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The Broken Token Box Organizer for 7 Wonders

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Customers Reviews

... now I'm a believer.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Bait and Switch on May 11, 2018
I have seen Broken Token organizers for a long time now, and I have to admit, I had a large amount of skepticism and sticker shock. I was unable to rationalize a storage solution that in some cases cost more than the game. With that being said, the tray that comes included with the 7 Wonders game is simply awful; it's flimsy, has little organization, and doesn't fit sleeved cards without major X-Acto surgery. So, I decided to take the plunge and by this item, and give Broken Token a chance.The quality and craftsmanship of these trays, for lack of a better phrase, blew me away. These high-precision laser cut wooden pieces fit together so well, that glue was probably not even necessary. They are amazingly sturdy and hold all of the elements from the game and the two expansions that I own while all fitting in the original box so it still looks great on the game shelf. Honestly, the only "con" I can report is that the pieces may fit together a little TOO well leaving little to no space for wood glue, should you care to glue them together (I did).I can say that this will not be the last Broken Token product I purchase. Their attention to detail and precision FAR outweigh the monetary cost. I you value your games and love to keep them organized and in great condition, I HIGHLY recommend getting these organizers.
Excellent find for any 7 Wonders fan; organizes game play and storage!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Jaclyn Paul on January 9, 2017
What a delightful product. We're big 7 Wonders fans, but if you have all the expansions, that means carrying four different boxes on every family vacation. This set organizes everything beautifully and allows you to fit everything -- all the expansions, too -- into the original game box (it replaces the plastic insert that comes with the game box).Our only complaint is that this product assumes you'll want to store everything all together, all the time. We play vanilla or any combination of expansions at any given time, so we like to keep it all pretty separate, and that falls only slightly short of seamless here. However, we really love the lift-out compartments for the currency and whatnot. It makes not just storing the game, but playing the game way more organized.Pro tip: some of the joints may benefit from a wee bit of sandpaper and/or wood glue to make it all perfect. Overall, really nice quality and I'm sure we're going to love it for years to come.Bottom line: if you like 7 Wonders and wish you had a better storage and/or transportation option for the game, this product is for you!
Sturdy, efficient wooden storage for the game and all current expansions

5.0 out of 5.0 by N. Christensen on July 18, 2017
If you already own all of the expansions for 7 wonders, or plan on getting them, this is an excellent product to efficiently sort and store your investment. Nearly all of the joints were a very snug fit, and didn't require any glue to assemble, although I suspect the removable trays might loosen a little after several uses. Fits everything from the current expansions, including the 4 extra boards from the Wonder pack, and the different score pads. All of the cards fit with sleeves. One more card divider would have been nice, but this is otherwise just about perfect for a sturdy wood product that will probably outlast my game components.
The perfect divider

5.0 out of 5.0 by Mike Vande Ven Jr. on February 13, 2017
My wife loves to organize our board games. To the point where she bought a giant wooden box and a bunch of dividers to make a huge Dominion card box.She also loves 7 Wonders, and we have been picking up the expansions quickly.So when I found this, I knew it was a great present. She opened it up and was instantly excited. When she got to put it together, she continued to be excited.The pieces are actually lightweight wood. Because of this, they are durable, but some of the joints may not be 100% accurate. A little dab of glue fixes that.This fits all of the pieces of all of the current expansion nicely. I really love that this fits inside of the main 7 wonders box. I didn't have to buy a separate box to make it fit!But what is really cool is that some of the dividers come out, and hold the tokens while you play the game. This makes game setup super easy, and the table is much less cluttered while playing.We will certainly be buying dividers for other games.
Worth the money, makes your game much more accessible!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Abraham on February 11, 2018
With the level of complexity (tokens, money, cards, wonders, etc) of this game (especially with Leaders & Cities expansions) the original box gets cluttered and messy very fast. This organizer takes about 15 to 20 minutes to assemble and build, but once done it is amazing how well put together an organized your box looks. Huge thumbs up, nothing but compliments from my friends when I unpack the game. Makes playing much easier with portable totes for coins and battle resolution tokens. Tons of expansion room for all the cards you'll eventually add to the game.Also very impressed with the fit and finish, edges are cut securely and added bonus of engraving on some of the boxes. Fits inside the original cardboard box like a glove, no problems there. If you love seven wonders and plan on playing it a lot, get this as it is an investment in every game you'll play.
Excellent Organizer to build and display your game pieces

5.0 out of 5.0 by SpamViking on May 19, 2019
This is a terrific organizer for 7 Wonders and the expansions. It easily fits everything and it looks really impressive when you take it out. It keeps the desks separate better than the indentions in the standard tray. Assembly was pretty straightforward, I never used wood glue on any of the internal pieces, only exterior frames. You really don't even need it in most cases. Your first assembly will probably take you around an hour if you are being careful and using glue. (I put it on a toothpick and then applied the glue with that) but you can put it together with ease.You will be happy with this organizer if you play7 Wonders. The fact that fits most of the expansions at the same time (I don't own Armada and there seems to be disagreement by those that do) makes this a simple decision

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