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Luvs size 5

by Luvs

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Luvs size 5


Luvs size 5

Customers Reviews

Better and cheaper than Pamper's and Huggies!

5.0 out of 5.0 by MM on December 31, 2016
I have never reviewed diapers but my past month's experience with Luvs has forced me to. I have used Pamper's, Huggies and now Luvs. I tried Luvs with a small pack bought off CVS because of its catchy advertisement claiming that second time mom's were more likely to use Luvs. I am so glad we tried the Luvs diaper!!! My baby boy would have poop disaster's so often, we were using pamper's swaddlers, changed him every time he pee'd but even then, even after going up a size, trying other sizes and types of Pamper's and then Huggies, we would have poop disasters and leeks. When we switch to Luv's diapers we realized that it worked wonderfully to contain disasters. They do not have a points system - as far as I know, or any rewards - but they are cheaper than Huggies and Pamper's and we prefer them over all the other types we have tried. I wish they had a point system and I could get stuff like I did with my Pamper's points but hey, I am saving some money and not having to clean potty clothes - so its still a win!
3 stars = "it's okay"

3.0 out of 5.0 by KCFAM on June 24, 2016
I have been a loyal luvs fan since our first child was born a couple years ago. But with our second child's arrival, I have noticed that the newest version of luvs are not up to snuff. They are thinner than before, and can barely last a couple hours (much less overnight) before feeling extremely full and soggy. Also disappointing is that the sizing of the diapers has shrunk! I noticed there is barely any difference between size 1 and 2 - my barely-12-pound baby is already in a size 3.
On the bright side, they do still seem to hold in leaks pretty well. We are still using luvs because other brands seem to have reduced their quality as well - so there wouldn't be much point in switching.

Update: I added a pic for proof that these diapers have shrunk! (These are my toddler's size 5 diapers)
Love this brand!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Elizabeth Cormier on September 14, 2016
First of all lets talk brand.
Pampers and huggies cost 30%+ more a year and for what? They aren't organic, they do not work any better, and still have to be changed just as often. So what are you paying for? You are paying for the name of the brand. With both kids i've tried every brand. To find over and over they all work about the same. I am beyond pleased with Luv's with both my daughter and son. They are cheaper than the walmart/ target brand and i find a better quality than those brands however basically neck and neck with Pampers/ Huggies.
I heard so many parents enjoying getting to say they use "pampers." I enjoy getting to say we love and use Luv's diapers and I save 30% or more per year.

Additionally using Amazon's Subscribe and Save makes these diapers almost as discounted as the absolute BEST sale you can hunt down in town. But i spend 0 gas and delivery is free! I've been recommending using Luv's through Subscribe and Save to everyone I come into contact with! It is the way to go!
No leaks for less money

5.0 out of 5.0 by pinkadidas178 on January 7, 2017
Have always used loves and keep coming back to these for multiple reasons. I've worked in childcare for years and Luvs has always been the answer. They work great for leak protection while still being budget friendly. Every time a parent had trouble with finding diapers I would always recommend Luvs. Pampers works well but are too pricey and I've seen way too many leak incidents with Huggies. Every baby is different but I've seen more success with Luvs than most any brand while still being a good deal. This is a great buy!
You get what you pay for

3.0 out of 5.0 by Sarah on July 15, 2017
I feel like I must be the only person out there that doesn't like Luvs based on all the reviews I read. Upon first receiving them I noticed they felt thin and less soft than other diapers I've purchased, but I was hopeful that they would work as well. There's also a very noticeable baby powder smell on them that I don't care for. My husband doesn't like that they don't have a wetness indicator, which I wasn't expecting them to have but I think I'd worth noting. I've used Pampers, Huggies, Babyganics, and Bamboo Nature diapers on my daughter and she has never peed through them or had a diaper rash. After four days of just wearing Luvs my daughter has started to develop a small rash. They don't seem to wick away wetness as well as the other brands I've used before. As well, I was very frustrated to find my daughter lying in a very large wet spot in her crib when I woke her up this morning, the whole back side of her pjs were soaked. She's four months old, so I understand that sleeping 8 hours straight isn't typical, but I find that amount of leakage to be unacceptable. So now I have 200+ that I don't want.
I will not buy Luvs again..

1.0 out of 5.0 by Iván Alcántara on April 9, 2018
I have used this diapers brand since the baby was born, there worked better than most brands until I received these boxes. As you can see in the picture, the gel is coming out. This diaper was put on for about 20 minutes, it was dry, until he pooped and you can see all the gel. I thought it may had been the baby pulling on the diaper or maybe it wasn't properly put on, but no it's not human error and almost every single diaper has the same problem. I had to stop using them immediately, the gel is irritating the baby's skin. Unfortunately, now I have 3 boxes of unusable Luvs.
Normally these diapers are great but my April shipment was a bit off

3.0 out of 5.0 by Toni Bray on June 1, 2017
Normally these diapers are great but my April shipment was a bit off... they were opening up at the seams and what s mess it is when the little beads ate all wet! Photo attached ...
I'm very disappointed.

1.0 out of 5.0 by K. Rucker on April 12, 2017
The tabs on these diapers scratch and cut baby's legs and waist. Specifically the purple tabs with the sharp edged velcro. I have about 600 of these diapers left and try fastening them in different ways, but after baby starts moving around, he gets scratched. You also have to be extremely careful when taking them off, if you pull the diaper out from under your baby, you will make a deep cut on their thigh. I'm very disappointed.
So inexpensive and great diapers!!!

4.0 out of 5.0 by Cdizzle on October 23, 2017
I know I might be the only one complimenting how thin these diapers are but I love it!! So compact I have way more room in the diaper bag and my baby seems to be able to move more comfortably in these then the Kirkland ones I get sometimes. Never have leaks. These diapers are great and sooo cost efficient! I also love the scent. Only down side is i cant put these on my baby at night time. My daughter is 4 months and sleeps through the night but in the mornings with these diapers her urine seems to seep through the diaper and her pjs feel pretty moist. It's only when she has a lot of urine but still I use a different diaper (pampers baby dry) at night. Other then that these are awesome day time diapers. I save so much money buying these!!
Best diaper brand out there!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Tizzie on July 7, 2017
LOVE LOVE LOVE Luvs diapers! Several reasons why that I will list below - but let me just start by saying that I've tried pretty much every brand out there, thanks to the mom2mom facebook sites in the area I live in. Moms sell diapers for cheap frequently, especially around the newborn phase when babies tend to size up quickly, and mom's are left with stashes that they would discount for cheap. Hands down, Luvs seem to fit my own little one's bottom the best! I've had two separate incidences with leaks, the first was likely because we were growing out of one size and should have been onto the next size up, my fault. The second instance, I actually contacted the company because we had 3-4 leaks all from the same box, and determined it to be factory defective, so I was issued a full refund. Outside of that, we've never once had a problem with this brand. Reasons why I love Luvs:
1. they're one of the least expensive diaper brands out there! Amazon prime + subscription earns you extra discounts
2. there's almost always a $2 off coupon available somewhere :)
3. never once have we seen those nasty disposable diaper "crystals" appear on our child's tush, like other brands do once they're full of pee
4. less breastmilk blowouts up the back than any other brand we've tried
5. the company stands behind their product, and issue full refunds if not satisfied

We also use cloth diapers, but after discovering how well Luv's worked for us, this is the only brand of disposables that we now buy between cloth diapering phases.