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ETI Toys | STEM Learning | Original 101 Piece Educational Construction Engineering Building Blocks Set for 3, 4 and 5+ Year Old Boys & Girls | Creative Fun Kit | Best Toy Gift for Kids Ages 3yr - 6yr

by ETI Toys

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► YOUR CHILD DESERVES A MORE PRODUCTIVE ACTIVITY than video games, phones and tablets. STEM supported Engineering Blocks are built to develop your child's Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills. Challenge your kids to build creative designs, trucks, transformers , helicopters, robots and much more! For boys and girls age 3 through 6+ years , designed to support your child's creativity as they grow.
► GIFT A TOY THAT IS FUN AND EDUCATIONAL. We believe in making toys that are both fun and educational. This 101-piece gift idea set will help kids build fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and enhance creativity while keeping them entertained for hours! Which means more time for mom and dad! Supports logical thinking and problem solving, unleashing your child's imagination to endless possibilities.
► HELP YOUR CHILD BUILD SOCIAL SKILLS AT AN EARLY AGE . Social development, teamwork and collaboration are critical to success in today's world. ETI Toys Engineering blocks are designed to develop your child's social skills from an early age. Encourages children to work together as a team to build awesome creations and comes with two dual-purpose 'clicking' wrenches to help support interactive play.
► BONUS STEP BY STEP EBOOK WITH 12 FUN TOY DESIGNS ! Toys should offer quick and hassle-free cleanup for both parents and kids. That's why our STEM Engineering blocks are washable (to keep germs at bay) and come with their own easy to carry storage tub. Each set also includes an exclusive 80 page step-by-step instructional eBook with 12 different toy designs for Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.
► YOUR CHILD'S SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT TO US. All ETI Toys products are exhaustively and Independently Third-Party Lab Tested. Certified Non-Toxic our Engineering Learning Set is BPA-Safe, Lead-Safe and Phthalates-Safe. They also come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. ETI Toys is the Original Seller, so please beware of imitation knockoffs. Your child's safety may not be as important to counterfeit sellers.


Introducing Construction Engineering Blocks 93 Piece Set by ETI Toys

Invest in a toy that helps with your child's development!

Yes! At last a toy that is both entertaining and educational!

Children are becoming lazy and idle sitting in front of electronic devices for hours on end. You can help your child fight this using Engineering blocks as it challenges them and allows them to build helicopters, robots, animal figures and much more!

5stars- "Great buy, help your children to develop cognitive skills while avoiding the dumbing smartphones/tablets!"
-Igor Kraev

Children get bored easily playing with the same toys. Engineering Blocks provides hours of entertainment. Fun for kids and time-out for parents!

-H Rubin

Are you looking for the perfect gift that your special Lil' Engineer will love to play with time and time again? Our customers tell us that Construction Engineering Blocks is the perfect gift for any occasion.

5 stars - "It was a favorite at the birthday party"
-Wendy Good

5 stars - "Awesome Gift"
-LeShay Miller

Amazon buyers buy ETI Toys products with confidence.

You are backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Here's why our interactive toy set is a must-have for your child's play:
- Step-by-step eBook for building 12 different game toy designs
- Encourages teamwork, imagination and creativity
- Develops motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination
- Fosters logical thinking and problem solving
- Keeps children entertained for hours and frees up parents' time

What's in the Box?
Blocks of various shapes and sizes
Screws and Nuts
2x Wrenches
Idea sheet

An ideal birthday present for toddlers and great for kids in the car - or as outdoor toys for a day at the beach!

Customers Reviews

Great STEAM Resource for Young Learners

4.0 out of 5.0 by J. Vickery on May 10, 2016
ETI Toys has created a great STEAM resource for the younger set with this set of Construction Engineering Blocks. Although the toys is rated for ages 3 and up, my 2 1/2, 5, and 7-year-old have all enjoyed creating with this set. My 2 1/2-year-old cannot replicate the suggested designs without assistance, but loves manipulating the nuts and bolts and using the child-sized functional socket wrench included in this set. My 5-year-old enjoys studying the included idea sheet and trying to recreate the designs shown on it. My 7-year-old loves using the pieces to construct her own creations.

