasted space. The standard sized card holder box for the City/Road Events is much bigger than it needs to be. Conceivably, you might potentially use this additional space to hold any miscellaneous content you can think of. However, I can't help but notice that this particular tray could be modified to more effectively store the Health/XP trackers. To this end, I'm strongly considering sawing off a section of part 14D (the middle divider) in order to more elegantly store the trackers.- The character trays are a good idea in theory but they are the messiest, least organized feature of the product. Which is unfortunate, because they were a big selling point for me. I will not be using them during play.-Map tile storage is a bit messy and unorthodox.- It doesn't hold every single item in the box. It's unfortunate that you'll be required to store 4 of the character envelopes elsewhere.
This is an outstanding organizer for a fantastic game.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Lucrin on December 2, 2017
This is an outstanding organizer for a fantastic game. Honestly it is a bit pricey but for this particular game it is so worth it because I find that the hardest part about getting this game to the table by far is setup and tear down time. This organizer drastically reduces how long it takes to start actually playing this game. It is working perfect for me with my Gloomhaven reprint (2nd kickstarter). The only thing I found that was missing in the instructions is where to store the health and xp spin trackers but you can squeeze them into the top tray with all of the play boards without an issue.
and at the high price of the game already that sucks, but that's not Broken Token's fault

4.0 out of 5.0 by Agent Smashing on June 5, 2018
I don't want to imagine playing the game without this. This game 100% needs an organizer, and at the high price of the game already that sucks, but that's not Broken Token's fault. That said, the organizer took me about 6 hours total to put together over two days so it's definitely a project. There is a youtube video on how to put it together I recommend you follow along with, rather than the instructions (although they're good enough to work with). The one downside to this is you need to reinforce the hell out of it, make sure you have super glue and duct tape to keep this thing from falling apart after repeated use. Especially the map tray really needs some extra help. It's not a huge problem but definitely noticeable. OTHER than that, it works great and really speeds up setup and breakdown time to about 30 minutes.
Great organizer and a must have for Gloomhaven.

4.0 out of 5.0 by MK on December 29, 2017
An organizer that is practically a must-have for Gloomhaven. The individual monster tuck boxes are particularly useful for organizing the monster cards and standees. The trays (token and player) and cardholders reduce setup/teardown time dramatically. I really like the marked token trays!Assembly time was a couple of hours. There are quite a few trays to assemble here. Everything broke off from the templates cleanly and everything fit correctly the first time.I have two minor issues with the organizer which are preventing the five star rating:1) The dragon boss standee doesn't fit in the boss tuck box (it's significantly larger than the box).2) The organizer doesn't leave room for a full set of "unused" characters. In other words you need to unbox four characters and leave their tuck boxes out (or folded and slid in the side). This is only really an issue if you either a) don't have 4 players or b) you want to introduce new players and want everything to be "hidden".3) Although Broken Token provides a youtube video showing where everything goes in the box, a written page in their instructions would have been useful. It shows how to "assemble" the trays inside the box, but doesn't tell you what game pieces are intended for which tray/organizer.Overally very happy with the product, would buy again!
Great organizer for the game

4.0 out of 5.0 by Irony Spinach on July 31, 2018
Great organizer for the game. All in all, easy to assemble and most of the boxes don't need glue or tape on the corners.Here are my issues with it:1. The requirement for 4 characters to be in the trays really hamstrings the multi-party style of play this game embraces. I had to ditch 2 character boxes... which sucks.2. There is no dedicated slot for the spinner life trackers that come in the second edition. That ate up a lot of the box space.3. The boxes for the creature tokens don't all have space for the cards. I am looking at you Bandits, Archers, and Bosses...4. The map tiles really do not fit in this kit. I know they tried to wedge them in, but perhaps there is a change in size due to reprinting or something. This has been called out by other reviews. A shame.5. Pretty sure the expansion will not fit in this. TBD as it is not released yet.Suggestion to manufacturer: Make a whole box rather than the inserts. Gives you better room to pack it all in and you have freedom of space to allow for expansions/extra tidbits. Just an idea.

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