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Child Harry Potter Deluxe Costume Medium

by Rubie's

Estimate to be delivered 22 Nov - 25 Nov




Black fleece costume robe has burgundy accents. Embroidered patch with Gryffindor house emblem.


Deluxe fleece costume robe with burgundy accents and an embroidered Gryffindor House patch. Join the Gryffindor House on a Harry Potter adventure with this ankle-length costume robe from Rubies Costume Company! The robe measurement from neck to hem is approximately: Small 35 inches, Medium 39 inches, and Large 44 inches. Also look for Slytherin robes, wands, and other officially licensed Harry Potter costumes and accessories. For dress up play, Halloween, book reports, or just for fun - in sizes from infant to adult - if it's magical fun you're looking for, Rubies has it!

Customers Reviews

Loved by librarians!

5.0 out of 5.0 by BlueLightningJeep on November 20, 2016
I am a librarian and wore this a few times for Halloween. It's perfect for occasional Harry Potter dress up times. It was a nice quality product and I really looked like Harry Potter! As far as the clip people talk about, honestly, I preferred it without that. I didn't even use it, but if you want to close it, a safety pin would be fine. It would have hidden my Gryffindor sweater and tie to close it. The only cons are the inside lining does need to be ironed and if you have a pet, be prepared to pull the hair off of it because it all sticks! The hood is kind if big and pointy, but I personally thought that was cute! It's fleece, but I felt like it was a good quality product, especially for the price. The house emblem is sharp. I will use it for years. Fast shipping, as ordered, on time. Packaged well. I'm a 5'2" adult, and it was a good length for me.
Great for the price.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Jenn on November 20, 2016
My kids looked great in their robes for Halloween and for going to Universal Studios. These robes were the perfect balance between cost and looks. They are made out of a medium weight fleece, with a small, 4-5 inch strip of contrasting color. The hood is entirely lined in the contrasting color. There is no wand pocket. It did come with a big plastic clip to hold the cloak together, but I replaced it with a hook and loop closure (cost me $3 worth of craft materials and about 15 min). The Gryffindor crest is an embroidered patch. I ordered both a small and a large. The large fit my 4ft 11 inch daughter fine, and the small fit my 42 inch son great. It was long enough on both to look as it should.

I would buy again and recommend to my friends.
There are two robes being sold of very different quality, same photos used

4.0 out of 5.0 by Irish4TW on September 11, 2011
This is misleading, since these are actually two very different products.

One robe is made with black fleece with red trim meant to suggest lining, and a real embroidered Gryffindor crest. The hood is fully lined with the red material. It is very good quality for the money. My niece put it on as soon as she unwrapped it in the afternoon, and did not take it off until bedtime. She wears it all the time and it is holding up great.

The second is just junk, very thin and flimsy material, crest is printed on, red trim is on the edges of the robe only, not in the hood.

Out of the box, the first robe needed some serious ironing and the red lining was not always stitched in well, but those are the only complaints. I would not bother at all with the second cheaper version. I looked at it in the store and would not pay $5.00 for it, let alone $20.

Make sure you are buying the one that says it has the "embroidered crest" - otherwise, you are getting seriously ripped off.

1.0 out of 5.0 by L. Caron on October 26, 2015
Child Harry Potter Deluxe Costume Medium:

Packaging that robe came it states that the robe contains a clasp to keep it closed at the top. IT DOES NOT. I either have a faulty product or else I have been scammed and it was not the robe's original packaging. (See pictures)

The description for the deluxe packaging on Amazon states that the robe is fully lined, has a clasp and an embroidered crest. There is no lining. The robe is black fleece with maroon TRIM. The trim is fleece, not satin. NO CLASP as described on the Amazon description as well. I will have to sew something since the robe needs to be kept closed to not show that the trim in just sewn on the edges. It will look completely cheesy if left opened. The only thing correct is that there is an embroidered crest.

