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Pampers Swadlers size 4

by Pampers

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Pampers Swadlers size 4


Pampers Swadlers size 4

Customers Reviews

Very good product, but pricing is killing me

3.0 out of 5.0 by Sergio on June 11, 2017
Very good product, but pricing is killing me. We using size 5 152count from Feb 2017 (subscription) and what I paid for this exact same box
Feb $31.8
Mar $44.5
Apr $23.79
May $24.9
Jun $42.9 what the hell going on with price.?????
I can understated some couple bucks changes month to month due to delivery, fuel cost and so on but this is to much!!!
$27 last month, $56 this month - NOT COOL

2.0 out of 5.0 by L. J. FINE on June 18, 2017
I understand minor price fluctuations, but this is ridiculous. I paid $27.99 for this same pack of diapers last month, and this month they're asking $56.40. I've been a Pampers Swaddlers user since my almost-5yo daughter was born, but I'm done. Off to Target brand diapers we go—as I'm sure many others are doing, too.
Price Fluctuations Out of Control

1.0 out of 5.0 by KT on July 2, 2017
These diapers work well, but as others have said, the price fluctuations are ridiculous, and I don't see any responses from amazon or pampers. The price has doubled since my last order with subscribe and save. I think we're going to run out early so I went to order more, and the price went from $24.99 to $50.99 (sans subscribe and save. With it they're still $40. I paid $19.99 last time.) This makes no sense.
Work great fpr us...

5.0 out of 5.0 by Maker Mac on October 9, 2016
I've read some of the poor reviews of alleged bad quality knock-off diapers. As of today's date 10/09/16 we haven't had a single problem. We've been using these economy packed Pampers Swaddlers through Amazon's Prime or Subscription services strictly since our daughter was born - sizes Newborn through 2 so far. No issues. No cuts, no marks, and not a single leak (and our daughter knows how to fill a diaper!) I don't care about graphics quality, but I know for a fact that every box of Pampers items we have purchased through Amazon has been legit brand name since we submit the Rewards codes from each package directly to Pampers using their App, and never had a problem with a single one.

These are great diapers to us and we will keep buying them through Amazon.
Pampers for the win!!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Cheamey on June 22, 2017
For baby #2, I decided to branch out & try other diaper brands. Huggies gave my daughter a rash, so did their wipes. My daughter seems to be allergic to something in their products. Earth's Best was okay. Wasn't crazy about them but like all "organic" diapers, they seem really stiff. I love the cute prints on the Honest Company diapers but they just didn't hold much. It was leaks after leaks so I sold the remaining packs I had & purchased more Pampers! People stock up on toilet paper, I stock up on diapers! I am addicted to Pampers & dk why I even bother trying other brands. It has never let me down, even with my first child! The only time I've had leaks were due to me needing to up the size. Once I did, no leaks since then! The diapers are soft & I love the netting part on the inside as it pulls the waste away from my daughter's skin. She sleeps long hours at night & although I usually do diaper changes in the middle of the night so she's not sleeping in a wet diaper, on days where I am exhausted, this diaper has held up for a full 12 hours! Yes! 12 full hours! I have absolutely no complaints & have loved Pampers even more since Amazon been having awesome deals on them! Prices fluctuates on Amazon as others have complained about but a lot of retailer's do the same; For example, Wal-Mart has been doing it too in order to compete with Amazon. You just have to keep a tab on your subscriptions & check prices often! I scored 4 boxes of 180 ct size 3 swaddlers for $15 each via Subscribe & Save! I also caught a deal on size 5! If prices go up drastically, I just simply cancel the subscription. It's super easy to do & literally takes only a minute! I'm sold & will continue to buy Pampers!
I can't believe I'm writing a diaper review.......

4.0 out of 5.0 by HI and Lo on December 29, 2015
Well, I have finally reached that stage in my life where I find myself writing diaper reviews.....if you are reading this you must be at that stage in your life too. Congratulations! We have twins so buying bulk diapers on the cheap is critical. It's also critical for us that the diapers work well and we don't have dual drippy, ooozy, horrible messes ambling around our house!!! These diapers work the best for us, they seem to fit our kids butts well and they hold an amazing amount of you know what, which is also important because with two of them we can't always get there immediately! The blue line wetness indicator is great, but if you take a lot of family pictures you'll look back and wish you had given your kids fresh diapers before the pictures because the blue line is a dead giveaway that your kid needed changing and you have documented it in the photo!

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I see why everyone thinks these are fake Swaddlers!

1.0 out of 5.0 by M. McGill on July 23, 2016
I am so disappointed in the design change. I loved the pampers swaddlers (the originals) and used them for my first baby. I bought them again for the second and after two boxes of normal swaddlers, I suddenly got a box full of diapers that were totally different. The color is now a more blue-ish white and characters are not as bright. More importantly, they are much thinner and not as soft. I also see a difference in the absorbency. The originals would keep my daughter dry all night but these leak after a few hours. Don't waste your money until they go back to the previous version!
Low quality

1.0 out of 5.0 by Amazonian on May 17, 2017
These pampers are not of same quality as the one I usually buy from target or walmart. My kid kicks a lot while watching tv and most of the times these diapers worn out from his thigh areas, due to which it starts leaking. I can easily see loose threads on these pampers on thigh areas.
Watch the price.. can be a great deal

5.0 out of 5.0 by Bauer on June 10, 2017
First of all on certain days/times these diapers can be an amazing deal! Other days they are almost double the price, so check often to find the deal. I got a huge box for 23$ ( was paying the same price at the store for almost 1/2 the amount of diapers) and checked back for more and they were almost 50$ .

As for the diapers, I'm on my 4th box and notice absolutely no difference than any other swaddlers I have purchased in the stores . They are the same diapers, not counterfeit.. each sleeve has the pampers rewards code.. I've never had them burst open like some of the other reviewers. They work great for our daytime diapers, our little boy was leaking in these at night once he started sleeping 7-8 hrs a night so for nightime I use an overnight up&up diaper. But these are great for daytime, no rashes, leaks or any other issues. Great deal
please listen to my story..

1.0 out of 5.0 by Amazon Customer on June 5, 2017
well.. when i was shopping around on amazon for diapers i came across the awesome deal. i always read reviews.. but i have never written one before. I didnt think it was possible to have knock off pampers.. sounds bizarre. but, sadly this is what happened. i purchased a box of pampers from walmart to see if my daughter would be allergic to them before i went in to subscribe on amazon. she did just fine. i loved them. when receiving these diapers i was sick... when opening the box the chemical smell hits you hard in the face. at first i thought it was just my sinuses messing with me... i went right in and started using these diapers. i made it about 5 diapers in :( my daughter started to develop problem areas on her bottom.. so i used burt bees diaper cream.. it kept getting worse and worse. within two days i realize its not a damn diaper rash.. she has a chemical burn. her poor bottom had layers of skin burned. it was extremely heart breaking and i feel like a damn idiot for using these diapers after i had smelt the smell of them.. i also stored these in her changing table (which has doors) and you can still smell them with them closed!! sadly i had a very unhappy baby, lost money, and will be throwing these in the trash. please please please take the review seriously. these are not good at all. we ended up purchasing them at walmart and her bottom started to clear up.