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Playtex Diaper Genie Refills for Diaper Genie Diaper Pails - 270 Count (Pack of 3)

by Playtex

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BUILT DURABLE, the Odor Lock refill features 7 layers that work together to help lock in diaper odors & messes
Works with Diaper Genie Elite, Essentials and "Mini" Diaper Pails
Each refill holds up to 270 newborn diapers
Diaper Genie Refills GUARANTEE* Odor Lock Protection
If not completely satisfied, return for full refund of purchase price or replacement


This pack of three refills for a Playtex Diaper Genie will dispose of a combined total of up to 810 diapers in an odor-free and germ-free way, helping keep your baby's nursery and your home as safe and clean as possible. Each container comes with 270 refills, and this is a set of three containers. Playtex Diaper Genie Refill Cartridges, 270 Ct

Customers Reviews

Expensive Yes: But Here's How to Triple the Life of the Refills

3.0 out of 5.0 by N. C. Moore on January 21, 2013
There are hundreds of reviewers who rightly complain about the price of these refills. I'm quick to join them. However, the Daiper Genie just flat-out works too well to retire so here's what we do to save money.

When the Genie gets full, I pull the bag out and use scissors to cut the bottom knot off and let all the dirty diapers fall into a trash bag or grocery bag, which I then tie up and toss in the outside garbage. I then simply retie the Genie Refill bag and use it again. It doubles (or triples) the life of the refills.
Grossest testament to the Diaper Genie

5.0 out of 5.0 by CleverPenName on February 27, 2016
This is one of the grossest stories but is a testament to how well this product works. I am one who buys the environmentally friendly product most of the time but when our kid got to the stage of really stinky diapers, we couldn't take it and bought the Diaper Genie. After our kid was done with diapers, someone stashed the Genie in our garage to use for our next kid. Well about 2 years later, the next kid arrives and we pull the Genie out of the garage to dust off and use again. Guess what we found?! We found old diapers in it - not infested with bugs, not stinking outside the bag at all, and the bag was intact. They were in there for years and nobody noticed! Of course when we cut the bag off to throw it out, we were hit with quite the stench but it was remarkably contained all that time. We were very impressed and grossed out at the same time.
One Year Supply? Hah!

4.0 out of 5.0 by Ryan on April 7, 2016
Hah! Haha hahahahah haha ah... one year supply. *wipes tear from eye* That was a good one.

Where do you find these dainty pooping babies you use for marketing purposes? I'd imagine they also wipe themselves and swap out the bag when it gets full too. My twins will blast through this box in two months, and they're in day care for half the day.

I hate paying these inflated prices for what is essentially the roll of bags you get in the produce department for free. But I'll stop using my Diaper Genie when you pry it from my cold dead hands. Regardless it's a decent price relative to what's out there and I've known since the first week of my kids lives that the advertised capacity of these things is just marketing poop.
Refills are a must have for the Diaper Genie system

5.0 out of 5.0 by jeremy divers on February 27, 2017
When it comes to having babies around the house, the stinky diaper is inevitable, it's actually a daily (and often multiple times a day) occurrence. Who wants to have those stinky diapers smelling up the house from the trash, or even worse, have to take every stinky diaper outside every time? Both of those are a pain, so it's a good thing the Diaper Genie and similar systems were invented. Now you can dispose of those stinky diapers right there at the changing table and trap the smell in. Of course this wouldn't be possible without the bags to store them in, and these refills are the way to go. Keep the mess and smell trapped and easily dispose of multiple diapers at once when you fill the bag. I don't know if these work in other systems as we only have Diaper Genies in our house at the moment, but we wouldn't dream of trading them for the world. Having kids soon? Get one of these systems and stock up on some refills. Might I suggest one with a foot pedal instead of a lid you have to flip up yourself...the first exploding diaper you get to deal with will explain that perfectly.
There's no genie in my pail!

4.0 out of 5.0 by InReview on August 10, 2017
You thought poop bags were only for walking the dog? NOPE!

Some genius over at Playtex thought "Let's put a crap catcher, in a crap bag." BOOM! Diaper Genie was born. Why wouldn't customers want something like that? No one intends to walk the 100 ft. to their garbage to dispose of that small package of human waste. ...Exercise be danged!

It's better if we keep it all in a pail in our children's room, let it ferment a little. We want those babies to stack on top of each other until it hits capacity. It's like a poop filled jack in the box; you're hoping you're not caught with a diaper poking out the top. "Please make it fit!" you tell yourself as you try and shove one more poo present into the pail as hard as you can. You just hope it's your spouse that gets stuck with the one that doesn't make it in.

In the case you're the lucky one that doesn't make it fit, you turn into Poo Santa as you heft that long blue bag of caca over your shoulder and out that long 100 ft. walk the garbage. "HO HO HO," you say, as see your neighbors look at you with disgust from the smell the permeates everywhere like a skunk gone wild.

Let's get real though; this is a lazy man's dream for disposing of those poo pockets.

