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HUGGIES Snug & Dry Baby Diapers, Size 4 (fits 22-37 lbs.), 192 Count, Giant PACK (Packaging May Vary)


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Featuring fun Disney Mickey Mouse designs, HUGGIES Snug & Dry Diapers Size 4 fit babies from 22 to 37 lb.
Trusted Leak Lock system helps eliminate leaks for up to 12 hours
Four layers of protection absorb moisture quickly, and a quilted liner helps keep baby feeling dry
Wetness indicator changes color when it's time for a diaper change
Pair with HUGGIES Natural Care Wipes to help keep your baby's skin clean and soft
Packaging may vary from image shown


HUGGIES Size Four Snug & Dry Diapers give your baby great protection at a great value. Four layers of protection absorb moisture quickly to help stop leaks for up to 12 hours, and a quilted liner helps to keep your baby dry and comfortable. Plus, Snug & Dry disposable baby diapers have a wetness indicator stripe on the outside that changes from yellow to blue when wet, which helps take the guesswork out of diaper changes. Featuring fun Disney Mickey Mouse designs, Snug & Dry Diapers are available in sizes Newborn (up to 10 lb.), 1 (8-14 lb.), 2 (12-18 lb.), 3 (16-28 lb.), 4 (22-37 lb.), 5 (27+ lb.) and 6 (35+ lb.). Join HUGGIES Rewards to earn points on every pack of HUGGIES diapers and wipes you buy.

Customers Reviews

Knock off Huggies?

1.0 out of 5.0 by Blessedmewith4 on June 3, 2017
DO NOT BUY THESE! These are not the same Huggies I've used for years. We went up a size and these ones are paper thin, cut oddly and there are hard clumps of dried powder of some sort and they don't bend. I'm attaching a photo to the clump. They are in different parts of each diaper. These seem like knock off Huggies. And Amazon will NOT let me return them. I'm sending a letter to Huggies.
little gel keeps coming out. Zero stars.

1.0 out of 5.0 by Suzi on August 5, 2016
I've been using Huggies for my baby since birth but there's something wrong with this shipment of size 3. The little gel inside of the diaper keeps coming out on to my baby's bums. There's not visible openings or anything in the diaper itself. Very frustrating and would like to return the diapers I haven't touched.

Update: tried a few more times just to see how it goes-- it got worse and now I am really irritated.
Why do I have to waste my money and hope for a good shipment? Why isn't the quality consistant? Are there no QA conducted for these products???? Why do you even sell these????
Are these fake Huggies?

1.0 out of 5.0 by Keith on April 9, 2017
These are the thinnest diapers I have ever seen, and we have had one or more kids in diapers for the past 5 years. Huggies has been our preferred brand as we had not had any issues.... until now. When I first opened this box of diapers I thought that Huggies had a new design. Did not give it any further thought until I checked on my 18 month old and found her diaper had leaked. Thats when I had a closer look at the new Higgies diaper and compared it to one of the same brand from an earlier box(from Costco). The new diaper in addition to the design change is lighter and thinner. I guess its time to switch to another brand.
These WILL burst no matter what.

1.0 out of 5.0 by Colin on March 19, 2018
I've been using Huggies for almost 5 years. My latest subscription arrived and I noticed that there was a new (and dull) design. I didnt think about it after that and noticed that the diapers BURST EVERY TIME my kids use them. Doesn't matter that you change them before they even become full. One pee and they burst and leave pieces of god knows what all over my kid's bum. Im changing my subscription to a different brand and returning the box I got. This is ridiculous. I have enough to worry about without having to worry about the diapers that burst no matter what you do to avoid the mishap.

1.0 out of 5.0 by KD on November 16, 2016
These are the worst diapers I have ever come across! I usually check on my son about 2 hours after he's gone to bed. He doesn't wake up when I just go in to change his diaper. On 3 separate occasions, I walked in to find his diaper had exploded and all the filling was everywhere! Everywhere! One time I even had to hose him down because I couldn't get all of the little beads off of him. I can't continue waking my son up to change his diaper, his pajamas, his bedding every night!!! Not to mention this is dangerous!!! Whatever is absorbing wetness should not be so easily accessible to my child. Thank goodness he's asleep and not doing some inspecting on his own. I will NEVER PURCHASE THESE AGAIN and recommend against anyone wasting their money.
Looks like these are duplicate but using the brand name as ...

1.0 out of 5.0 by Srikanth on June 17, 2017
Request everyone not to buy this... Looks like these are duplicate but using the brand name as "Huggies". Just 1 time of pee, it becomes very wet (especially in the night time when my boy pees). I do not recommend this to anyone and never buy this again. The packing is also not a original one, they just put the diapers in a plain printed cardboard... Horrible.
Should be called snug and wet

2.0 out of 5.0 by Ritarn2 on March 18, 2017
I noticed something different about these diapers, 1. was the character print which I liked. 2. was the quilted pattern on the inside of the diaper and 3. the blue strip liner. I also unfortunately noticed that these diapers consistently leaked at night. I at first thought that I hadn't pulled the side tabs snug enough but after having my baby waking up wet night after night I knew it was not user error but that these diapers suck. These diapers may absorb more but they leak out some of the moisture that they've absorbed. I have some of the older version of snug and dry left over that I use at night but these "new" version I will only use during the day. I also noticed that these new diapers cause itchiness on my sons private parts I have to apply a bit more diaper cream to prevent him from having irritation. I don't like these new diapers and wish I could get some sort of refund otherwise I may have to switch back to using pampers. They cost a tad bit more but pampers in this case is a better product. I have Huggies on amazon prime auto-shipment but will stop any future shipment.
They changed the quality!