Why the 4-star rating? While this is a great product, I believe it could be better with minor modifications.

1. The set consists of 85 bright, colorful, non-toxic pieces, all of which are large enough not to pose a choking hazard to young children.
2. The pieces are easy to assemble.
3. The included design sheet offers a wide array of project ideas.
4. The set comes with a sturdy storage container -- huge plus in my book!
5. The child-sized socket wrench adds a unique element that I have not seen in any other construction toy.
6. The toy is open-ended and encourages both problem-solving and creative play.

1. Although the set includes 85 pieces, there are only four blocks that kids can screw other pieces into. This makes it difficult for more than one child to play at a time.
2. All screws are the same length; some longer screws (allowing kids to connect more than two pieces) would be a good addition.
3. Bolts do not hold pieces securely in place unless they're *really* tight -- and if they're really tight, neither the included socket nor little hands can loosen them.
4. I'd love to see bolt heads redesigned to accommodate either the included socket or a screwdriver. I love the socket, but think I screwdriver would be easier for little hands to use on angular pieces.

All in all, I believe this set is a good resource to encourage early science, engineering, art, and math skills. I would strongly advise purchasing more than one set, however, if you're planning to use this kit for multiple children or in a classroom setting.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. #ETIToys
Worth Every Penny!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Jen & Mike on August 18, 2016
Amazing manipulative toy! My daughter (almost 3) loves building things, working with tools, etc. I was searching for a toy that would let her really use her hands and coordination to build things and that at 2 years old she could handle. This was the toy I was looking for! She loves to build different cars, planes, animals, etc. She loves the little screwdriver/wrench tool that came with it. She can build a lot of things by herself, which makes her very proud. The only negative is that you can usually build one item (from the page with pictures on it) and if you want to build another one you have to take apart what you just made. Also, its a random assortment of parts, so some of the building items show you using 6 wheels, and my box only came with 4, but we make it work.

She loves this toy so much I think I'm going to order it again so she can make multiple things at a time!
BAD DESIGN! Low quality! I regret not buying Mellisa and Doug set instead

1.0 out of 5.0 by Becky on December 30, 2016
After a week of play I changed my rating from 3 to 1 star.

I regret not buying two sets of M&D wood sets instead for a two-thirds of the price of this set... Yes, this is educational and engaging (easy for a 5 year old for independent play, can be done collaboratively with a 3 year old if he/she has a very good attention span) but these pros are outweighed by the cons:

- Horrible wheel design. The wheels are like screws themselves, so if you build a car and roll it, the wheels unscrew themselves and fall out within seconds. VERY frustrating and disappointment for a child who wants to show off his/her creation or play with the toy they have built.
- The tension is not great. There is a fine line between too much tension (so it is hard for a kid to unscrew) and not enough tension such that pieces get loose and undo themselves - which is the case here. Again, very non-gratifying play experience.
- It is not possible to build some of the models well because the bolts are too long and interfere with each other when screwed into the cube or the "plate" sections.

At first, my kids first were super excited and engaged, but because of these reasons, they soon got annoyed and frustrated and would not like to play with this construction set. It ended up being a colossal waste of money given that this set is priced like a quality product...

I like that (unlike M&D) this set includes two large rectangular "plates", and I liked the "brackets". But other than that, there is absolutely no advantage to this over M&D wooden sets (priced $14 on Amazon, you can get 2 of them for two-thirds of one ETI and have approximately the same range of building options, plus enjoy natural materials). Plus, M&D offer different lengths screws and a screwdriver that actually makes sense (as opposed to the odd "thingy" -- as my child called this tool -- included with the ETI set).
It's a great product, comes with lots of parts and pictures ...

