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Best Cop Show

5.0 out of 5.0 by Ben T. on August 24, 2019
What a great 80s show. It can be a little hard to find sometimes. Right now every season is on Hulu,Amazon Prime, and even on the free movie app Tubi. All the Hunter fans go and watch and give rave reviews. We need a company to re release it on dvd. We need every season to be sold seperately with a better picture and some special features. We need the Hunter movies from early 2000s along with the Hunter show from early 2000 as well to be included. And license the original music too! This show deserves it. Its a classic. Show Dryer and Kramer some love.
Meaningless action satisfaction enjoyment

5.0 out of 5.0 by sammy on August 4, 2014
Steve Cannell peddled a stack of these dime novels and we ate them up. This series features Stephanie Kramer in the role of DeeDee McCall, who is in a lot of the drama. Fred Drier stars as Rick Hunter, and together with DeeDee break every rule, disobey every order and disregard every constitutional right ever thought of in the face of every civil rights legal debate ever argued. Now that we've got the stuff that doesn't matter out of the way, let's just consider the following: a lot of pointless car chases, extreme gunplay, dead bodies piling up like cordwood, total disregard for authority, more broken down doors than an Israeli police action, poindexter bureaurocrats, lawyers that make Matlock look smart, ... to sum it up, a hell of a lot of fun. I think what really makes it all palatable is miss Kramer (by the way, they never were able to make her look bad, no matter how hard they tried); easily one of the most beautiful actresses of her time who can really act... makes you forget the cold pizza and warm beer ...sammy
Three Seasons Down/Four More Seasons To Go

3.0 out of 5.0 by Taheen Lopez on June 30, 2008
This 1986-87 Season of this police drama wasn't too shabby,but could've done better and left us mourning the loss of Hunter & McCalls former superior officer(Capt. Wyler)after only 1 season since Bruce Davison left the show in the Spring of 1986 just before Hunter's Third Season was underway.As a matter of fact the 3rd Season of this police drama is also the season when Los Angeles police Capt. Charlie Devane(Charles Hallahan) joins the cast and crew of Hunter as Hunter & McCall's superior officer replacing Devane's predeccesor Capt. Wyler(Bruce Davison) at the fictional Metropolitan Police Department in L.A. since Wyler supposedly got promoted to Deputy Chief & transferred to Downtown L.A.Capt. Devane was the most successful, most sophisticated, and smartest captain on this show and had co-starred on HUNTER the longest out of all 4 of the superior officers that the inclusive, but not so popular police investigators Sgt. Rick Hunter(Fred Dryer) and Sgt. Dede McCall(Stepfanie Kramer) ever had throughout Hunter's whole 7-year run on NBC, since Devane lasted on the show from the 3rd Season all the way to the 7th Season when McCall gets replaced by rookie police Det. Joanne Molenski(Darlanne Fluegel)in the Fall of 1990 who then got eventually replaced by Hunter's old flame Sgt. Chris Novak(Lauren Lane)in the Winter of 1991 before this police dramas cancellation in the Summer of 1991.In addition, the 1986-1987 Season was also the season when Hunter & McCall's street-savy informant buddy Sporty James(Garrett Morris) joins the cast and crew of the show and when Hunter & McCall's doofus fellow officer Det. Bernie Terwilliger(James Whitmore, Jr.) departs the show after his last appearance in the "Overnight Sensation" episode, which was the Season Premiere to Hunter's Third Season, plus this was also the season when Hunter & McCall's streetwise fellow officer Lt. Ambrose Finn(John Shearin) started coming out more often helping Hunter & McCall in their homicide investigations as well as the season that showed Finn the most and was a hell of a lot more competent than Bernie was.I was also intrigued in the "Requim Of Sgt. McCall" episode when Hunter and McCall temporarily got reunited with their former superior officer from Season 2 now(Dep. Chief Wyler)who helps Hunter, McCall and Devane out on a homicide investigation that backtracks all the way back to when McCall's husband was killed in the line of duty explaining how Hunter and McCall met before they were even partners when McCall was still just a patrol sergeant while Hunter was already a sergeant working investigations.I also agree with Rykre that HUNTER's 4th Season should be released on DVD and that the 1987-88 Season of HUNTER should've been released a long time ago, since HUNTER's 1986-87 Season has already been on DVD for nearly 3 years now along with the fact the first 3 season of HUNTER have already been on DVD now for the longest time among other things.Therefore, I can hardly wait till HUNTER's Fourth Season comes out on DVD, since they've already got the first 3 seasons on DVD and since it's been about 2 years since HUNTER-Season 3 has been on DVD, so I don't see what's taking them so long to bring HUNTER's 1987-88 Season out on DVD, especially since the Fourth Season of Hunter is even better and a lot more upgraded than the first 3 seasons along with the fact that this season takes me all the way back to memory lane when NBC's motto was "COME HOME TO NBC".This 1986-87 Season also had some pretty interesting guest stars in it to like*Lydia Cornell in the "Straight To The Heart" episode after her co-starring days as the foxy Sarah Rush on TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT*Dean Stockwell in the "Bad Company" episode before his co-starring days on QUANTUM LEAP*Lauren Tewes in the "True Confessions" episode after her co-starring days on THE LOVE BOAT*Jared Martin in the "Shades" episode after his co-starring days on DALLAS*Ken Tigar in the "True Confessions" episode during his co-starring days on DYNASTY*Ismael Carlo in the "High Noon In LA" episode during his co-starring days on SANTA BARBARA and DAYS OF OUR LIVES*Wrestler Big John Studd in the "Bad Company" episode*Singer Chaka Khan in the "The Cradle Will Rock" episode*Ray Wise in the "Crime of Passion" episode after his co-starring days on DALLASAs a matter of fact, a Hunter-Season Four DVD would make a nice X-Mas gift this year if it were to get released by early December of 2008.
Hunter - The Complete third Season