1.0 out of 5.0 by Fruity on June 15, 2017
These are awful!!! I've been using Huggies exclusively for 8 months until now. They changed the diaper completely because it's very very thin and my daughter has leakage every single day in these! May as well get the Walmart brand, it's the same thickness. I didn't see a difference in Huggies size NB, 1, or 2. But this box of size 3 seems to be the one where they changed the quality.
Another thing I'd like to point out, it's much harder to determine which way is the front or the back with these ones. The design and the way the flaps are make it confusing. Not that it's a huge deal.. But if you have a super wiggly baby like I do, it can be pretty annoying.

I'm switching to washable pocket diapers to save on costs now. Maybe this diaper quality thing was a good way to get me to finally try reusable diapers. We'll see how it goes. :)
Ok, but not my favorite - even among comparable diapers.

3.0 out of 5.0 by JennK on June 11, 2018
Intro: After five years and three kiddos I have used a variety of diapers including Pampers (Swaddles and Baby Dry), Huggies (Little Snugglers and Snug &Dry), Honest, Target, and Luvs. I personally only bought Honest, Target (Up&Up), Babyganics and Luvs a couple times because I didn’t like the feel (Honest diapers and Babyganics are very stiff and papery) and absorption. That being said, I had found that Pampers and Huggies had ‘premium’ (Pampers Swaddlers and Huggies Little Snugglers) and ‘regular’ (Pampers Baby Dry and Huggies Snug & Dry) classes of diapers. I have compared these four different diapers - all in my current purchasing size (Size 5).

Pampers Swaddlers vs. Huggies Little Snugglers:
FEEL: I love the cloth-like feel of both these diapers. Huggies were slightly softer than the Pampers, but only a tiny bit.
WETNES INDICATOR: These both have the wetness indicator line (shown in yellow) which turn blue when the diaper is wet. This is not a necessary diaper function, but can be slightly helpful when doing a quick diaper check. Although, the line tends to almost immediately turn blue once the diaper is applied - but not necessarily enough to change the diaper.
TABS: The Huggies diapers have better tabs - the entire tab is ‘sticky’ allowing for a quick stick on a wiggly baby.
COVERAGE: The Pampers diapers seem slightly larger overall, although not by much.
“ELASTIC”: The leg ‘elastic’ on the Pampers is wider, allowing for more material to catch a ‘leg leak’ - but the Huggies diapers are better for back-top leaks because of the waist ‘elastic’. These ‘elastic’ areas help the diapers fit and stay in place while keeping any leaks at bay.
PATTERN: Both Pampers Swaddlers and Huggies Snugglers are fairly muted diapers, Huggies being slightly less noticeable under light colored clothing.

Pampers Baby Dry vs. Huggies Snug & Dry:
FEEL: Pampers Baby Dry is much softer than the Huggies Snug & Dry diapers the Huggies diaper is very paper-like and this is a major reason I’d prefer not to buy these diapers.
WETNESS INDICATOR: Pampers Baby Dry doesn’t have a wetness indicator line like the Huggies Snug & Dry.
TABS: The tabs on the Pampers Baby Dry are not as big as the Huggies Snug & Dry; HOWEVER, the Huggies tab area is very narrow and thus seems more ‘uncomfortable’ when the diaper is on. Pampers tab is smaller but the design of the tab area seems much better.
COVERAGE: Pampers Baby Dry seems significantly larger than the Huggies Snug & Dry.
“ELASTIC”: Pampers Baby Dry doesn’t have the back ‘elastic’ so the Huggies Snug & Dry is much better with back-waist elastic and the leg elastic afraid also wider than the Pampers. Huggies is much better at keeping leaks at bay with the ‘elastic’ areas.
PATTERN: pampers Baby Dry are a much better diaper visually. They are a light blue and white color, whereas the Huggies Snug & Dry are a bold black and white which is easy to see under light colored clothing.

Softness (most soft to least soft): Huggies Snugglers, Pampers Swaddlers, Pampers Baby Dry, Huggies Snug & Dry.
Wetness Indicator: Tie between Pampers Swaddlers, Huggies Snugglers, Huggies Snug & Dry - Pampers Baby Dry doesn’t have the indicator.
Coverage: Pampers Swaddlers, Huggies Snugglers (because of back waist ‘elastic’), Pampers Baby Dry, and Huggies Snug & Dry.
Pattern: Huggies Snugglers, Pampers Swaddlers, Pampers Baby Dry, Huggies Snug & Dry.

NOTE: I don’t seem to notice an absorbency level difference between any of these diapers, therefore I didn’t compare this aspect.

If money wasn’t an option I would probably buy Huggies Little Snugglers. They are the softest, stretchiest, good coverage. My choice on the slightly cheaper diaper level would be Pampers Baby Dry because they are softer and have a better visual appeal.

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Good price, great diaper

5.0 out of 5.0 by Nicole Fischer on December 14, 2017
I am completely thrilled with these diapers. We used Pampers Swaddlers for a long time, but ultimately the price made it too hard to continue with them. Then we tried Luvs; huge mistake. They bunched up as soon as she peed in them, and they kept her skin moist so she was always getting rashes. I had previously not liked Huggies but the price was good, so we gave them a try.

Am I glad I did! They are just wonderful. The inside is never wet no matter how long it has been since the last change, i.e. she can go all night and her skin is still totally dry. The back has a great accordion-like section that really fits the diaper to her, hugely reducing leaks. In fact, I'm fairly certain we've never had a leak with these night or day.

The diapers are incredibly soft and have no smell of their own. They tuck around her legs without being too tight. I love the blue line that lets you know when it's wet, similar to swaddlers. And the price is really good. Basically, I highly recommend these diapers. I've had two boxes so far and I'm getting a third soon. Same quality in all so far.