4.0 out of 5.0 by Carrie M. on June 15, 2017
We got this for our 3year old for his birthday. He already had a few "take apart" trucks that have the screws and screwdrivers, and loves them so we thought we'd give this a try. It's a great product, comes with lots of parts and pictures of things you can make. He always asks one of us to build with him. He is slowing understanding how to make something in his own (we've had it about a month) but really looks for help when he wants somthing really specific (which is most of the time). As a parent playing with a young childs toy, I really enjoy it too! It's one of the few toys he has, that when he asks me to play, I don't internally groan! I'm only giving it 4 stars for two reasons... 1) the tote it comes in is small and you have to arrange the pieces just so if you are putting them all away. A larger tote so you can just dump them in there would be great. 2) would be better with more wheels and block pieces. You really can only make 1 1/2 vehicles out of it (and that's my sons favorite thing to make). And for the price I think the set could be a little bigger.

Over all we are very happy with this purchase and recommend it for anyone who has a young child who likes to build or likes to take things apart to see how they work.
I bought this for my 4 year-old for Christmas but ...

1.0 out of 5.0 by Allison on June 10, 2017
I bought this for my 4 year-old for Christmas but it wasn't exactly what I expected. We tried building the items per the directions, but when the helicopter's blades didnt move, he quickly lost interest. My eight year-old lasted with the set for about 20 minutes and he had had enough too. We do many STEM projects in Cub Scouting and this just wasn't even close to it.
Great construction set

4.0 out of 5.0 by Sweet and Salty on January 7, 2018
Great construction set. My 3 ¾ years old grandson assembled several animals pretty fast and really liked working with the wrench, assembling and de-assmbling. The pieces are quite large making it easy for little hands to build.I took a star off for the e-book. It says the e-book is enclosed but you really have to hunt for it on the manufacturer website. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a booklet of instructions enclosed just like in the lego sets? I printed close to 90 pages and put them in the binder with dividers and labels for each creature but it took quite a bit of work.
Fun toy that both my 2 yr old and 9 yr old love

4.0 out of 5.0 by Your Friendly Neighborhood Supermom on December 20, 2017
I bought this as another Christmas gift for my 2 year old today and had it delivered maybe an hour and a half ago. I left the Amazon box alone inside for maybe 2 minutes and came back to my 2 year old already opening this toy. (So much for another Christmas gift haha)

Well both my 2 year old and 9 year old instantly got to building. It was easy enough for my 2 year old to figure it all out on her own but has enough things you can do for my 9 year old to love it just as much.

I definitely would recommend it so far based off my kids' reactions, however only time will tell how much it will hold either of their interests.

I would give this 5 stars however I'm not sure I got 101 pieces as was listed in the headline and if I did, it just isn't enough for 2 kids to do much together.
This is the best creative building toy I have purchased to date

5.0 out of 5.0 by Mariessey on April 6, 2018
I have four grandchildren- two three year olds and two age five. This is the best creative building toy I have purchased to date. All of the kids were fully engaged in building and their parents joined in with them. The parents had never seen a set like this and they were quite impressed also. The building blocks, etc are sturdy and made out of excellent quality materials. The ability to create is endless and even our three-year olds were creating on their own and with parents. You can access multi levels of building guides online (access link is given in product box) as there is not a guide in the product box, only a small sheet of design possibilities. This was absolutely no issue for us as it only served to spur on creative thinking. I am giving this four stars for quality, design and encouraging creativity.
Super toy for 3 years and older

5.0 out of 5.0 by Amazon Customer on March 6, 2017
Super toy for 3 years and older. This toy has a lot of things they can put together and take apart. Helps with logical thinking skills, hand dexterity, creativity. It is great to see how they put the pieces together and what they see in their finished masterpieces.
Very engaging toy!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Foxy Nani on September 22, 2017
Great toy! This product is an awesome value. It encourages kids to use their imagination to create countless "masterpieces" . I run a home daycare with children ranging from 6 weeks - 12 years. Even though this toy is rated for preschoolers, the school age kids also enjoy playing with it. The pieces are large enough that I can have toddlers observing without worrying too much about choking as long as I am keeping close eye. Other toys that are geared for school age children have pieces so small that I can't even have a toddler in the same room for fear of choking. This toy is such a hit with my 4-7 year olds that I am ordering another set.

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