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NAKED CHOC PB - Premium Organic Cacao and Powdered PB - 2lb Bulk

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ONLY TWO INGREDIENTS: Non-GMO, Roasted Peanuts and Raw Organic Cacao MADE IN THE USA: Our powdered peanut butter is sourced exclusively from peanuts grown on US Farms and is processed and packaged in the US as well. MAXIMUM NUTRITION: 6g of Protein, 5g of Carbs, 60 Calories, and 0.9g of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) per serving. HEAVY METALS TESTED: Our All Natural Powdered Peanut Butter is independently tested by third-parties for heavy metals. VEGAN PROTEIN FOOD: Naked Chocolate Powdered Peanut Butter is an excellent source of low fat protein for vegans and can be incorporated into savory or sweet recipes.

Customers Reviews

Great Value

5.0 out of 5.0 by Peter Snyder on June 13, 2017
I'm reviewing the Naked Chocolate Peanut Butter variant, although their regular Peanut Butter is just as good!I use this to mix with my unflavored protein powder and unflavored BCAAs after the gym. This stuff is perfect for just about everything you could need it for in the place of actual Peanut Butter (except a sandwich! :D)Personally, I use it in my protein fruit smoothies and I use it my protein shakes after the gym. It does the job well and the hint of cacao just adds to the already delicious Peanut Butter taste.Where as, yes, this is kind of pricey for 2lbs, it's cheaper than a lot of the competition and, in my opinion, tastes better and doesn't have any of the strange ingredients other brands have in theirs. It's just Peanut Butter and Cacao.
Pleasantly Surprised....

5.0 out of 5.0 by CJC on May 15, 2018
I've been looking for a more organic protein powder for weight maintenance during treatments for an illness and have been apprehensive about purchasing the strongly flavored whey powders. I then came across this brand and was skeptical at first...but the fact that the overall cost was comparable to the big tubs of the whey and chemical stuff you can get anywhere pretty much sold me on this type of protein. The whey "organic" versions are, however, much more expensive and I wasn't willing to throw out a ton of money in hopes that I'd like the taste of the other brands while my taste in food is at an all time low. I decided for $20 I could try this type of protein powder.The thing to note is that this is a peanut protein, not whey. So the protein content will be much lower per serving, a little less than half by my calculation. Also, if you're allergic to peanuts....obviously, this is not for you. I assume that's common sense but in this day and age who knows.Anyhow, I cracked this stuff open this morning and WOW, it's not bad at all. When they say all it has is peanuts and cacao powder they mean it. There is nothing's great. They have some recipes for shakes on their site as well which is awesome for added a bit of non intrusive sweetness and flavor. We tried the banana with power version and for me it was just the right amount of sweetness without any intrusive tastes or flavors that would otherwise set my gag reflex off at this point in time. My only recommendation is that if you're looking for more protein packed powders, you can double the serving and still get more bang for the buck over the expensive organic whey poweders. If you don't like that suggestion then you may simply want to look elsewhere.Overall, I'm a fan of this brand. I've tried the regular whey protein shakes from a few different brands, and have even tried some organic wheys. Some aren't that bad, and some to this day make me gag when I think about them. This so far has been awesome, I highly recommend a try if you are at a time in your life when you are sensitive to strong tastes and flavors and if you can handle a mild peanut butter/cacao taste.
Mixed feelings

3.0 out of 5.0 by Emmy Smith on January 8, 2019
I took a leap of faith and ordered the cocoa version. Even though I read the reviews, I was still surprised by the flavor. Cocoa dominates the flavor, not peanut butter. I would call this cocoa powder with peanut butter. Knowing this, the bitterness is understandable and tastes fine. However, I would have preferred a stronger PB taste with a touch of cocoa. Because this is SO different than the plain PB, I wish the company would offer "add on" samples of the cocoa for a buck or two. I would have gone that route: re-odered the plain PB, added on a sample of the choc PB, and then had a chance to decide if I REALLY wanted a massive tub of the cocoa. Well, now I have a massive tub of the choc PB and not sure if or when I'll eat it... I use Naked PB in my oatmeal so maybe the cocoa is a nice variation for blending in shakes. It's not bad, it is just way more bitter cocoa flavor than my taste buds enjoy for my oatmeal.
Simple, Natural and Pure

5.0 out of 5.0 by Rachael E. on May 10, 2017
This is exactly what I was looking for. There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Two of my favorite flavors in one-perfect for adding flavor to milk, yogurt or protein shakes. I've found that I have to add sweetener and substance (milk or yogurt etc) in order to counteract the bitterness. Cacao powder on it's own is very bitter but stevia or a half a banana does the trick. I also love that each serving has 6 grams of protein and way less calories than standard peanut butter. I try to steer away from protein powders and this in addition to collagen powder and milk or yogurt actually provides as much protein as a protein powder would! I also make chocolate peanut butter milk with with stevia and a pinch of salt as an afternoon snack YUM. I have yet to bake with this but I do plan on making peanut butter cups soon with this.

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