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VTech Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train

by VTech

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Push toy is designed to grow with your child; the toy train can be used as a floor toy, a ride on that also transforms into a baby Walker or a pull toy wagon they can fill with toys Learning toy comes with 10 activities including a storybook, clock, gears; 13 double-sided alphabet blocks build fine motor skills and introduce letters, numbers, colors and more For toddler role-play toy fun, the included walkie-talkie and number pad encourage role-play and introduce numbers and animals; counting toy plays more than 100 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases Toy train counts the alphabet blocks when they're dropped down the chute; kids story book teaches sing-along songs and plays melodies Educational toy is intended for toddlers ages 1 to 3 years old; 3 AA batteries included for demo use only, use new batteries for regular use

Customers Reviews

Both of our sons love this toy

5.0 out of 5.0 by Jheneya on January 29, 2017
This train is one of our sons' favorite toys and keeps them entertained for a while. Both our 10-month-old and almost 3-year-old loves to play with it. Our oldest loves to ride on it, pushing it with his feet. And our youngest loves to use it as a walker when the seat is detached. They both love the little activities, which include double-sided alphabet blocks, which trigger words and phrases when placed in the slot on the train.It also includes a storybook, clock, number keys, and weather/color keys. It plays more than 100 songs, melodies, and phrases, and introduces letters, numbers, animals, etc. There are also knobs to turn and a cell phone/walkie talkie. The phone doesn't actually play anything, but it encourages pretend play which our toddler loves. One of the coolest features is the little chute on the train. Drop the blocks or other little toys down the chute and it lands in the little storage compartment under the seat. The train is also very colorful and lights up. There are two volume settings, which is great. Considering all the features, the price was also reasonable. It was definitely worth the purchase.
Amazing Gift for a 1 year old

5.0 out of 5.0 by Marianna on February 23, 2019
 My 1 year old loves it. It was a gift from his dad and I, and he loves it. When he first received it he didn’t know how to walk, so he used it to help him walk and play with it. He loves all the blocks and continues play with them, very interactive. Now he knows how to walk so we have attached the sitting cart and ride him around with it and he LOVES it. He can use this toy for at least 2 more years. Great to learn how to walk, to play with, and teach the alphabet with.
Perfect gift for any any little one!!

5.0 out of 5.0 by purchwomen on September 24, 2015
Love it!! I was originally going to get the older model instead and then I came across this one and my son loves it even his three yr old sister and his cousin did too, so I even bought one for his 1st birthday as well. Very fun interactive toy and perfect to help encourage walking/ speaking, scooting/balance, and imagination! We also have had no problems with him getting his arm stuck where the blocks go into the train.
I received a great price through Amazon and was impressed at the quality ...

5.0 out of 5.0 by on December 28, 2015
I have purchased more than one of these trains. I first purchased one around Christmas 2015 for a chartable cause called "Angel Tree" where the needy family requested an educational toy for their 1 year old boy. I received a great price through Amazon and was impressed at the quality of the toy. I liked it so much I purchased another one for my son, 9 months old on Christmas who absolutely LOVES it. He especially loves dropping the blocks into the train and watching them slide into the attached caboose/wagon. There is a bit of assembly involved but it requires no tools. I plan to purchase this whenever there is a birthday or future charitable gift request for a child between the ages of 1 - 3. Fantastic toy! Well built and sturdy
like, numbers and letters and animals

5.0 out of 5.0 by Whit on December 31, 2016
My 1 1/2 yr old LOVES this! It has so much to do on it and it gives so much chh informatio, like, numbers and letters and animals. The shoot on top is awesome, my one concern is that something that will definitely get stuck and bot come out is just moments away from happening. It's a very fun part of the toy but it's sure to get blocked some day. The letter legos are genius and how they fit in like a puzzle is awesome and my 1 1/2 yr ild could easiely do it adter one or two demonstrations! It's a fun learning toy and a ride ob, so versatile. I'd buy it again hands down!
DEFECTIVE Alphabet Reading Train does not properly recognize the alphabets... or colors!!

1.0 out of 5.0 by Coco Meows on July 7, 2018
I am appalled that a toy designed to teach little ones as an "alphabet train" failed so spectacularly.The toy I received was defective... or the voice recording for the different alphabets does not know its alphabets and needs to go back to school to learn its alphabets. (:There are 13 alphabet blocks in the alphabet train set with separate lettering on both sides of the blocks. The alphabet block placed onto the block holder on the main body of the train is supposed to say the letter and the object represented by that letter (actual example, "X is for X-Ray Fish") BUT.... the alphabet block placed onto the holder does not correlate to the actual audio stated by the train. Instead of "X is for X-ray fish", we hear the representation for another letter.I did not realized this until I sat down one day and played this toy with the little one and realized the letters and the audio did not correspond with each other. Is this a malfunction? Lack of quality control? Not sure as the train itself is very cute and the pretty colors, bright lights are attractive to the little one.Oh, one more thing, one of the stated lights on the color panel does not correspond to the actual color of the light. I forgot off the top of my head but it's something like a blue light lights up but it says it is red or something.Please check your toy before keeping it. Good luck!
Not stable for sit to stand toy.

1.0 out of 5.0 by MissKim on July 30, 2017
Stickers on the small square pieces comes off very easily, especially when my baby chews on them. The train itself is not sturdy, my son is 11 months, he played while sitting down and the train kept falling on him. It is definitely not stable enough for him to stand and play when it tips over while he is sitting.
7+ year old loves interacting with this toy

5.0 out of 5.0 by zh on September 3, 2017
great product. purchased for my 7 month old and he loves it! he sits on the back and cracks up as i slowly pull him around the house. the top has a hole which the small alphabet square can pass through before landing under the seat. he hasn't quite figured that out yet, but he still enjoys the show of sounds and colors as he interacts with the side of the train. the train asks for certain letters to be passed through the top hole, which I'm sure in the future will be entertaining for him. i can see this toy being used for the next year or so.

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