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essence | I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara | Best Voluminous - Black

by essence cosmetics

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Elegant deep black color, ideal for any setting.
Provides intense & dramatic volume and length for stunning and long lasting results
At Essence Makeup we are committed to serving our environment, which is why our Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara is one hundred percent eco-friendly and cruelty-free.
Intense yet defined volume for striking lashes!
This item does not come blister packed or sealed


I Love Extreme Mascara's "crazy" sister is here - with even more dazzling volume! The deep-black, creamy texture covers each individual lash with color and the extra-large plastic brush provides sensational volume for a sleek, gorgeous look. Opthalmologically tested.

Customers Reviews

Makeup Junkie Review

5.0 out of 5.0 by MGB on March 12, 2018
I love a good mascara. I’m happy to drop money on Lancôme, Charlotte Tilbury, Too Faced etc. There are some awesome highend mascaras out there. That being said, I ALWAYS come back to this guy. He is insanely affordable. He gives me volume. He gives me length. I can order him from Amazon. What more can a girl ask for ? Just buy it..... It’s so good.
Stellar Mascara For Super Long Lashes - Do Not Hesitate to Order!

5.0 out of 5.0 by AnimalAuthor on April 2, 2018
I do not usually post reviews about anything. As a licensed makeup artist and esthetician, I am highly critical of mascara. I have tried a wide range from cheap brands to very expensive ones. My main requirement is that they are cruelty-free. The thing is, most cruelty-free mascaras are not up to par and give a way "too natural" look. I only wear mascara and lip gloss, so I want my mascara to stand out without looking heavy or overdone. This mascara only requires one coat. It provides excellent separation between lashes and truly lengthens them. I am fortunate enough to have somewhat long lashes because I use lash conditioner at night. That said, after applying this mascara, my middle lashes literally touched the top of my eyebrow arch. I would suggest using a professional grade lash curler like Shu Uemura along with this mascara, for maximum results. This formula supports the curl and helps hold it in place all day. I did not notice much flaking. Maybe 2 tiny pepper sized specs after the end of a long, humid day, but that is pretty normal wear for any brand, in my experience. I also suggest a waterproof eye makeup remover to take this off easily, even though it is not a waterproof formula. It stays on so well, it just makes the removal process a little faster. I would put this product up against a $40 mascara. I had thrown away two the two brands I tried, prior to this one. I'm thankful I ordered it and you will be, too. What a great find for only $5. Amazing. For the record, Essence also makes great lip gloss and nail products. I'm recommending it to everyone I know who is mindful of cruelty-free brands. Please don't buy products tested on animals. This one is a winner and will continue to get my business.
Cruelty free, made in Italy and reasonably priced - score!

4.0 out of 5.0 by Cindarelli on March 7, 2018
I was trying to find a cruelty free mascara, NOT made in China, that didn’t break the bank. I stumbled across Essence. The product is made in Italy, is cruelty free and VERY reasonably priced.
The mascara is jet black as advertised, has no odor or weird texture.
My only “complaint” is that there is no scrapper type devise at the entrance of the tube and an ENORMOUS amount of mascara comes out each dip. The attached pic shows how much extra comes out - almost covering the brush in mascara. I have to scrap the extra mascara on the tube and then wipe the wand off with toilet paper before I can apply. Even then the product goes on very heavy.
All in all, I will definitely buy again - though maybe I’ll try something other than the volume style mascara.
Amazing!! This is IT!!!

5.0 out of 5.0 by C. Lewis on May 15, 2017
First of all, I just HAVE to say- I ordered this on a Thursday. It was here on Saturday. 2 days!! From essence cosmetics (can't speak for other sellers.) But the product is completely legit and gives me Mind- Blowingly LONG lashes in under 2 minutes, from the first use to the last.
This was the second tube I had ordered (it lasts forever, the "black powder" lady I think MUST be suffering delusions, this mascara does simply does NOT flake) because I had formerly been a Mally Volumizing girl, but- at 18-22 dollars/per ONE MASCARA?!! I could not continue to do that. I am not a celebrity or a millionaire and at the rate I go through MY mascara?!! Yeah- I was quickly practically bankrupting myself!
This wonderful, magical, beautiful BLACK mascara comes in a cute, very 80's-chic pink, THICK tube... and it has blown me AWAY.
At less than half the price of my Mally!! I don't know how they do it, but man am I glad they do!
I can tell you, it's more of a dry formula (without being TOO dry) than the Mally Volumizing is- because I'm now not dealing with goop all over the top of my bottle and even dripping down to my (already made up!) FACE at times.
Mally isn't known to be an exceptionally wet formula, but especially when it was a brand new tube, I did have these problems.
I truly am SO happy I found this (seemingly) little- known Mascara and I will be a life long consumer now, I'm as certain as I can be without seeing into the future!
I just have to hope to God that the word gets out and that they NEVER discontinue it! Let it be never, Lord!!
All the money I'm going to save over the years is going to be STAGGERING!!
Also, I truly like the look of it better on my lashes than I did the expensive AF Mally.
THIS mascara really uses what you've got and it looks like more of a beautiful, more natural elongation of the lashes and I can do my bottom lashes with it too!!
While the Mally would tend to clump up for being so "wet" a mascara.
I will always love Mally, she was with me and served me well for about 3 years, but she could be messy and for that price on a mascara, a woman like me would expect perfection.
But now I've found THE ONE.
And when you find the ONE, there's just no going back! Try it, buy it, love it forever<3
Best Mascara I've Used

5.0 out of 5.0 by Jennifer Mitts on September 9, 2017
[See my before and after pix.] This is truly the best volumizing mascara I have ever used, and I am a mascara guru (and I have been using mascara for 34 years now -- since I was 12). I refuse to wear false eyelashes on principle, and now with this mascara, I won't ever have the need! Not only does it look great, but the application process is easy and feels luxurious. I cannot believe how little this costs.
Makes your lashes look full and non-clumpy. Perfect Mascara.

5.0 out of 5.0 by NS on May 28, 2018
Wow... that's all I need to say but I'll go into a bit of detail. I've been searching for a half decent mascara since I started wearing it and the only OK one I could find was about $40 I believe and I could never find it again. Ever since then I've been experimenting and came across this. As an animal enthusiast and avid coupon clipper, I thought I might as well give this a try given how cheap it is, and it completely took me by surprise. I was not expecting a cheap mascara to perform the way it did. You guys should honestly be selling this for way more... my eyelashes look so full and non-sticky or clumpy. You have an amazing formula and brush. Can't say enough good things. Buy this!! It's worth it.
thumbs up

4.0 out of 5.0 by Tricia DeCosta on April 17, 2018
I liker everything about this mascara. I LOVE mascara and I especially love one that makes my eyelashes look fuller and longer. I do not wear fake lashes or get anything done so I really look for good mascaras that offer everything I am looking for.

The downside to this mascara is it clumps on the brush making part of the lashes clumpy at times but if you have a clean mascara wand, you are good.
I like how long it makes my lashes

3.0 out of 5.0 by Amazon Customer on October 8, 2017
I like how long it makes my lashes. But it does go on thick and can clump easily. But it takes a little practice compared to the mascara I have been using.
The design of the container is awful. When the ...

1.0 out of 5.0 by Klee on November 8, 2017
The design of the container is awful. When the brush comes out there is so much mascara on it, so the internal clean-off is missing or was never there. It is not worth buying.
I think this became my favorite mascara, gives my lashes a false eyelash look ...

5.0 out of 5.0 by Nina on December 16, 2016
I think this became my favorite mascara, gives my lashes a false eyelash look without looking too dramatic, which I prefer