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O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream, 3 ounce Tube, (Pack of 2)

by O'Keeffe's

Estimate to be delivered 22 Nov - 25 Nov



O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream is a concentrated hand cream that heals, relieves and repairs extremely dry, cracked hands
Creates a protective layer on the skin's surface that instantly boosts moisture levels and helps prevent further moisture loss
Makes a difference you will feel within days
For best results apply after hand washing, after bathing, and at bedtime, as these are the most effective times for moisturizing extremely dry skin
Safe for people with Diabetes


O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream is a concentrated, unscented hand cream that heals, relieves and repairs extremely dry, cracked hands. When used daily, O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream is clinically proven to instantly boost moisture levels, help prevent further moisture loss, create a protective barrier on the skin’s surface, and make a difference you will feel within days. O’Keeffe’s offers a tube version of our moisturizing hand cream. Our tube formula offers the same results O’Keeffe’s jar users know and expect in the convenience of a tube! Whether you prefer a tube or jar, O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream comes in both forms to provide guaranteed relief. 100% Money Back Guarantee - If you are not fully satisfied with the performance of O’Keeffe’s products, we will refund 100% of the purchase price. Simply return the unused portion of the product and your receipt to 2105 E. Kemper Road, Cincinnati, OH 45227 for a prompt refund. Click on the O'Keeffe's link at the top of this page to shop the O'Keeffe's Amazon Brand Store.

Customers Reviews

Holy crap!!

5.0 out of 5.0 by AM FAN on December 27, 2015
Holy crap!!! NO MORE PAIN WHILE TYPING! This stuff works! I had multiple cracks in several fingertips. Got around to using this product a few days ago. ALL BUT TWO are no longer as painful and are nearly healed!!!! Even though there is one that has not completely healed - no longer as sore - and I expect it to heal within the next couple days. Only need a dab - and you are not cringing in pain while typing.....By the way, I had purchased the jar of cream but absolutely did not work, so I was hesitant to purchase the tubes but took a chance. I am so glad that I bought 2 - home and office - and I will stock up.
Great for Dry, Cracked Winter Hands!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Natalie M. on January 9, 2018
Hands down the best hand lotion on the market! I’m in the middle of one of the most brutal winters the East Coast has seen in a long time and on top of it all, I drink a lot of water which has me using the restroom all the time. The constant hand washing was wreaking havoc on my hands! They were so dried out and shriveled that they were starting to look like the gnarled hands of an old, arthritic woman. I got this lotion and from the first application I could feel it working its magic into my skin. It’s been about a week and my hands are smooth, hydrated and look great! I cannot sing enough praises about this lotion and I will be using this often! The directions recommend a tiny amount (about the size of an eraser on the tip of a pencil) so your hands don’t get sticky but this wasn’t enough for me so I use a tiny amount on the back of each hand and rub it in. There is a slight stickiness but it goes away within a minute or so. I wouldn’t recommend using more than two small drops though. The two pack is a bonus because I now have one for my house and one for the office. Will definitely buy again!
It may work for you, just not for me.

3.0 out of 5.0 by Sandy on November 29, 2017
I'm 5 weeks postpartum and my skin usually acts up, plus winter is coming so I wanted to buy something VERY moisturizing for my hands that dries quickly and doesn't leave an odd feeling behind. Odd feeling meaning typical stuff like Jergens and Nivea will leave a sweaty feeling on my hands. They also make my hands sweat more for some reason. Anyways I wanted Miracle Hands Repair Cream but a reviewer suggest this because this doesn't have a scent and he/she believed it worked better. So I went ahead and bought this to try as I still have a small tube of the other.

Well let's start with this does dry very quickly. Once I put this on and spread it around my hands, it's dries within seconds. This doesn't have a scent, at least none that I notice. However the texture of this is quite odd to me. It feels very waxy and doesn't feel very moisturizing. My finger tips are still rough and my hands feel like they have a layer of wax on them. I wanted to like this but, I rather use Miracle Hands instead.

5.0 out of 5.0 by ElysianLove88 on November 3, 2017
This stuff is incredible. I have some kind of psoriasis on my hands, which cause them to get very red, dry, scaly and itchy. My skin seems to lose its elasticity, causing it to rip open and bleed. It's very painful, and nothing I've tried has worked to get rid of it, including prescription steroid cream. A friend who is a nurse recommended this hand cream to me after seeing my hands, saying a lot of the nurses she works with use it. I was hesitant to try it - most hand creams and lotions either don't work, or make my problem worse - but after reading a bunch of reviews, I figured I'd give it a shot. It's cheaper than a copay for a dermatologist appointment, anyway. And it WORKS. This stuff is incredible! I've been using it for about a week, applying a couple times per day, and my hands already almost look normal. I've had a couple of instances of cracking, but overall they're so much better. Less dry and itchy - and they're even soft!

This really does smell like absolutely nothing, and it's not greasy and absorbs very quickly into the skin. I can put it on my hands at my desk at work and not get residue all over my keyboard or mouse.
O'Keeffe's the Best for Relief of Dry, Cracked Hands...

