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Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

by Infant Optics

Price AED 850.65 In Stock

Estimate to be delivered 30 Oct - 2 Nov


IMPORTANT WARRANTY INFORMATION: check Product Warranty pdf file for list of manufacturer approved retailers
Interchangeable optical lens capability - allowing you to customize viewing angle and zoom
Remote pan, tilt and digital zoom
3.5 inches color LCD display in sleek, compact unit with sound-activated led display
One optical zoom lens included.Data Rate : 3 Mbps


Troubleshooting your DXR-8

Battery not holding a charge

  1. Remove battery and rest 20 minutes which resets the battery, then reinstall battery.
  2. Call 1 (800) 291-0195 for a battery replacement request.


Charging port issue

  1. Use the alternate USB charging cable (two cables in the box).
  2. Call 1 (800) 291-0195 for a charging port replacement request.


Signal range issue

  1. Position monitor and camera unit 3’ away from wifi devices (smartphones, routers, computers, tablets, etc.).
  2. Move monitor and camera unit closer together, and/or a new location without thick concrete walls between them.
  3. Call 1 (800) 291-0195 for further troubleshooting steps.

Customers Reviews

This camera and monitor are great and the costumer service is even better.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Lando on October 29, 2015
We have been using the Infant Optics DXR-8 video monitor for 1 year now and felt we could now give an accurate review.

If you're in a hurry, the summary of this review is that this camera and monitor are great and the customer service provided by the company is outstanding (see below). So stop hunting and trying to weigh all the baby camera/monitor reviews and get this camera and monitor if it provides you with all the features you want. You really aren't going to find anything better.

We initially purchased this camera and monitor after spending way too much time pouring over all the options available to us, trying to find the BEST camera and monitor for our new baby.

Our main concerns were getting a good camera with quality night imaging, good sound and an easily viewable monitor. We also felt we didn't want a system that sent our image feed off to some remote server where it would be stored for some period of time for whatever analytics that the company performed. The Infant Optics DXR-8 fulfilled all our wishes.


Setting up the monitor and camera was easy. We followed the directions and had no issues at all pairing the camera and monitor.

The camera was actually very light and we hung it up on the wall so it could capture the entire inside of the crib. Again, it was very easy.

The monitor had a clear picture in day light and more importantly, at night. The monitors range was sufficient for us and we had no problems even after we moved baby out of our room and into her own as our rooms were on different floors.

The monitor always worked great and we could always see the baby when we wanted. The controls on the monitor were easy to use and the buttons were large enough to use in the middle of the night with no light or light from monitor alone. We appreciated the simplicity, particularly when sleep deprived.

In terms of battery life for the monitor, we had no issues once we figured out our schedule. We used it pretty much throughout the day unplugged and kept it plugged in overnight night by our bed, pretty much like our phones. Occasionally we ran out of battery but not frequently enough where we thought there was something wrong. It was all we could ask for.

Customer Service:

Now for the best part. Coming up on a year of use, the power button on the monitor began to stick. We started having issues turning the monitor on and off and putting it to sleep. It got to the point where the monitor turned on and off by itself sporadically which was problematic at night.

We wrote an email to Infant Optics explaining the situation and hoping for a repair or replacement. We received a response on the very same day we wrote (Sunday!) explaining that a replacement monitor would be easiest.

So we sent the monitor back through the mail and sent them a picture of the package and the receipt. Given this proof, they were able to send out our replacement before they received our broken monitor and we received the new monitor in the mail in 2 days!

But that’s not all. We accidentally sent back the battery for the monitor which we were instructed not to do (The monitor still works without a battery if plugged in). So we wrote again explaining our mistake. Infant Optics immediately got back to us again and sent out another battery for the monitor. 2 days later we had a new battery for our new monitor.

Honestly, we could not ask for better treatment. This is the type of costumer service that actually makes you happy and reaffirms that the Infant Optics camera and monitor was the right choice for our family.