Smart of Playtex for thinking of a way to make me pay for it over and over and over again with their fancy round sack distributor. We wouldn't want to make it work with regular garbage bags, would we?

Over all, a decent product.

In Review:

* I rubbed this poo pail, and no genie came out.
* Poop is gross. Why not collect it?
* Playtex hit a home run
* Poo presents from Santa... some of us deserve that.
* I'm lazy
Choking hazard

2.0 out of 5.0 by KAR on January 8, 2018
Many others have hit the highs (they work reasonably well) and lows (they’re expensive) of these bags. I have just one major concern to add. When I tear off a full section of bag, I end up with coin-sized bits of plastic bag on the floor. They’re hard to see because they’re virtually clear, but I pick them up as soon as I see them. The hazard is my infant finding one first and sticking it in her mouth. As you probably know, clingy plastic can easily block off a baby’s windpipe, and it would be hard to figure out (in time) why the baby isn’t breathing. I don’t know if the problem lies in the bags or in the newest incarnation of the Diaper Genie pail, but this didn’t happen with my older Diaper Genie.
Better than the Knock-offs!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Michelle Salim on February 25, 2018
We switched to the cheaper brand for a few weeks, and we are back to these! They are worth the extra for a couple of reasons: 1. the cheaper brands have thinner plastic so they smell worse 2. Not sure how to explain this exactly, but when I put a diaper in the cheaper liner, the liner would bunch up and have excess plastic go through the little hole in the Diaper Genie, meaning I was wasting a few inches every time I changed a diaper, so it really was not worth the cheaper price! Hope that helps you justify the additional cost!
Works great! Especially if you use this trick

4.0 out of 5.0 by David on June 23, 2014
Okay, it's not really a trick but it is basically common sense if you think about it. If this is your first baby then you might not even realize you can do this.

Let's be honest, this whole Diaper Genie concept is ingenious. Who wants to smell poopy diapers thrown in an inside trashcan or have to traipse up and down the stairs and walk them to the outside trashcan? Not me. That's where this little baby (no pun) comes in real handy. But alas, as many have stated before, the refills can become quite expensive real fast unless you use it correctly.

Bottom line (and only halfway through my rant, lol), only use it for the poopy diapers (aka #2). Why take up valuable space for just a pee (#1) diaper? Just throw the #1 diapers into whatever trash can you have nearby and take the garbage out as you normally would. In our case we have a small waste basket outside the little guy's room and once a day we empty it into the big trash can and take it outside to the even bigger trash can. And once a week and even bigger trash can (on wheels) comes and takes it to an even bigger trash can.

But for #2 diapers we use the Diaper Genie. Since he's a regular once a day kind of guy we don't usually have to empty the Genie but once a week. Which makes each refill last about 2 months and each 3-pack around 6 months. If you use it that way it isn't really much of a financial burden.

Now, someone else suggested, when the bag is full, cutting the bottom of the bag (where the knot is) and emptying the diapers into the trash can and then retying and reusing the genie bag over and over. To me that is just gross and possibly messy. I'm not that desperate and if you use it only for poopy diapers you should be fine.
What went wrong?

2.0 out of 5.0 by Brisco on March 8, 2018
UGH!!.. not too happy...Ok, Let me start with saying, I like my Diaper Genie, really I do. The idea of keeping smelly poo filled diapers in a bag-sealed in a bin, in my bathroom is still gross to me, but the fact that I don't have to "smell" them until it is garbage night makes it a little easier. I have always bought my refills at a big name store because I usually run out and NEED them. This time, I thought ahead... ordered from Amazon! Woo-hoo, 2 day shipping and a tad cheaper. Anyhow, fast forward a few weeks and I go to empty my diaper bin only to find the bin full of diapers and the bag seam slit wide open!! Not a big deal, I had to pull out about 3 feet until the tube was sealed again. Waste of money! Fine, it's whatever. I finished that one and put in a fresh pack, knot the bottom and it's business as usual... until it happens again-ripped seam, only this time the diapers leaked into the bottom of the bin!!!... OMG!!! How awful? week old stinky diaper 'yuck' filled the bottom of my bin!.... EWW!!!! Gross!!!!! I thought the Diaper Genie was supposed to make my life with a baby easier, not make things worse. :(
Diaper Genie pail, bags and filters a winning combo!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Sean on April 17, 2017
Diaper Genie pail, bags and filters a winning combo! I've already given 5 stars for the Diaper Genie Elite and the carbon filters. At 8 months we've just changed the filter once (I know you're supposed to do every 3 months but I always forget as there is no odor coming from the pail). Even now that the boy is eating a lot of solids and his poos are stinkier and more solid, we still have no smell escaping. The bags themselves are easy to change. I'm not sure about the claim of "up to 270 diapers". I guess "up to" can mean anywhere from 1 to 270. We change rolls about once per month, maybe a little more frequently than that. Amazon might not be the cheapest place to buy, although we have. We usually get at Costco, which sells a 4-pack which is a little cheaper per roll.