5.0 out of 5.0 by bwdan2003 on November 13, 2016
I've been using O'Keeffe's for several years now and haven't found anything that I like better. This product absorbs into the skin without leaving your hands feeling greasy or oily. I work outside in the cold all winter long and the dry, freezing air takes its toll on my hands leaving them cracked and painful. Using this product regularly keeps it from happening and speeds of healing quickly. Even my wife noticed a big difference without me pointing it out. Take it from someone who has tried many different products over the years, each claiming that theirs is the best. O'Keeffes is where the healing is at.
This is really the best hand cream!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Carrie on April 26, 2017
This is really the best hand cream! I have tried dozens of hand creams and nothing compares to O'Keefe's. I keep one at work and one at home. Finally a hand cream that doesn't leave my hands greasy and doesn't wash off as soon as I wash my hands. For the first time I have gotten through the winter without cracked, drying fingers. Use just a small amount and this lotion absorbs in quickly and doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy or sticky. Also, there is no odor -- a plus for those sensitive to smell. This is also a good product for chemo patients.
A Solid Product for the Care of Both Damaged Hand Skin, and the Maintenance of Your Hands and Cuticles.

5.0 out of 5.0 by hasselaar on May 26, 2016
These hand creams are quite good, and very effective for over-worked hands. I had already tried this product, but in the version intended for use on your feet. That worked so well that I decided to try the version for hands. This version is every bit as good as the version for feet.

The rich cream spreads quite well, and is quickly absorbed into your hands. Unlike many other hand creams, this does not leave you with greasy and slimy hands. I used quite a bit, and spent some extra time rubbing the cream into my cuticles. My hands felt great, nice and smooth, with no hint of dryness. I am very impressed by the entire product line of this company, everything that I have purchased of this brand works well.

My hands were not really in very bad shape to begin with. But I ride dressage horses, and the areas between my fingers where the reins pass can become quite sore after battling with a recalcitrant dressage horse. Even though I wear riding gloves, there are still times when the areas between my fingers have been rubbed and sore.

This product is one that caused absolutely no allergic responses , and only improved and protected the quality of the skin on my hands. There is not a lot more to say abut it. This is the product that many search for, and never find. It does exactly what it says that it will do, and more. It caused no allergic flare-ups, I was not left with shiny and greasy hands, and the price is good. If you have issues with hand skin, and/or wish to protect your nice hands, or improve your damaged hand skin, this is the product for you.
This is not like any ordinary hand cream

5.0 out of 5.0 by Jamyang Jacobs on March 5, 2018
This stuff works miracles on extremely dry cracked hands that come from repeated washing on my job as a registered nurse. I had thumbs that were cracked open at the cuticles and no other products or interventions were of any use. Once I got this hand cream it only took a few days to see a major difference and Improvement overall. My skin on my hands healed up within a week. Previously I had tried for months with bandages and ointments. That didn't work but this certainly does! This is not like any ordinary hand cream. It will soften cuticles and moisturize skin almost instantly. I use it at the end of my shift each day and my hands look extremely healthy. As a registered nurse I tend to wash my hands 20 or 30 times a day. With o'keeffe's Working Hands I don't have to worry about injury from good infection control practices as in washing my hands repeatedly day after day. I won't use anything else ever! This is amazing! I would give it 10 Stars if it were possible. Yes it's more expensive than other products but it will do far more than those big bottles of lotion will ever do. This one small tube is equal to a huge bottle of hand lotion. You don't have to use it as often as you would cheaper products and you will get extremely better results even so. Try it you'll like it.
Great for Nurses!!

4.0 out of 5.0 by Morgan A on April 4, 2017
This product works really well for dry cracked hands. I wash my hands several times at work over a 12 hour shift and I may have to apply a small amount twice during a shift. It's very hydrating and my skin just sucks it up!! My only complaint is, it does leave you hands feeling a little weird afterwards. The texture has been described as feeling like you have "baby powder on your hands" which is a pretty fair assessment. To me, however, it's more like the feeling I get after having surgical or sterile gloves on for too long. There is that talc feeling but it's also kind of moist as well. This shouldn't be enough to discourage anyone from trying this lotion as it's small in comparison to the HUGE benefits. I just wanted to point out that one down side. I think I may try the jar version next as that is said to have a slightly different texture.
OMG LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE this new squeeze tube!!!!!!

5.0 out of 5.0 by CandyLove on November 5, 2015
This is EXACTLY what I needed!!! No more getting the cream stuck under my finger nails after digging into the flat jars.... PLUS it's much more sanitary!! My family uses this FAITHFULLY during winter time due to dry cracking bleeding hands and of course this is also the dreaded cold and flu season as well... So when my husband (who LOVES this stuff- he's the one who got me to use this, and he HATES any hand creams due to the "slimy" feel of them) gets sick and then is digging his hands into the flat jars of working hands cream, I won't use that one anymore (yes I'm
A getmaphobe) and then I have to go buy a brand new one!!!! So now I can just wipe the outside of this tube down after someone has been sick and the lovely "miracle cream" inside does not get contaminated with germs!!!!!

This was a definite UPGRADE to this hand cream!! I'll use only these after all of our flat jars are empty!!!!!

This cream is AMAZING stuff if you use it DAILY!!!!! It is a MUST HAVE in our house in the winter time!!! I've just stocked up due to the weather changing and my hands just started cracking and bleeding .... As long as I use this hand cream in the morning and at night before bed EVERYDAY, my hands do not crack or bleed AT ALL!!!!!
Just USE IT and you will see!

There is no nice smell or luxurious feel to it though I'll warn, it takes some getting used to..... But once you get over that, and you see REAL RESULTS, you will never go back to any other cream!!!

This is for people who have a real
Problem with cracking dry bleeding bad hands in the winter!!! It's not just for some mildly dry "I think I'll put some nice scented hand cream on for a nice feel and scent " type hand cream!!!

I wash my hands ALOT during the day and my hands get BADDDDD!!!! This has become a staple for me!!!

(Sorry Rant over :)- JUST TRY IT and see for yourself!