You can’t go wrong with this camera and monitor. It works great and it is backed up by outstanding customer service that provides peace of mind all new parents should be afforded.
Side-by-side comparison of the Samsung SEW-3043W and Infant Optics DXR-8

5.0 out of 5.0 by Michael Marshall on March 2, 2016
Side-by-side comparison of the Samsung SEW-3043W and Infant Optics DXR-8:

First, I just want to say that I am an actual customer that purchased both of these knowing that I would be returning one. It is our first baby together, and we wanted to make sure we had the best possible monitor.

The mommy-to-be and I wanted to test both of these units side-by-side to see how they compared to each other. Samsung initially seemed like the better choice as it had the 5” screen compared to the DXR-8’s screen of only 3.5” The Samsung also had music playback on the camera in the baby’s room (4 different lullaby song choices), and a small night light on the top of the camera (which you can turn on and off).

However, when it came to actually functionality, the DXR-8 was by far the BETTER choice. The on-screen touch controls of the Samsung lagged and were difficult to use. The Samsung’s touch screen is far different than the touch screen on their cell phones, their touch screen has little sensors throughout that you can see if you look at it closely. The Samsung also went out of range (as noted in many of the pictures) when compared to the DXR-8. In one picture I took both units outside. The DXR-8 went over 200’ from my house (and probably could have gone much further). The Samsung went out of range before I even got out the door. The Samsung unit failed at three different areas in my house. Trust me when I tell you that I didn’t make the test easy either. I had three doors shut and about four walls separating the handheld units from their cameras. I took them throughout the house, side-by-side, at the same time. Save yourself both time and $$$ and just start with the Infant Optics DXR-8. Additional pros of the DXR-8 include the on-screen temperature display of the baby’s room, and a brighter display (the Samsung display was rather disappointing, I thought it would have been the far better display, but it simply was not). The only con of the DXR-8 is the smaller screen size, but it is sufficient. Both units functioned about the same when it came to night vision.
I've tried multiple video monitors. This is the best.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Sasha Mackin on March 18, 2015
Okay, this is my fifth video monitor. Sixth, actually, because I replaced a Motorola one. I started with the Wi-Fi baby monitor, which my friends have liked. When I set it up it was easy but the camera wasn't very good. Also I needed a phone or some kind of device to check on the baby which didn't make any sense to me once I got it out of the box, because you want to monitor going all the time. So I returned that and I did a lot of research and ended up with the Motorola. The Motorola had a very good camera but it said pan and scan on the box and it was just a manual pan and scan. It had a temperature reading which I liked, and lullabies which is stupid. The reason the Motorola ultimately failed is the battery life And more importantly, the USB cable stopped charging that the damn thing. The connection was bad. So I returned that for another one, and that took even less time for the USB port to fail. Then I got a Summers infant wide angle camera, And the picture on that was truly craptastic. Maybe it was good for getting a wide angle of the room but you could make out almost no detail at all on the night vision. It was like watching my baby without my glasses on and I need my glasses. So finally I ordered this product and I also ordered one other video camera called easy at home. The easy at home camera was a lot cheaper; it was only $100 but it didn't have the temperature gauge which I decided I liked and there was a slight buzzing from the parent unit. That might've been solved with figuring out the interference, but then I realized I didn't need it once I opened this infant optics camera. So far I love this camera. It's got two lenses which is very cool, the pan and scan function is automated and can be controlled from the parent unit which is excellent. Before, with the Motorola, if the camera wasn't quite pointing at the baby, we would have to sneak in the room and move it and this one I can just do from the comfort of wherever I'm sitting. It's got the temperature function in the picture is very very very clear. The menu items and functions on the parent unit are very intuitive, and even better, so far it has a very excellent battery life. The Motorola, honestly, lasted about half an hour when not plugged in. This one I haven't tested to its limits but it's goes an hour or more without losing a bar. Plus, smartly, this one comes with a second charger, so you can leave two plug-ins in different places in the house where you normally will be in leave the thing plugged in all the time. The only thing that worries me about this one is it also has a USB micro charger, and that was such a disaster with the Motorola that I am wary, but hopefully this won't be a problem with this one. So I hope this was helpful for you. There are so many options out there and as parents we always want what's best for our child, but it's helpful when a product actually works and isn't garbage.
Very pleased!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Robert on April 28, 2018
We tried several monitors before getting this one and I was never satisfied until now! This monitor has all the features I wanted and works great. I love the zoom lense which provides a much clearer picture than zoom features on other cameras. I also love the notification beep you get if the camera is out of range of the parent unit is low on battery - it gives me peace of mind that even at night while I’m sleeping I would know if the monitor wasn’t working correctly. Great night vision and clear picture as well!
Happy Customer