5.0 out of 5.0 by Fireball From Eau Claire on October 31, 2017
After watching the first two seasons of Hunter, I knew I had to watch season three! I wasn't disappointed! Season three's action and story was just as good and exciting, if not better, than the first two seasons. For some reason, or another, I missed Hunter when it aired on TV several years ago.
First Rate All The Way

5.0 out of 5.0 by STwilight on May 10, 2009
They don't make cop shows like this any more. I watched every season of Hunter when it first aired on TV, and am proud to welcome this latest addition into my collection. Of all the seasons of Hunter, this is my favorite. There were some great storylines, and the increased role of the Captain made for some conflict and daring policework on behalf of Rick and DeeDee. There's also a lot of great music on this season, and we see the story unfold of what happened to DeeDee's husband. It is unfortunate this is where the boxed releases of Hunter ends. The only criticism I have is that the discs are two-sided, and sometimes that means they skip or stop playing. This is a must-see season for all devoted Hunter fans. It's also great for people who are fans of good, gritty cop shows. If you are a fan of LA-based cop shows, there is a good new show, Southland, that might give fill your need. It's nice that they are still trying to make things in that genre.
This Is One Of The Best Season Of Hunter Celebrity Appearance Like George Clooney And ...

5.0 out of 5.0 by Davien Cartwright on October 5, 2016
This Is One Of The Best Season Of Hunter Celebrity Appearance LikeGeorge Clooney And Chaka Klan Younger In The 1980's My FavoriteCharacter Sporty James The Street Gossiper Beware Of LAPD DualSgt.Hunter& Sgt.McCall,By The Way Hunter Gets All The Blondes In The Show!!!!
Great Crime Drama Series

4.0 out of 5.0 by Ingrid Phillips on January 26, 2017
Great show, love it and love Fred Dryer and Stefanie Kramer. Order came very quickly and in good condition, major complaint is that Mill Creek does not offer subtitles and takes too long to offer Season 5 and 6 on DVD