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Zeiss Lens Care Pack - 2 - 8 Ounce Bottles of Lens Cleaner, 2 Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

by Zeiss Vision

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Includes: two 8 oz (240 ml) bottles of lens cleaner, two microfiber cleaning cloths
Safely and quickly cleans all lenses
Use on eyeglasses, cell phones, laptop screens, cameras, and more
Safe to clean eyewear with No Glare coating
Keep bottles out of reach of children


Safely and quickly cleans all lenses. Use on eyeglasses, cell phones, laptop screens, cameras, and more. Safe to clean eyewear with No Glare coating. Please read all directions before use.

Two 8-oz bottles of lens cleaner
Two microfiber cleaning cloths

Customers Reviews

I believe this product to be counterfeit

1.0 out of 5.0 by Sean on May 18, 2016
I believe this is a chinese knock-off. I purchased an authentic version of the product from B&H and it comes in a box (with German & English instructions), a much finer quality cloth, smaller bottles with a white printed label on them, and a completely different solution. Solution in these bottles appears to be ammonia or alcohol. Authentic Zeiss product has no such smell, doesnt smear, and doesnt cloud.

Amazon - pls look into this
This is not the ammonia-free, safe for coated lenses formula.

2.0 out of 5.0 by JMS_4200 on May 23, 2014
Though the bottles look similar and both have the familiar Zeiss logo, this is not the cleaner I was looking for. I have been using the ammonia-free formula that is labeled: "Especially formulated for Carl Zeiss Optical, Inc. by NanoFILM LTD, Cleveland Ohio" that specifically states that it is safe for coated lenses. That product smells like the isopropanol that it contains.
This product is labeled "Made in China" and smells like detergent. It does clean coated eyeglasses but leaves a slight film. It works well on cell phones and touch screens. I will NOT be trying it on telescope and camera lenses.
Draw your own conclusion - this product has the Zeiss logo but, oddly, not the company name.
CLEARLY contains ammonia

1.0 out of 5.0 by Kevin Murphy on June 12, 2014
This smells like Windex and clearly is based on ammonia. Most optometrists say DO NOT USE AMMONIA-BASED CLEANERS for coated lenses. Sure the Chinese manufacturer says it's OK, but then they would.

Sad that Zeiss is letting their name be used like this.
Don't waste your money and ruin your expensive lenses

1.0 out of 5.0 by eswire on October 1, 2014
I used this product exclusively to clean my glasses for about a week, and noticed a few scratches on one of the lenses. They are anti-glare coated, high quality lenses. I doubt the authenticity of this product and suspect it removed some layers of protection on my lenses. Returned immediately. Don't waste your money and ruin your expensive lenses!
Ruined by prescription sunglasses glasses ...

1.0 out of 5.0 by RDUMan on July 29, 2017
Ruined by prescription glasses of 1 year plus in addition to strong odor! After few days of using this product, I noticed my glasses was blur. After cleaning few times, I noticed that it wasn't dirt/grease but the glasses material had altered/damaged ... series of tiny wavy patterns all over the surface of the lens, hard to tell if inside, outside or both -- hard to take picture of too!

Prescription Sunglasses composition:
Ultra Thin Index 1.67 lenses
Anti-reflective coating
Anti-glare coating
UV200/400 protection coating
Scratch resistance coating

Yes, 3 issues:
1. Product not as described: x1 cloth and disposable wipes not x2 cloths advertised
2. Smells to strong
3. Ruined by prescription sunglasses

Only good news is that this product didn't adversely affect my regular/normal glasses.

Is this a GENUINE Zeiss product?
Sweet way to ruin $300 lenses for $10!

1.0 out of 5.0 by K. Hickman on November 27, 2017
This glorious import from China single destroyed the lenses of my $300 glasses. Sweet pic attached. You can see the anti-glare film bublbling. Nice vendor/quality/counterfeit control Zeiss and Amazon...
My glasses are sparkling clean!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Donna Gall on August 21, 2017
I wear glasses and am constantly cleaning them and they just never seem clean enough. Having pets, their dander and dust gets all over the lenses constantly. I spend time outside by the pool and the garden and the pollen gets all over my lenses. It is amazing how many times a day I clean my glasses and they are still dirty. I went to visit my sister who also wears glasses and she gave me a spray lens cleaner similar to this one and I just loved it. Since I was very happy with the lens cleaner I used at my sister’s house, I decided to look on Amazon for a bottle.

When I came upon the listing for Zeiss Lens Care Pack, it looked like a perfect fit for my needs. I read the reviews and because they were very positive I decided to order this product. When it arrived, I was very impressed with the size of the bottles along with the micro-fiber cloths and the to go wet wipes.

I tested both bottles to make sure the spray nozzle works as it should and there was no problem with them. I cleaned my glasses by spraying both sides of the lenses and then used the micro-fiber cloth to wipe them down. The lenses were so sparkling clean to my amazement and there was no streaks left behind. I have always had a problem with streaks and getting rid of greasy/oily residue. With this lens cleaner, I have not had a problem getting them clean even when there has been finger prints on them. Whenever I make dinner my lenses always get dirty with finger prints, grease marks, and water marks from washing dishes. After dinner, I use this cleanser and my glasses are totally clean.

This product does not have a strong odor, it almost smell like a very light window glass cleaner. Once they are on my face, I do not smell anything at all. Having sensitive eyes, I have not had any issues with my eyes burning or itching. No matter what I have gotten on my lenses, when I use this cleaner they are always see-through clean.

My glasses have several coatings on them such as anti-reflective, water/fog, and anti-oily, but they still get dirty even with these coatings. This lens cleanser has not damaged my lenses at all, which is always a concern of mine. If anything, I see much better when I clean them using this cleanser.
I am very happy that I purchased this item and bought the 2 pack. I keep one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. This is an item that I would recommend to others.
Residue and stingy eyes

1.0 out of 5.0 by Matthew Bonari on September 4, 2014
It's awful. I use it on my glasses but there's always residue. I have to clean it 2-3x just to get my glasses fully clean. It also stings my eyes when I put my glasses on too soon after. Just awful.
Not for eyeglasses!

2.0 out of 5.0 by Sci fi Becky on December 27, 2017
I had 2 similar products given to me by opticians and liked them, so decided to continue cleaning my glasses with a spray designed for them, rather than soap & water. The other 2 products I had were unscented. This product has an ammonia-type scent, which persists even with much rinsing with water and thorough drying. It does clean the lenses, but naturally the ammonia scent, right on your nose, isn't what you want to smell. It does go away after 5 to 10 minutes.
Only one microfiber cloth is included

3.0 out of 5.0 by Tom on January 13, 2016
Not sure where to report this but this seems like a good place. Received the two bottles and only one microfiber cloth but did receive 10 disposable lens wipes. Given this is my 2nd attempt at buying some lens cleaner, I'm just going to deal with it.