5.0 out of 5.0 by Rebecca Jansen on August 19, 2016
I am very happy with thia purchase. The daytime image is very clear. And the night vision is even quite clear. We are using this camera with the wide angle lens that we purchased as well. And the night vision is still very clear with that lens. We did have an issue after about 4 months where night vision wasn't working. We contacted Infant Optics and they have us email them showing what the screen looked light when using night vision. They sent us a new one immediately since it appeared our camera was defective. They were amazing about it. I am very happy with this purchase and the service we received from Baby Optics. I am able to rotate the camera around the room to keep an eye on my girls. And I am able to speak to them through the monitor. That is a wonderful feature because we have two girls sharing a room and we often have to tell them to get back in bed and stop playing. I love this monitor and I would purchase from this company again. We purchased a second camera and added it to this monitor when we had our third child. The monitor is very simple to function. I did not even have to read the instructions to use it aside from when syncing the camera to the monitor. Very pleased with this purchase. The temperature reading has always seemed to be accurate for us. And I love that feature when dressing the kids for bed on nights when we do not have the air or heat on.

Update: I had an issue with the night vision on my camera no longer working after about 4 months. I contacted Infant Optics and they were very timely getting back to me and replacing the camera. I would absolutely buy another product from them in the future. I love this camera and monitor and they customer service was A+.

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Outstanding monitor from a company that supports its product well!

5.0 out of 5.0 by James E Kemp on April 9, 2018
This is an outstanding baby monitor! It has all the features we could want: pan, zoom, night vision, intercom. What I love most about this monitor is that the company stands behind their product and has excellent customer support. About 1 year in we were having charging issues and they replaced our monitor unit with a brand new one at no cost to us! They made the whole experience easy and pleasant. I was and am very impressed with the company and the product. One more note: I did buy the wide-angle lens but I have never used it. Perhaps it will be more useful once our baby can get out of his crib?
All around fantastic

5.0 out of 5.0 by Amazon Customer on May 7, 2018
Love love love this monitor!! I got this monitor after our second baby was born. She’s a preemie 10 weeks early so naturally we are a little over protective to start. Our monitor from our first baby was not very good so we decided to upgrade and boy was it a upgrade. This monitor has a great image day and night Vision clear audio ( and we can talk back through it) no lag time and it can move and zoom around the entire room. We have it set up in the corner and are able to see the entire room. We love it so much we are planning on buying a second for my older daughters room soon but actually I would love to set them up through my whole house if I could!! Would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a versatile monitor at a great price.
Super easy set-up, good quality baby camera

5.0 out of 5.0 by KrishStrawberri on April 27, 2018
We just got it today. Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. We bought this baby camera for our twin babies so we can make sure they’re safe in their play yard while we are in other parts of the house, usually in the kitchen. The setup was very easy, the manual was easy to understand, it’s basically plug and play. This will be a great help for us in making sure of babies’ safety and well-being.
I love this video baby monitor

5.0 out of 5.0 by Kelia Hart on May 17, 2018
I love this video baby monitor! I like how it displays the temperature of the room and comes with the zoom lense for a better imagine of my daughter (since the camera is up kinda high on the wall). The only thing that I would change about the monitor is that it plays the sound the whole time instead of picking up when the baby makes noise. I turned the sound off and have my regular audio monitor up just for the sound. Other than that I love the infant optics dxr-8 monitor!
The Perfect Baby Monitor

5.0 out of 5.0 by Elisheva Ferguson on April 13, 2018
Picture and sound is very clear! Even at night. Menu and screen is easy to use. I love that the camera can be aimed up and down from the monitor. The batter lasts all day for us and the signal through 4 walls is always great. Wouldn't ask for anything better.