I feel jipped but there is nothing I can do to get a different product in time for school parties this week. I will have to sew my own clasp. I would not care but I paid extra for this inferior product over others because this product was grossly misrepresented.
Deluxe Robe - Kid's Large

5.0 out of 5.0 by PATRICIA OBRIEN on September 6, 2016
Deluxe Robe - Fleece with the embroidered Gryffindor patch

Kid's Large
Sleeve - 21 inches long
Width (sleeve seam to sleeve seam, across the shoulders) - 17 inches
Length from shoulder - 45 inches long

I was a little worried about the fleece being too heavy (we live in southern California and have to worry about kiddos overheating in their costumes on Halloween) but the material is a nice medium weight, so it looks high quality and hangs well without looking or feeling like you're wrapped in a blanket. The robe's clasp came included, but separate in the costume bag. The clasp is very difficult to open and close. There's no way my 8 year old could manage it independently, so I'll be sewing on a different one.
GREAT quality, well made, good value

5.0 out of 5.0 by Trista Hevey on October 4, 2017
I was SUPER nervous to buy this robe because of the mixed reviews. I was also on the fence for sizing because my 6 year old was at the top of size small but I knew medium would be a little long. I ended up ordering medium and glad I did. The fit is great because it's meant to be loose and I can easily tack up the bottom to prevent drag. My child wears her Halloween attire for 1-2 years after, so my goal was longevity. Small would fit perfect this year but not last...As you can see the color is a true burgundy, not pink as others showed. Not sure if I just lucked out but it's a great buy. Tag as others have shown is from a legit brand.
Different sizes are different products.

3.0 out of 5.0 by Jennifer O. Belding on February 7, 2017
I am very confused by this product. I ordered the same item in a small for my son for Christmas. They were out of the M and L sizing at that time. I ordered the L for my daughter when they came back in stock, and the item received is a completely different material, quality and style. The first item (Small, for my son) is a cotton type sturdy but thin material with a full red satin liner inside. The clasp is a button sewn to the robes, with an attached loop sewn to the opposite side, it's very nice quality. The emblem is an embroidered patch with mild detailing. The large I ordered for my daughter had a nice fleece feel to it (rather thick and too warm for Florida) and a scant accent of a rose-burgundy colored edging or trim around the edges of the robes. The item was not marked "Deluxe" robes on the packaging. The item is not terrible quality, but not at all what I was expecting, which was a large version of the same item I ordered and received for my son.
Good Quality Robe - will last more than one wearing.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Ms. Parrothead on March 29, 2017
My six year old son wanted to be Harry Potter for "Book Character Day" and I couldn't be happier with this robe. He is somewhat tall for a (just turned) six year old, so I ordered up to the medium, and the robe came to the tops of his shoes. This "deluxe" costume is a much better quality than the HP costumes available at our local big box stores for Halloween. Even after a day of hard play in kindergarten, my son's robe still looked great when he got home that afternoon. I hand washed the robe, and hung it up to dry before packing it up for Halloween or Book Character Day next year. I also purchased the Harry Potter Eyeglasses Costume Accessory and the Rubie's Harry Potter Gryffindor Tie to go with his robe and his costume was a huge success.
Perfect for dress up fun

5.0 out of 5.0 by Dacia Eng on October 9, 2017
Purchased this for my 6 year old, he will be using it for Halloween and storybook character dress up at school. He is 48 inches tall and very slender (wears a size 6 slim in boys top and bottoms) The small fit him perfect. The Gryffindor logo appears to be an iron on patch (applied well) as I see no stitching through the material. The fleece robe is hemmed all around, with red insert sewn in along the inside edge of the robe front, and inside the hood. The tag says it's 100% polyester. Overall, I think it's great quality for the price and purpose, I would buy again.
Great Quality Costume

5.0 out of 5.0 by Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids Book Reviews on September 18, 2016
Great quality, and perfect for any young Harry Potter fan. This has purchased for a Harry Potter party, and was a huge hit. The quality of the costume was better than I thought it would be. We loved it. Originally I was looking for the Hermione robe, but I couldn't find one that I liked for my daughter, and ended up purchasing this one. There really isn't much of a difference between the two. Everyone thought she was wearing Hermione's robe. I'd recommend this one if you're looking for a HP costume. I'd been looking everywhere for one, and couldn't find a well made costume. This one was definitely worth the purchase. I also purchased the deluxe Quidditch Robe at the same time, and was really impressed with that too.